Watch TV Shows on SPEED

The Speed Channel is the optimal channel for viewers who are speed junkies and love racing in any form. Standard auto racing such as NASCAR as well as more exotic racing such as Formula One and boat racing have a captured audience and the Speed Channel has the product to provide them.

Sports such as auto racing have an international following and the season for Formula One racing as well as NASCAR are lengthy and provide for ample broad cast programming. Racing is also a unique sport for a television broadcast. The color, the sound and the play by play suits it sport very well for large screen televisions and the Speed channel serves its viewing base with weekly races in each of the racing categories.

The Speed Channel also does a good job providing human interest based programming. This permits the viewers a chance to learn different aspects about racing such as a driver's profile or their life away from racing. This is something that is not covered in great detail on mainstream sport news reporting channels. The Speed channel provides an outlet for race related stories that ordinarily would not be covered anywhere else.

The presentation of the Speed Channel programming is done in a manner which appeals to both a U.S. national as well as an international audience. In some cases the programs can be in various languages, based on the nature of the race. The programming also captures the various places around the world where such races are hosted.