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  • TV-PG
  • 2002
  • 4 Seasons
  • 8.5  (15,677)

Yu Yu Hakusho is an anime series that aired on Cartoon Network from 1992-1995. It is a classic and beloved show that has remained popular among anime enthusiasts even to this day. The series is directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by Pierrot Studios. The story follows Yusuke Urameshi, a delinquent high school student who is killed in a car accident while saving a child's life. After his death, Yusuke is approached by a female grim reaper named Botan who informs him that his act of heroism wasn't overlooked by the afterlife- it was a test. He has the chance to return to life by taking on the role of a Spirit Detective, a job that involves investigating supernatural events and defeating evil spirits that threaten the living world.

At first, Yusuke is reluctant to embrace his new role, but he eventually agrees to the job, albeit with a cynical and sarcastic attitude. As he starts taking on cases with the help of his friends and allies, he discovers the complexities of the afterlife and the many supernatural creatures that exist. Along the way, he gains new powers, forms new alliances, and even falls in love.

The series also follows several other main characters including Kuwabara, Yusuke's rival turned ally, Hiei, a mysterious demon with incredible powers, Kurama, a fox demon with a kind heart, and Genkai, a tough mentor who trains Yusuke to harness his powers.

One of the most notable aspects of the show is its dynamic and well-developed characters. Each main character has a unique personality and backstory that is explored throughout the series, making them all lovable and complex individuals. The show also features many intense and exciting battles, often with high stakes and jaw-dropping power-ups.

In addition to its compelling story and characters, Yu Yu Hakusho is also known for its music and animation. The show has a memorable and catchy soundtrack, featuring rock and pop songs that perfectly capture the energy and mood of the series. The animation is also top-notch, with detailed character designs and smooth action sequences that still hold up today.

Overall, Yu Yu Hakusho is a classic anime series that has stood the test of time. It has something for everyone- action-packed battles, heartfelt character development, and a compelling story that will keep you hooked until the very end.

Yu Yu Hakusho is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (186 episodes). The series first aired on February 23, 2002.

