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Blassreiter is a Japanese animated television series set in a futuristic Germany that tells the story of a group of people becoming hybrid creatures and their integration into society. The story has also become a manga publication and light novel. 24 episodes of Blassreiter were produced in a partnership between the Japanese animation studio Gonzo and Nitro+; the series was shown around the world because of a partnership agreement Gonzo signed with animation distributor Animax, which saw Blassreiter broadcast on television networks in India, Japan, and South America. Funimation Animation holds teh North American rights to broadcast Blassreiter.

The plot of Blassreiter, which means Pale Rider revolves around a world in which genetically altered creatures called Demonacs threaten the safety of the people of Germany. Because of a large number of attacks on Germany's people by Demoniacs, which creates hybrid human Demonac creatures a special force is established to monitor the hybrids and Demoniacs. Named the Xenogenesis Assault Team, the force assigns different members to monitor hybrid humans; throughout the series the XAT officers Herman Saltza and Amanda Werner are usually the central characters.

A legend surrounding the human hybrids arises in the series of a single person who will rise to lead the Demonacs and hybrids called the Blassreiter. Throughout the series various characters are introduced who could become the legendary figure of the Blassreiter, including the Demoniac hunter Joseph Jobson. The stories of different hybrid characters are told over a small number of episodes, beginning with the transformation of Gerd Frentzen. A tragic figure, Frentzen is a paraplegic until he finds a cure and is transformed into a hybrid.

TV Kanagawa
1 Season, 24 Episodes
April 5, 2008
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Blassreiter Full Episode Guide

  • The Isis-enhanced Joseph battles Xargin, and certain doom threatens all, as Sasha and Mei-Fong desperately try to intercept the ICBMs launched to destroy German territory.

  • Foreign governments attack German territories, and Mei-Fong's group tries to intercept the missiles. A single figure faces off with Xargin in order to buy time until Isis is completed.

  • Herman battles Beatrice to protect Amanda, who has been given the data of Isis by Sasha.

  • Xargin and the Demoniacs attack Zwolf headquarters, while Amanda and Herman search for Malek inside.

  • Xargin marches on Zwolf headquarters with a demented army of thirty-thousand Demoniacs, and Amanda and Hermann...

  • Amanda races to Hermann's side as he begins his battle with Wolf; Snow seeks out Joseph, hoping to silence the uncontrollable rage threatening to consume him.

  • As Amanda and Herman face off against Wolf, Joseph appears on the scene and starts to slaughter the Demoniacs.

  • Devastated over his transformation, Hermann flees Zwolf headquarters in search of somewhere he can die alone,...

  • Still working with Zw??lf, Sasha is determined to take Xargin down with her own hands in order to end Joseph's suffering.

  • Joseph and Amanda watch as the Apocalypse Knights take down the horde of Amalgams that had previously given XAT such a hard time.

  • Joseph discovers his long lost sister, but their reunion is short lived. In the wake of a deadly outbreak of Scarlet Fever, Xargin and Joseph's friendship takes a dark turn.

  • Amanda learns the truth of Joseph's painful past as an 'Outsider', a reality more harsh than can be easily imagined.

  • In the face of terrifying danger, Al and Brad pledge to protect Amanda and Herman until they are safely off of XAT grounds.

  • After an ominous wave of illnesses, XAT is infiltrated by Amalgams, leading to a fierce battle between agents.

  • Amanda takes responsibility for Joseph and begins analyzing his data. In the midst of her research, she comes across a top-secret report code-named "Blassreiter."

  • In an effort to save Malek, Amanda sets out on a search with Herman. Meanwhile, in an abandoned church, Joseph's long-standing target of pursuit appears.

  • While the XAT continues to hunt Joseph, a far more dangerous foe targets Wolf. Amanda's fears are justified when Malek takes a desperate course of action.

  • Amanda tries to ease Malek's bitter rage in the wake of Gerd's death and a close friend's unthinkable act of betrayal. Video evidence surfaces revealing "Blue's" true identity.

  • A race with Hermann triggers the uncontrollable beast lurking within Gerd, and Joseph realizes it may be time to keep an agonizing promise he made to the former champ.

  • Jil completes her transformation into a horrific Demoniac state. Before the XAT can intervene, Gerd arrives to cut her down, but can he harness the ferocity of his own assault?

  • The XAT puts the city on lock down in an effort to apprehend - or destroy - the Amalgam known only as "Blue." Elsewhere, Amanda's younger brother is lured into a trap.

  • No traces of the former champion's remains are found in the fiery wreckage of Gerd's crash. The XAT quarantines Matthew and Jil in order to monitor them for signs of infection.

  • After the transformed Gerd protects humans from an Amalgam, people embrace him as a hero. His life seems to be looking up ' unless a voice mail from his ex ruins his comeback.

  • After a Demoniac attack leaves Gerd in a wheelchair, the champ is approached by a mysterious woman who claims she can return what he has lost.

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