Dangerous Drives

Dangerous Drives is a television series that documents and presents to its audiences what it is like to have the job of sitting being the steering wheel while performing some of the most life-threatening jobs we know of. This television series is split up into 13 episodes that enables its viewers to really get a feel of the intensity that is felt while transporting America's dangerous convicts or to haul an eighteen wheeler in the worst conditions possible.

This television series will put the viewer in the front seat to experience the speeds and force that these jobs entail. These episodes include vehicles such as 18 wheel semis, motor-cycles, ATVS, law enforcement vehicles and more. There are law enforcement related episodes that cover Prisoner Transport, Border Control, Highway Patrol and Executive Protection. Military type vehicles are featured in the Iraq Convoy episode while a band of bikers are featured in the Million Dollar Highway episode.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
November 26, 2009
Cast: Eric Worden
Dangerous Drives

Dangerous Drives Full Episode Guide

  • Alaskan highway crews work to keep a vital roadway open during winters that average over 550 inches of snow per year.

  • A team of adventurers treks across inhospitable deserts from Arches National Park in Utah to the to the dried out lake bed of the Sevier Lake, once the floor of a prehistoric inland sea that later became the Great Salt Lake. Only on SPEED.

  • Services teams in two of America's most dangerous cities, New Orleans, and Camden, New Jersey face everyday crisis while still recovering from the aftermath of natural (Katrina) and man made (urban decay) disasters.

  • Heavy-duty log truckers battle the elements, driving extremely heavy log loads through steep, winding roads, on the sides of the Northern Rocky Mountain range. Only on SPEED.

  • The heaviest road-legal tractor trailers in the world crisscross the desolate two lane highways connecting the Australian territories.

  • The US Army's HET trucks transport the heaviest equipment and vehicles through a war zone, on long hauls where land mines, rocket fire and sniper bullets are a constant threat, and a breakdown can mean certain death.

  • Only on SPEED. Private protection teams are tasked with the quick and safe transportation of dignitaries and VIP clients throughout the world.

  • Veteran storm chasers fan out across the Midwest tracking tornadoes and their paths of destruction. Only on...

  • Officers from two states work overtime on the deadliest stretch of highway in America, Interstate 15 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

  • Ride on the treacherous US 550 in Colorado with a motorcycle club.

  • US agents use high powered ATVs to patrol remote desert stretches of the US-Mexico border.

  • US Extradition Service officers transport dangerous criminals from prisons across the country.

  • Only on SPEED, in the premiere episode, truck drivers who are transporting towers and turbine fan blades from Texas and Washington state to a wind farm in South Dakota.

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