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  • TV-MA
  • 2004
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.5  (20,823)

In the futuristic world of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, cyberbrains and advanced robotics have become so pervasive that they have completely altered the boundary between humans and machines. At the forefront of this new reality is the elite investigative unit known as Section 9, dedicated to preventing crime and countering terrorism in a world where artificial intelligence has become a powerful tool in the hands of both criminals and law enforcement.

The show centers around the activities of Section 9, a team of operatives with a wide range of skills and expertise that enables them to tackle any challenge. The team is led by the enigmatic Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg with an exceptionally powerful cyberbrain and skills in high-tech combat and espionage. She is joined by the tough and reliable Chief Daisuke Aramaki, the skilled hacker Togusa, the agile and intuitive Batou, and a host of other skilled operatives who form a cohesive and effective team.

Together, they work to take down criminals who seek to exploit the vast information network that has grown up around the cybernetic revolution. The term "stand alone complex" refers to a phenomenon in which seemingly unrelated events are linked together in a complex web of cause and effect, creating a pattern or narrative that is much greater than the sum of its parts. This idea forms the backbone of the show's narrative structure, as each episode sees the team tackling a new case that appears to be isolated, but turns out to be a piece of a larger puzzle that they must unravel in order to prevent a major threat to society.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is its exploration of the nature of consciousness and identity in a world where machines and humans have become increasingly intertwined. The show delves into the idea of the "ghost," the intangible essence of a person's consciousness and identity that remains even when their body is replaced with cybernetic implants. Major Kusanagi, in particular, grapples with the question of what it means to be human when her own body and mind have been so thoroughly augmented with technology.

The show is also notable for its stunning animation, which blends traditional hand-drawn animation with cutting-edge computer-generated imagery to create a seamless and immersive visual experience. The attention to detail in the world-building is impressive, with every aspect of the show's futuristic society carefully crafted to feel believable and grounded in its own internal logic.

Despite dealing with weighty philosophical themes and complex narrative structures, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex never loses sight of its main goal: to be entertaining and engaging. The action is fast-paced and thrilling, with well-choreographed fight scenes and tense standoffs between Section 9 and their foes. The characters are all well-rounded and interesting, with their own distinct personalities and motivations that drive the story forward.

Overall, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is a must-watch for fans of cyberpunk and sci-fi action. Its exploration of complex themes and ideas never comes at the expense of its entertaining and engaging storytelling, making it a standout in the anime landscape.

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on November 7, 2004.

