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Sekirei is a supernatural anime that centers around powerful beings from another planet, called Sekirei. Animes are Japanese cartoons, but unlike most cartoons, these shows are usually geared towards teens or even adults. Sekirei was originally based off a manga, or Japanese comic book. The anime aired in Japan, in Japanese, before being translated and airing in the United States.

Sekirei are aliens that look very much like humans, and have a similar genetic code. However, they way they act and the goals they have can be quite different from humans. Minato Sahashi finds this out when a Sekirei named Musubi forms a contract with him.

Minato is a poor student, and also has poor luck with women. He hasn

Sekirei is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on July 2, 2008.

Where do I stream Sekirei online? Sekirei is available for streaming on Tokyo MX, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sekirei on demand at Hulu, Apple TV online.

Tokyo MX
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
July 2, 2008
Anime Action & Adventure
Cast: Joel McDonald, Alexis Tipton, Tia Lynn Ballard, Leah Clark
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Sekirei Full Episode Guide

  • Get an eyeful of your favorite, full-figured Sekirei in this nosebleed inducing episode that features nude measurements, hot springs, gratuitous groping, and boob envy!

  • As Teito Tower crumbles, Matsu fights to buy her friends more time, but her efforts are derailed by a treacherous gas attack. Meanwhile, Minato and his Sekirei spiral toward a showdown with Karasuba!

  • Minato's army of sexy Sekirei storm Teito Tower, determined to do whatever it takes to reach the top. Unfortunately, the fiendish Minaka has rigged the entire building with booby traps!

  • Musubi and Tsukiumi's showdown with Uzume takes a tragic turn when rival Sekirei's join the fight. Later, Minato and Higa finally meet face-to-face.

  • Minato's teddy bear rescue mission lands him face-to-face with Uzume, who wastes no time in attempting to lure Musubi and Tsukiumi into a super-babe free-for-all!

  • The CEO of the clandestine MBI declares that any Ashikabi with no wins will have their Sekirei disabled! During the commotion that ensues, various sides discuss how the declaration will impact their lives.

  • Minato searches for answers concerning the Sekirei Plan, and Matsu spares no detail in revealing the origins of the bodacious brawlers: A mysterious spaceship that suddenly appeared off the coast of Japan.

  • Several luscious Sekirei battle for the right to apprehend Kagari, who decides on a drastic course of action in the hopes of preserving his freedom. The situation heats up until Minato intervenes!

  • Kazehana's lip-lock with Minato earns her a set of wings - and a showdown with the Disciplinary Squad! Later, when an injury lands Minato in the hospital, he learns the shocking truth about his mother.

  • Benitsubasa kidnaps Minato in a devious attempt to lure Musubi into a busty brawl. If the girls want to get their man back, they'll have to be willing to fight for him!

  • The evil masterminds of MBI take steps to ensure the Sekirei Plan goes according to schedule, and Minato's super-sexy housemates continue to make his life very, very interesting!

  • Minato is devastated when Benitsubasa defeats Musubi. Tsukiumi's late arrival only makes things worse. Elsewhere, Yukari and Shiina's search for Kusano only yields more trouble.

  • Minato chooses to assist Haruka and Kuno's escape plot, and convinces Kaoru Seo to help too. A plan is put in place - but Tsukiumi is reluctant to take part.

  • Musubi takes Minato to meet Kuno's Ashikabi, who reveals his desire to flee the capital with Kuno.

  • Phase 2 is in full effect, and though Minato's concern is focused on his own Sekirei, Matsu warns of a new danger. In addition, Matsu is starting to grow suspicious of Uzume.

  • Minato and Kusano encounter Tsukiumi, the Sekirei from Minato's dream. Hopefully things won't end up like they did in his dream and he'll be able to wing his fourth Sekirei!

  • A naked girl attacks Minato! Her name is Matsu, and she's a Sekirei who's been hiding at Izumo Inn. The next night, a Sekirei familiar to Homura appears in Minato's dream.

  • Minato's been losing sleep thanks to recurring dreams of a little girl who appears to be in trouble. When he heads to his new construction job, he follows a co-worker to investigate the Green Girl.

  • Minato and Musubi fall from the sky and land on the property of friendly landlady, Miya Asama. After she administers a little TLC, she rents one of her empty rooms to Minato.

  • Minato's depressed about failing his college entrance exams - again. Luckily, he finds a distraction from his bad mood in the form of busty and beautiful stranger who appears from out of nowhere.