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Korean Broadcasting System also known as KBS and KBS World is a South Korean television channel airing for international audiences outside of its country. While they mainly broadcast in Korean, they are also subtitled in Malay, Chinese, and English. KBS HD is a newer channel alternative for those living in some regions of Western Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceana. There are two separate versions of KBS operated by its subsidiaries. The first targeted audience is for the Japanese market and is called KBS Japan the Second is the American version of KBS World. The American version, geared towards Koreans living in America and Canada. KBS America has a variety of popular shows in all genres.

If you’re looking for drama KBS has you covered with shows like Love and Secret, The King’s Face, and Beyond the Clouds. The channel also offers many educational and cultural programs as well. There are many documentaries offered like Noodle Road, 8 Days I have a Dream, and Super Fish. In the documentary Super Fish, you can watch and learn about the effect fish and humans have had on each other for the last 100,000 years. KBS offers news coverage several times a day and also has children’s programming set into their regularly scheduled line-up. KBS World is runs 24 hours a day and offers the latest and most popular Korean content and entertainment.

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