The King's Face

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The King's Face is about a young child named Gwanghae. His story begins as a child belonging to a concubine who later becomes a young prince of Joseon. As the years go by, Gwanghe's relationship with his father King Seonjo slowly becomes a love and hate relationship when it comes to the topics of politics and love. Gwanghae decides to see a face-reading fortune teller to help him become the next king by using physiognomy to gain power to take the throne.

Wednesday 9:55 PM et/pt on KBS
1 Season, 23 Episodes
November 19, 2014
Cast: In-guk Seo
The King's Face

The King's Face Full Episode Guide

  • Gwanghae defends the throne from Kim Do Chi.

  • The new Queen has given the king a rightful heir to the throne. Gwanghae finds himself trying to defend his position as crown prince from his three-year old half brother and the cunning wiles of the Queen.

  • Do Chi's longing for power overwhelms his rationality. Gwanghae and Eunuch Im plot on how to overthrow Do Chi from his seat of power.

  • Gwanghae sees through Do Chi's manipulations and allies with Gwiin Kim to counter Do Chi's power over the king.

  • While the Jurchens become an increasing threat, Do Chi takes the opportunity to frame Gwanghae as a traitorous and power-hungry crown prince so that he can help Gwiin Kim get closer to the throne.

  • Gwanghae meets Heo Gyun for the first time, and learns of an assassination plot against the king.

  • With Gwanghae's enemies growing stronger by the day, Ga Hee finally decides to enter the palace as a concubine.

  • It's a year after the war has ended, and Seonjo's hallucinations become worse. Do Chi takes advantage of the king's weakness and manipulates the insecure king to turn against Gwanghae.

  • Gwanghae plans to reclaim the capital from the Japanese, which means breaking a treaty that his father made with the Japanese and Chinese. Ga Hee's faith in Do Chi diminishes further when she learns of his traitorous actions.

  • Gwanghae manages to fight back the Japanese troops, but the king is delivered a different message. To prevent a treaty being made between the Japanese and the Chinese, he must do something that could cost him the throne.

  • Seonjo names Gwanghae the Crown Prince in time to leave him with the troubles of the advancing Japanese troops.

  • The Japanese invasion has begun, and King Seonjo's actions at this time of crisis forces Daedong Society and Gwanghae to take action on the matter of succession.

  • Gwanghae survives his brother's attack with the help of Ga Hee, but it forever creates a divide between the two brothers. The Japanese who live in Seoul begin to act suspiciously, worrying Gwanghae and the king that war may be imminent.

  • Gwanghae presents a plan for tax reform that has unforeseen results, including putting the Queen Majesty in danger and threatening his romance with Ga Hee.

  • Gwanghae makes a bet with Gong Ryang that possibly will turn the court upside down, and make Gwiin Kim's position even more unstable in court.

  • King Seonjo refuses to give up on searching for Daedong Society, and puts a tail on Gwanghae to get more clues. Do Chi lands a position in court just as Kim Gong Ryang becomes more distrustful of him and Ga Hee.

  • Gwanghae's investigations lead him right to Daedong Society and Ga Hee, but will he betray the woman he loves to secure his position in the palace?

  • Kim Do Chi takes the lead over Daedong Society and changes Ga Hee's fate. Gwanghae leaves the palace and leads a low-profile life as a face reader in town.

  • When Ga Hee's father is arrested for treason, she turns her back to Gwanghae and decides to save her parents' life by becoming a concubine. King Seonjo's reliance on face reading overpowers his ability to judge objectively.

  • Gwanghae learns more about Yoon Hae's true identity. Seonjo unsettles the city by investigating his most loyal followers and accusing them of treason

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