Yu Yu Hakusho
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Haunted by the Past
99. Haunted by the Past
September 17, 1994
After years in exile, Hiei finally returns to his homeland with one thing on his mind: revenge. But to complete his mission, Hiei must first survive an encounter with yet another demon from his past.
Return to Demon World
98. Return to Demon World
September 10, 1994
Control of Demon World is divided among three rulers: Raizen, Yomi, and Mukuro. From his deathbed, Raizen invites his descendant, Yusuke, to return to Demon World to train - and challenges him to a battle!
Departing Living World
97. Departing Living World
September 3, 1994
Two kings of Demon World offer Kurama and Hiei dangerous propositions. Meanwhile, Yusuke learns that the only thing more difficult than making an irreversible decision is convincing Kayko that everything will be all right.
Three Strangers, Three Kings
96. Three Strangers, Three Kings
August 27, 1994
Yusuke learns that his ancestor is a king in Demon World! Unless Urameshi travels to Demon World soon, the balance of power could shift and spell the end of humanity's reign at the top of the food chain.
Yusuke's Destiny
95. Yusuke's Destiny
August 20, 1994
Yusuke Urameshi suffers from a recurring nightmare that he just can't shake. In order to figure out the deeper meaning behind the bizarre dreams, Genkai sends Yusuke to the home of a former Spirit Detective.
94. Topside
August 13, 1994
When Yusuke's team returns topside, King Yama's soldiers arrive with orders to destroy Yusuke once and for all. Could this be the end? How much energy does the Spirit Detective have after his exhausting battle with Sensui?
Sensui's End
93. Sensui's End
August 6, 1994
As the battle against Sensui concludes, Koenma tells Yusuke that he must choose between Demon World and Living World. Without hesitation, Yusuke makes his decision!
The Proof
92. The Proof
July 30, 1994
Although Yusuke's skill and strength have increased, he is still clumsy with his new abilities. Unfortunately, there is no time to adjust and practice his new powers - Sensui is ready for their final confrontation.
Waking the Lost
91. Waking the Lost
July 23, 1994
Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei charge into the tunnel in an effort to rid all worlds of Sensui forever. Meanwhile, King Yama's soldiers arrive to take Yusuke's body away in order to ensure he is never revived.
Attempting Revenge
90. Attempting Revenge
July 16, 1994
Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei unleash their most devastating attacks on Sensui, who retreats within the tunnel. Meanwhile, King Yama reveals a dark secret to Botan. What does he know about Yusuke that the others do not?
Death of a Spirit Detective
89. Death of a Spirit Detective
July 9, 1994
Filled with rage, Kuwabara watches helplessly as Yusuke struggles in battle against Sensui. He manages to free Kurama and Hiei, but it appears Yusuke Urameshi is doomed.
The True Face of Sensui
88. The True Face of Sensui
July 2, 1994
Koenma's tactics have saved Yusuke for now, but Yusuke won't allow the Prince of Spirit World to use his pacifier. While they discuss their next move, the terrible gateway between Demon World and Living World opens.
Power Between the Teeth
87. Power Between the Teeth
June 25, 1994
As Itsuki explains more about the bizarre Sensui, Koenma prepares to use his most powerful weapon to create a barrier that may stop the demons from flooding Living World.
The Difference Maker
86. The Difference Maker
June 18, 1994
The battle between Yusuke and Sensui continues, and Yusuke learns he is no match for the former Spirit Detective. As Sensui prepares the finishing blow, aid comes in a most unexpected package.
Spirit Detective Showdown
85. Spirit Detective Showdown
June 11, 1994
The tunnel to Demon World is opening. Can Yusuke's team still save the human race? Only a dramatic showdown between past and present Spirit Detectives will reveal the truth!
To the Future
28. To the Future
December 17, 1994
Kuwabara is studying hard for his college entrance exams, but nothing could prepare him for what happens when he arrives at a mysterious meeting with Genkai. One after the other, the old gang shows up - but where is Yusuke?
To The Future
18. To The Future
April 1, 2006
As Yusuke and the others fought in Demon World Kuwabara stayed in Human World and is now in high school. Kuwabara is also the top of his class. He, Kurama, Kayko,and Shizru were invited to Genkai's house. Koenma and Botan show up as well. The only person not there is Yusuke. The final episode of Yu Yu Hakusho and it wraps up everything.
17. Closure
March 25, 2006
Yusuke and Yomi's fight continues and they are both even.The winner could be anyone.As this match ends the winner of the Demon World Tournament will be decided now.
A Reason to Fight
16. A Reason to Fight
March 18, 2006
Yusuke prepares for his next match against Yomi.Can Yusuke defeat Yomi more importantly has Yusuke finally realized who he is?
Love and War
15. Love and War
March 11, 2006
Hiei fights Mukuro in his next match.As the battle goes on it is clear Mukuro is stronger than Hiei.But Hiei still has the Dragon of the Darkness Flame.Will the dragon work on Mukuro?
Farewell, Kurama
14. Farewell, Kurama
March 4, 2006
Kurama gets ready for his next match.But he is also fighting his inner demons as well.Will Kurama be the victor in both battles.
The Demon World Tournament Begins
13. The Demon World Tournament Begins
February 25, 2006
The main tournament has begun.Fighters are being knocked out left and right.The favorites to win the tournament is to be Yomi or Mukuro.Can Yusuke,Hiei,or Kurama pull out an upset.
The Battle of Father and Son
12. The Battle of Father and Son
February 18, 2006
Yomi must fight his son Shura.
The Preliminaries
11. The Preliminaries
February 11, 2006
The Demon World Tournament is about to begin.The winner of this tournament will become the ruler of Demon World.We see some old friends fight in the tournament.
Every Demon For Himself
10. Every Demon For Himself
February 4, 2006
Yusuke is now the king of Raizen's land.As his first act is to see Yomi.What does the ex-Spirit Detective have in mind?
9. Inheritance
January 28, 2006
It has been one year since Yusuke,Hiei,and Kurama have come to Demon World.Hiei is Mukuro's second in command.Kurama is Yomi's second and Yusuke is prince of Raizen's kingdom.Raizen is dieing and only has a little time left.Before he goes he tells Yusuke how he met Yusuke's human ancestor.Yusuke's bloodline is finally reveled.
