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  • TV-PG
  • 1992
  • 4 Seasons
  • 8.5  (15,965)

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files is an anime television series that aired on Cartoon Network from 1992 to 1995. It revolves around Yusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old delinquent who dies saving a child from a car accident. Yusuke is given a second chance at life by the Grim Reaper, who tasks him with becoming a Spirit Detective and solving supernatural crimes in the human world.

The show features a cast of memorable and diverse characters, including Kuwabara, Yusuke's friend and rival, Hiei, a demon with a troubled past, Kurama, a fox spirit posing as a human, and Botan, a cheerful guide to the afterlife. The voice actors bring these characters to life with great energy and personality.

The first season of the show focuses on Yusuke's quest to regain the trust and loyalty of his friends and family after his unexpected resurrection. He must also adapt to his new role as a Spirit Detective and face off against a variety of dangerous spirits and demons. Along the way, he gains new allies and enemies, and uncovers secrets about his own past.

The second season introduces the concept of the Dark Tournament, a series of battles between teams of demons for a chance to win a wish from the powerful entity known as the Great Spirit. Yusuke and his friends enter the tournament and face off against powerful opponents, including the three Toguro brothers, who have a personal connection to Yusuke's past. The tournament arc is one of the most iconic and beloved parts of the series, with high-stakes battles, thrilling twists and turns, and an unforgettable finale.

The third season sees Yusuke and his friends confronting the mysterious Spirit Detective Sensui, who has a shocking connection to Yusuke's own powers. Sensui is a fascinating and complex villain, with a tragic backstory and a twisted sense of justice that challenges Yusuke's own worldview. The season also features an epic battle between Yusuke and Toguro, which is one of the most emotional and intense fights in anime history.