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex
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IN:  Return to Patriotism; ENDLESS GIG
26. IN: Return to Patriotism; ENDLESS GIG
May 27, 2006
Kuze and the Major gain an understanding of each other and agree to collaborate. Out in the ruins of Dejima, Batou continues his search for the Major. Aramaki is desperately using every political maneuver he knows to stop the conflict. Despite his efforts, a tactical nuclear warhead is launched and heads towards Dejima.
IN:  To the Other Side of Paradise; THIS SIDE OF JUSTICE
25. IN: To the Other Side of Paradise; THIS SIDE OF JUSTICE
May 20, 2006
As the bombing of Dejima escalates, the Major catches up with Kuze. She explains the whole situation to him, and he agrees to follow her. The are about to leave when both are attacked by the Self-Defense forces and in the confusion are trapped under the rubble. Meanwhile, Togusa rescues the Prime Minister and brings her back to her office. There, Aramaki hopes her influence will stop the launching of the ultimate weapon. Back out in Dejima, Batou reasons with Section 4.
IN:  Aerial Bombing of Dejima; NUCLEAR POWER
24. IN: Aerial Bombing of Dejima; NUCLEAR POWER
May 13, 2006
With the felling of Dejima Bridge by the refugees, a rumor circulates around the Cabinet that the refugees plan a mass suicide bombing using nuclear bombs. Fearing this, the Cabinet steps up the attack against the city. Unbeknownst to them, Prime Minister Kayabuki has been secretly arrested and taken to an unknown location. Aramaki, Togusa and Proto, in trying to help the P.M. are also taken into custody and secured in her office. With Section 9 having entered the non-communication zone and Aramaki being cut off from communication, Ishikawa and a Tachikoma make their way to SPRING-8 on their own. Meanwhile, Gouda has sent an unwitting Section 4 after Section 9 to retrieve the plutonium.
IN:  The Day the Bridge Falls; MARTIAL LAW
23. IN: The Day the Bridge Falls; MARTIAL LAW
May 6, 2006
With the recent events allegedly incited by the refugees, the government is left with no choice to declare martial law in Dejima. As the troops move in and the refugees fortify their position, Section 9 once again is forced into playing a role in order to keep their unit alive.
22. DU: Abandoned City; REVERSAL PROCESS
April 29, 2006
The city of Fukuoka is evacuated when a live nuclear bomb is found. With the Dejima refugees targeted as the prime suspects, the government sends the Self-Defence Forces into the city. Aramaki suspects the Cabinet Intelligence Service's involvement in this latest incident is deeper then it appears. Batou is sent to gather more information from Gōda.
IN:  Escape in Defeat; EMBARRASSMENT
21. IN: Escape in Defeat; EMBARRASSMENT
April 22, 2006
With the Major not far behind, Batou orders Saitou after Coil and then jettisons from his Tachikoma, who is battling an Armed Suit, and goes after Kuze. Upon catching up with the refugee leader, Batou tries to take Kuze in with brute force. Unfortunately, Kuze's body is made to take such a beating.
IN:  Confusion at the North End;  FABRICATE FOG
20. IN: Confusion at the North End; FABRICATE FOG
April 15, 2006
With the Major learning too late to save one of their own from a refugee ambush, a somewhat demoralised Section 9 heads to the northern Japanese island of Etorofu to learn Kuze's next move. Making their way into Etorofu as well is Gōda's colleagues in the Cabinet Intelligence Service.
IN: Chain of Symmetry; CHAIN REACTION
19. IN: Chain of Symmetry; CHAIN REACTION
April 8, 2006
The Dejima refugees declare their self-governing status despite close scrutiny by the authorities. Kuze is suspected to be the mastermind behind this new resistance, and Section 9 is sent to detain him. At the same time, the Cabinet Intelligence Service sends in their own cyber-unit to capture Kuze.
DI:  Angel's Poem; TRANS PARENT
18. DI: Angel's Poem; TRANS PARENT
April 1, 2006
The Major and Batou are flown to Berlin in an effort to track down a terrorist called "Angels Wing". While there, Batou attracts the attention of a young girl in a wheelchair. The girl is waiting for the yearly visit from her father, but Batou's appearance piques her curiosity
DI: Mother-Child Relationship; RED DATA
17. DI: Mother-Child Relationship; RED DATA
March 25, 2006
Heading to Taiwan, the Major meets with the local security bureau to learn about Kuze's time there. Afterwards, she runs into a boy who is in trouble. Motoko saves him at the last second and the boy, ever greateful, tags along with her.
IN:  The Fact of Being There; ANOTHER CHANCE
16. IN: The Fact of Being There; ANOTHER CHANCE
March 18, 2006
Ishikawa returns from the Peninsula with the latest intel on Kuze, but is surprised to learn of a possible refugee uprising. The Major and Aramaki are sent to see the Prime Minister to discuss this matter. While they wait, the rest of the team listens to Ishikawa's report on Kuze's past.
DI:  Afternoon of the Machines; PAT.
15. DI: Afternoon of the Machines; PAT.
March 11, 2006
The Tachikomas decide to skip a scheduled maintenance exam and investigate the Individual Eleven on their own. Batou learns about this and can't help but feel uneasy about it. Meanwhile, a Professor Asuda turns up missing after an explosion at the A.I. lab. While investigating the explosion, the Tachikomas experience an odd feeling of déjà vu; this, in spite of the fact that they had no prior memories of Asuda.
DI:  Beware the Left Eye; POKER FACE
14. DI: Beware the Left Eye; POKER FACE
March 4, 2006
While on an assignment guarding the Prime Minister, Saitou and the Tachikomas pass the time playing poker with a few policemen who are also assigned to the case. Much to chagrin of the other men, Saitou wins hand after hand. The Tachikomas take notice of Saitou's uncanny accuracy and start to comment. Their constant chattering quickly gets on the other player's nerves, so to smooth things over Saitou recounts his time working as a sniper for mercenaries in Mexico.
DI:  Face; MAKE UP
13. DI: Face; MAKE UP
February 25, 2006
In a new investigation to find a witness, Section 9 pursues the lead that few specialists could create Kuze's unique facial features. They finally locate the craftsman and rush to collect him, only to find that he has been murdered. Upon reviewing the security tapes to find his killer, they discover that the murderer resembles one of their own.
IN:  To Those Without Even a Name...; SELECON
12. IN: To Those Without Even a Name...; SELECON
February 18, 2006
Borma is felled by the virus that infected the Individual Elevens, sending Togusa to search for a political essay that may hold the key to his cure.