Torn Between Identities
8. Torn Between Identities
January 21, 2006
Kurama has agreed to be Yomi's adviser.As his first act he promises Yomi six powerful demons from Human World.Who are these demons and can they be trusted?Koenma worries that Yusuke,Hiei,and Kurama don't realize that the winner of this centuries war will effect all three worlds.
Reunion of the Bandits
7. Reunion of the Bandits
January 14, 2006
Kurama returns to Demon World to meet with his old friend Yomi,who is now one of the three kings of Demon World.Kurama doesn't trust Yomi.What happen between this two in the past.Some of Yoko's past is explored.
The Secret of the Jagan
6. The Secret of the Jagan
January 7, 2006
Hiei is about to fight Shigrue the man who gave him the Jagan eye.If he wins he will become one of Mukuro's elite fighters.Hiei thinks back on his life and what he has to live for.Can Hiei beat Shigure or is this finally the end of the fire demon?
Haunted by the Past
5. Haunted by the Past
December 31, 2005
It has been six months since Yusuke came to Demon World.Hiei has been training with Mukuro on of the three king of Demon World.Hiei's power has increased so much he can kill A class demons now.Hiei thinks back on his past and how he came to be who he is.
Return to Demon World
4. Return to Demon World
December 24, 2005
Yusuke has returned to Demon World to meet his demon ancestor Raizen one of the three kings of Demon World.Yusuke is angry at Raizen for getting involved with his fight with Sensui.Yusuke wants to fight him but does he know what he is getting into?
Departing Living World
3. Departing Living World
December 17, 2005
Yusuke has listened to the Hokushin's story about his ancestor Raizen.Will Yusuke return to Demon World to help out Raizen?Else where Kurama and Hiei are visited by servants of the other two kings of Demon World Mukuro and Yomi asking them to join them.Will Kurama and Hiei join the other two kings.If so what will happen to Yusuke,Kurama,and Hiei's friendship?
Three Strangers, Three Kings
2. Three Strangers, Three Kings
December 10, 2005
During Yusuke's stay with the first Spirit Detective, three strangers appear, having come from Demon World with the intent of speaking to Yusuke. A great threat to Human World is brought to light; a war between demon kings. If one king should overtake the others, the change of power could mean a time of chaos for the human race, depending on who gains control. If Yusuke wishes to prevent chaos and protect Human World, then he must go into the dark depths of Demon World, leaving his friends and family behind.
Yusuke's Destiny
1. Yusuke's Destiny
December 3, 2005
Ever since Sensui died Yusuke has be having the same wried dream,he doesn't know where he belongs anymore.After visiting Genkai she sends him to Kurou Satou the very first Spirit Detective.Will Yusuke get the answers he wants from Kurou or is there someone else following him that can answer his questions?
The Secret of the Jagan
100. The Secret of the Jagan
September 24, 1994
Now that Hiei has become strong enough to easily slay A-Class Demons, Mukuro calls forth an even tougher foe: the demon that implanted Hiei's Jagan Eye! Does Hiei have the strength - and desire - to survive the encounter?
Reunion of the Bandits
101. Reunion of the Bandits
October 1, 1994
Yomi, one of the three Kings of Demon World, has summoned Kurama to his inner sanctum. Just as Yusuke and Hiei were forced to face their demons, Kurama must now confront the secrets of his own past.
Torn Between Identities
102. Torn Between Identities
October 8, 1994
Yomi has forced Kurama to serve as his advisor, but the alliance is hardly stable due to the ancient hatred they share. Meanwhile, some familiar faces from the past return for one more shot against Yusuke!
103. Inheritance
October 15, 1994
It's been nearly a year since Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama arrived in Demon World. With the former teammates in high positions on conflicting sides, can Yusuke prevent an inevitable clash and keep Demon World at peace?
Every Demon for Himself
104. Every Demon for Himself
October 22, 1994
Raizen's death has upset the balance of power in Demon World. As Mukuro and Yomi prepare their next move, Yusuke arrives at a brilliant decision that just might preserve the peace. But at what cost?
The Preliminaries
105. The Preliminaries
October 29, 1994
By embracing Yusuke's unlikely proposal, Yomi and Mukuro have secured peace for the moment. Nonetheless, the battle to control Demon World must begin. Who will win the tournament and grasp complete power?
The Battle of Father and Son
106. The Battle of Father and Son
November 5, 1994
As the preliminary round of the tournament draws to a close, one match between a father and son still rages on. Before the competition can continue, the vigor of youth must defeat the patience of age.
The Demon World Tournament Begins
107. The Demon World Tournament Begins
November 12, 1994
As the main bouts of the Demon World tournament get underway, it looks like some of the fighters' motivations for entering aren't exactly what they seemed. They all have their eyes on one warrior as the prize - Yusuke.
Farewell, Kurama
108. Farewell, Kurama
November 19, 1994
Kurama must face Shigure in the ring, and as tempers and anxieties flare, the resurgence of Yoko Kurama begins! Will Kurama find a way to keep his anger from taking over?
Love and War
109. Love and War
November 26, 1994
Hiei steps into the ring against Mukuro, who proves willing to exploit the horrors of Hiei's past. Will this give the shackled fighter the advantage? In order to survive, Hiei prepares to unleash his ultimate weapon.
A Reason to Fight
110. A Reason to Fight
December 3, 1994
As the Demon World Tournament rages on, Yusuke finds himself staring down Yomi. Both warriors have their own reasons for competing, but one soon learns he may not have any reason to continue.
111. Closure
December 10, 1994
Yusuke awakens from his fight with Yomi to discover all but one fighter has been eliminated! Demon World has its new King! Who emerged victorious? And what does it mean for the three worlds?
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    February 23, 2002
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