The fourth and final season of the show brings everything full circle, as Yusuke and his friends face off against a powerful demon known as Raizen, who has a personal connection to Yusuke's past. The season is full of heartwarming moments, epic battles, and emotional payoffs for the characters' journeys.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files is a classic anime that is beloved by fans around the world. It has a perfect blend of action, humor, drama, and heart. The show's themes of redemption, friendship, and self-discovery resonate with audiences of all ages. The animation and music are also top-notch, with vibrant colors, fluid movement, and iconic soundtracks. Overall, Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files is a must-watch for any anime fan looking for a thrilling, emotional, and unforgettable ride.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (112 episodes). The series first aired on October 10, 1992.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files
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Forever! Yu Yu Hakusho
18. Forever! Yu Yu Hakusho
December 17, 1994
High school student Kazuma Kuwabara is having a typical day. He is studying hard for his college entrance exams and fending off the flirtatious glances from his female admirers. But nothing could prepare him for what happens when he arrives at a mysterious meeting with Genkai. Surprise follows surprise as one by one each member of the old gang shows up! But where is Yusuke?
The Final Decision
17. The Final Decision
December 10, 1994
Yusuke struggles to continue his fight with Yomi and as his demon blood continues to flow through him, his demon engery also flows out. With no luck hitting Yomi due to his barrier. Yuskue fights within him to bring out his spiritual energy. And as he continues to fire spirit guns at Yomi, the spritual engery flows out, breaking his barrier and damaging Yomi. The two continue their fight. Beating the crap out of each other, until the others watching the fight relize that he can't beat Yomi, but he will continue to fight anyways. Yuskue begins to relize this and he wonders why he fights this time. All the other times it's been for the job or to protect his friends, but this time he fights for himself. And he begins to rember all the people in his heart that make him who he is. And as Yuskue does this, he begins to strenghten and unlock the power of sacrate energy. The two then begin to fight again holding nothing back!
The Total Force
16. The Total Force
December 3, 1994
As the fighters make their way through the main bracket of the Demon World Tournament, Yusuke Urameshi finds himself staring down Yomi. Both powerful warriors had their own reasons for entering, but one soon learns that he may not have any reason to continue. Which will be left standing when the dust settles?
The Fight Between Hiei and Mukuro
15. The Fight Between Hiei and Mukuro
November 26, 1994
In the next match of the tournament, Hiei steps into the ring of battle against his former ally, Mukuro. But Mukuro has already explored the horrors of Hiei's past and knows his thirst for revenge. Will this give the bizarre, shackled fighter the advantage? As a last result Hiei prepares his ultimate weapon: the Dragon of the Darkness Flame!
Kurama and His Detachment from the Past
14. Kurama and His Detachment from the Past
November 19, 1994
Kurama faces down Shigure in the ring! But Kurama has to deal with the demons of his past: namely his choice to remain in the Human World. With the boiling up of tempers and anxieties comes the resurgence of Yoko Kurama! But will Kurama find a way to keep his anger from taking over?
The Violent Fight
13. The Violent Fight
November 12, 1994
As the main bouts of the Demon World tournament get underway, some of the best and most familiar fighters are removed rather quickly. While it looks like some of the fighters' motivations for entering aren't exactly what they seemed, they all have their eyes on one warrior as the prize--Yusuke.
The Battle Between Father and Son!
12. The Battle Between Father and Son!
November 5, 1994
As the tournament to decide the king of Demon World wraps up it's preliminary round, one match continues to wage on. A father and son were pitted against each other in the random drawing. Now the vigor of youth has to beat out the patience of age. Which one will come out on top? Who will finally advance to the main tournament?
The Tournament Starts
11. The Tournament Starts
October 29, 1994
Yomi and Mukuro, preventing a full-scale Demon War, have embraced Yusuke's unlikely proposal. Peace is secured for the moment. But the battle for control of Demon World must begin. Who will win the tournament, and grasp complete power?
The Strange Proposal
10. The Strange Proposal
October 22, 1994
Raizen's death has upset the balance of power in Demon World. Now it is up to Yusuke to prevent the threat of total upheaval. As Mukuro and Yomi prepare their next move, Yusuke arrives at a brilliant decision that just might preserve the peace. But at what cost?
Words Left By Dad - The Old Memories
9. Words Left By Dad - The Old Memories
October 15, 1994
It's been nearly a year since Yusuke, Hiei and Kurama arrived in Demon World, each firmly enmeshed in its tense power struggle. Now, the three former teammates are in high positions on conflicting sides, as they head towards an inevitable clash. With Raizen's time drawing to an end, Yusuke must act fast in order to keep the tenuous peace in Demon World.
Fox Demon, Hidden Sense of Killing!
8. Fox Demon, Hidden Sense of Killing!
October 8, 1994
In a brutal power play, Yomi has forced Kurama to serve as his advisor. If he doesn't, Yomi will destroy the one person Kurama loves more than anyone. But the alliance is hardly stable, for ancient seeds of hatred lie between them. Meanwhile, a group of familiar faces from the past return for one more shot against Yusuke!
The Makai Thief
7. The Makai Thief
October 1, 1994
Just as Yusuke and Hiei were forced to confront their demons, Kurama boldly ventures through his own past. Yomi, one of the three Kings of Demon World has summoned his former partner in crime to his inner sanctum. What secrets haunt Kurama? And why has Yomi prepared for the worst?
The Secrets of the Jagan Revealed
6. The Secrets of the Jagan Revealed
September 24, 1994
This begins with the duel between Hiei and Shigure (the one who gave Hiei his Jagan). Hiei has a flashback to his early. In the Ice World, he was thrown off a cliff because he was "the Forbidden Child". He was found by a demon clan. They were fascinated by Hiei teargem from the Ice World. He made a name for himself as a ruthless killer. Eventually, Hiei left the clan of demons. He went to Shigure for the Jagan eye. He wanted the eye to find the Ice World and the teargem, which was cut off of his neck during a fight. Shigure refused to give Hiei the eye because he did not think Hiei could endure the pain. Hiei proves he is worthy by sticking his katana through his own hand. After the operation, Shigure asked Hiei to stay because the operation drained all of his spirit energy. Hiei agrees, figuring he will never see the surgeon again. The duel begins. Shigure throws his circle sword/boomerang at Hiei. Hiei blocks the sword, losing his left arm in the process. Shigure recovers and cuts Hiei.
Unforgettable Memories! A Time of Birth
5. Unforgettable Memories! A Time of Birth
September 17, 1994
After years of searching, Hiei finally returns to his homeland. Hiei clearly remembers the traumatic banishing he was forced to endure. But despite his many losses, one thing was never far from his mind: complete and utter revenge! But to complete his mission Hiei must first survive an encounter with yet another demon from his past.
To the Demon Realm! A Meeting With the Father
4. To the Demon Realm! A Meeting With the Father
September 10, 1994
Control of Demon World is divided among three rulers: Raizen, Yomi and Mukuro. From his deathbed, Raizen has invited his descendant, Yusuke Urameshi, to return to Demon World to train under him for one climactic battle. Yusuke's first challenge is to defeat his ancestor. If he cannot defeat one of the three kings, how could he expect to stand up to the other two?!
3. Farewell
September 3, 1994
Hiei and Kurama are visited by two of the kings of Demon World with a very dangerous proposition. Meanwhile, Yusuke prepares himself for his own long journey home. He finds out that the only thing more difficult than making an irreversible decision is trying to convince Kayko that everything will be all right. Won't it?
Visitors from Makai
2. Visitors from Makai
August 27, 1994
As the three strangers in Kuroko's house explain the reason for their presence, Yusuke begins to sense that something is amiss. These demons have come to him to reveal one thing: that Yusuke's ancestor resides as a king of Demon World! And unless Yusuke travels to Demon World soon, the balance of power could shift and spell the end of humans reign at the top of the food chain.
Yusuke's Destiny
1. Yusuke's Destiny
August 20, 1994
Yusuke Urameshi suffers from a recurring nightmare that he just can't shake. Is this a mere inconvenience? Or are there deeper meanings hidden behind the bizarre occurrences? Genkai sends Yusuke to the home of a former Spirit Detective. But what he doesn't know is that someone knows his destination... and more about his past than he ever thought possible!
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Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files is available for streaming on the Cartoon Network website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files on demand at Netflix.
  • Premiere Date
    October 10, 1992
  • IMDB Rating
    8.5  (15,965)