IN:  Kusanagi's Labyrinth; affection
11. IN: Kusanagi's Labyrinth; affection
February 11, 2006
Training has commenced to find new recruits for Section 9. With Motoko acting as the target, Batou and Togusa watch as the recruits try to keep up with the Major. After ditching some of the recruits, Motoko has to lose just one more pair. She ascends some stairs in an alley and the recruits follow her. Moving out into the street above, the recruits see that they have lost the target. However, Batou and Togusa have lost contact with the Major as well.
DI:  One Angry Man; TRIAL
10. DI: One Angry Man; TRIAL
February 4, 2006
Togusa aids a woman who has been chased by a man through the streets of Niihama. With his Mateba, Togusa is able to disable the man's prosthetic body. Unfortunately, he does not secure the man's pistol. When Togusa helps the woman up, the man has enough movement left in his body to aim his gun and fire at the woman, killing her instantly. The murderer is brought to trial. However, due to the events that occurred immediately following the murder, Togusa is brutally cross-examined by the murderer's lawyer.
DU:  The Hope Named Despair; AMBIVALENCE
9. DU: The Hope Named Despair; AMBIVALENCE
January 28, 2006
After issuing a warning to detonate five bombs within Niihama, an unknown group has set off four of those bombs, killing and wounding many bystanders. In each of the four instances, Section 9 arrives to late. The fifth bomb will go off soon, and Section 9 sans the Major are working non-stop to make sure there is no fifth explosion. Meanwhile, at the Central Intelligent Service Building, a master hacker has infiltrated the CIS's server. Making short work of its defence barriers, the hacker opens some secret files.
DI:  Vegetarian Feast; FAKE FOOD
8. DI: Vegetarian Feast; FAKE FOOD
January 21, 2006
After the events of the previous episode, the Major has Ishikawa do a thorough background check on CIS Agent Kazunoto Gouda. While Ishikawa digs into Gouda's past, Aramaki briefs Section 9 on their next mission. The Chief has obtained evidence of a man named Shou Kawashima who has been picked up on camera at many of the bombings by the Individual Eleven. He is a cook at a Taiwanese Vegetarian restaurant, but has not been seen there for several days. Aramaki assigns his team to stake out the restaurant, and if Kawashima appears, he orders Section 9 to arrest the man.
DU:  Rhapsody - The Melody of a Bygone Nation; Pu239/94
7. DU: Rhapsody - The Melody of a Bygone Nation; Pu239/94
January 14, 2006
While Togusa is still trying to piece together the events that occurred in the Shinjuku Ward of Tōkyō from the previous episode, the Prime Minister summons Aramaki. He is briefed by Kayabuki about a batch of Plutonium that is to be transported out of an underground facility in the Shinjuku Ward, and told that Section 9 is to handle the transport. The other members of Section 9 are not happy about this, particularly Batou. He sees the Prime Minister's requests as interfering with the mission of Section 9. Carrying out their orders to transport the Plutonium goes from bad to worse when they are told that they have a guest who will be accompanying them...
DI:  Latent Heat Source; EXCAVATION
6. DI: Latent Heat Source; EXCAVATION
January 7, 2006
Togusa accompanies the Chief to investigate a freak accident that has left a man with a cybernetic body ripped apart. It so happens that the man had been at the center of an investigation into the blackmailing of the Energy Ministry. A tip from a reporter places the man's last known place of residence as the Shinjuku Ward of Tōkyō. While the other Section 9 members continue to pull security detail for the Prime Minster, Togusa is ordered by Aramaki to head to Tōkyō and find out the dead man's last known movements.
IN:  Those Who Have the Motive; INDUCTANCE
5. IN: Those Who Have the Motive; INDUCTANCE
December 17, 2005
Assassination threats against the prime minister, who has revoked the Refugee Special Action policy, bring in a reluctant Section 9 protection unit.
DU:  Natural Enemy; NATURAL ENEMY
4. DU: Natural Enemy; NATURAL ENEMY
December 10, 2005
While operating a helicopter during a joint training exercise between the Japanese Army and Navy over the sealed sector of the Niihama Refugee District, a pilot suffers a heart attack, which instantly kills him. The helicopter's Artificial Intelligence takes control of the helicopter and proceeds to hack into its sister ships. Having taken over ten other helicopters, which include one designed for refueling, the AI leads the deadly weapons to the radio tower in the Refugee District. Aramaki quickly mobilizes his team so that no harm will come to the refugees. While meeting with Kubota, his contact at the Ministry of Defence, he is approached by an intelligence operative named Kazunoto Gouda, who has a request to make...
DI:  Saturday Night and Sunday Morning; CASH EYE
3. DI: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning; CASH EYE
December 3, 2005
Infiltrating the Tadokoro Building with ease, a cat burglar named CASH EYE leaves her calling card on Chairman Tadokoro's desk. Written on the card is a thread to rob the powerful man during a very important social gathering. At the Prime Minister's request, and much to his chagrin, Aramaki readies his team to make sure that CASH EYE does not succeed in her heist. With his team in place, all that is needed now is their guest of honour.
2. DI: Well-Fed Me; NIGHT CRUISE
November 26, 2005
Gino is a Japanese National who survived the horrors of World War IV, the Second Vietnam War. Returning to his country, he takes a job as the helicopter pilot/chauffeur for the chairman of a large media conglomerate. The war has had its affects on Gino's psyche. His perspective of the world has been altered for the worst as he has begun to have ideas about resetting the world. It is at this time that Gino meets an unlikely beauty in a world of eternal pain.
DI:  Reactivation; REEMBODY
1. DI: Reactivation; REEMBODY
November 19, 2005
Terrorists have taken over the Chinese Embassy in New Port City. The Prefectural Police have their SWAT team in position and are in the process of gathering intel on the terrorists. At street level, Section 9's undercover van rolls up to the building that houses the Embassy. Due to the Laughing Man Incident, the Unit had technically been disbanded. However, with Aramaki making his case for his team in front of the new Prime Minister, that is about to change.
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    November 7, 2004
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