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The television series is about cars that have been built by individuals and placed in the category of being called hot rods. Cars range from being legal to drive on the street to being raced at drag strips around the country. In episode one of season one, the cars being showed are all street legal cars and compete against one another on a quarter mile drag strip to find out which one is the fastest street car in the country. The main requirement is that the cars must use only regular pump gas which can be bought at any gas station any place in the country. All the cars are required to have everything on them to be street legal.

Dozens of cars are selected from all over the country by the owners sending in photos and a full description of their cars. Once the cars have been selected, the owners are notified and meet at Comp Cam in Memphis, Tennessee where the cars are inspected to be sure they are a street legal car. When the cars have been inspected, the gas tanks are drained of all the gas in them and refilled with 12 gallons of 93 octane rated gasoline.

Then the cars are driven to the Memphis Motor-sports Park which is 30 miles from Comp Cam. The drivers are given a map to follow the route they must drive to the drag strip and are told that they must stop at three different check points located along the way. A sticker is placed on each car to show that the car was at the check point, if the car has to stop for any reason along the route from Comp Cam and the drags strip they are disqualified and not allowed to race.

David Freiburger, editor-in-chief of Hot Rod Magazine explains what they look for when checking the cars.

10 Seasons, 144 Episodes
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  • Hot Rod TV spends some quality time with racecar driver Kyle Tucker and his team at Detroit Speed and Engineering and uncovers the meaning of their motto-"Passion is Performance.€

  • Find out why the Cadillac has been a staple diet of hot rodders since the early days. No matter if it is slammed, cut, chopped or disassemble for its engines, parts and pieces, the Cadillac is an American icon.

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