Galaxy Angel

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The story of Galay Angel focuses on an elite military team known as The Angel Brigade. This team is assigned the task to look for The Lost Technology. This item includes strange and unknown items as well as powers from the past. In order to find this item, the Angel Brigade must travel to many different planets while using their emblem ships to find the Lost Technology.

6 Seasons, 163 Episodes
January 1, 2006
Cast: Nicole Bouma, Anna Cummer, Nicole Leroux, Jocelyne Loewen
Galaxy Angel

Galaxy Angel Full Episode Guide

  • Apricot is on vacation and enjoying a relaxing time with her big sister Milfeulle for the first time in a long time. But around the same time, Lily and the others encounter a mysterious peach-type Lost Technology.

  • An unidentified hot spring comet has approached Seldor. Angel Troupe heads there for investigation.

  • Natsume's servant, Suzuki, gets murdered inside Natsume's mansion, so Angel Troupe comes to offer help in resolving the case. But their investigation leads to Anise as the primary suspect.

  • Because of all the blunders by Rune Angel Troupe, the worried top brass decides to reeducate them.

  • Anise wants to become a celebrity without hard work, so she asks a god (Dejiko from Di Gi Charat) at the shrine to make her one.

  • Moon Angel Troupe is coming. Because they have so many legends, the rumor of their visit makes everyone on Rune happy and nervous at the same time.

  • Out of nowhere, Natsume and Nano-Nano debut as a pop singing duo.

  • Lily and Anise argue every chance they get. Lily is a very decent soldier, and Anis is a treasure hunter who does everything at her own pace, so they blend like oil and water.

  • Natsume Izayoi, the princess of Arms Alliance, pays a visit to Rune. Rune Angel Troupe can't quite figure out what to do because she's a bit off common sense.

  • People think Anise is manly, impudent, selfish and unbeatable, but she had a horrible experience as a child involving a hot pot. She was still very young on the day that she broke down with the humiliation of defeat.

  • Just to be like any other girl for once, Apricot and the others decide to go out on the town looking for some stylish clothes. But something about getting clothes at a bargain sale turns on their shopping desire.

  • The Rune Angel Troupe assist a wanted, masochistic criminal attempting to turn himself in.

  • The Angel Brigade find themselves in a mundane existence, having ordinary lives. Have they found peace or despair?

  • During an infiltration of the Angels' base, Milfeulle grabs a grenade and runs off with it, sacrificing herself to save her friends. Later, Commanders Mary and Volcott have been ordered to switch commands.