Kamisama Kazoku

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Samatarou has blue hair and eyes and is the child of deities, but he chooses to live among humans in order to gain an understanding about them and to become a fitful heir to his father's divine portfolio. Samatarou's closest friend is his guardian angel, Tenko. While Samatarou has grown bored with his godhood, things become interesting once Samatarou falls for Kumiko, a transfer student. While the god has eyes for the human, he is completely oblivious to his own guardian angel's levels of affection for him.

Kamisama Kazoku, meaning "God Family," is a 13 episode Japanese anime from 2006.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
May 18, 2006
Cast: Ami Koshimizu, Mamiko Noto, Tomoko Kaneda, Akemi Kanda, Daisuke Kishio
Kamisama Kazoku

Kamisama Kazoku Full Episode Guide

  • Samatarou finally realizes his feelings for Tenko and breaks up with Kumiko. Kumiko however, tells him all the truth just before the real enemy reveals herself.

  • Tenko decides to investigate about Kumiko's life and discovers the truth about her.

  • Suguru, an Archangel, descends to Earth and accepts Tenko's request to wait three days before she returns to heaven with him. Meanwhile, Kumiko introduces Samatarou to her mother.

  • Tenko receives an order to return to heaven as her duties with Samatarou are completed, but she refuses to do so. Just when Samatarou and Tenko are trying to sort out their feelings for each other, Kumiko returns.

  • After finally solving the mystery involving Ai and the wheelchaired girl, things start to heat up between Samatarou and Tenko. Osamu sends Samatarou back in time since he reveals him as God to a human.

  • Ai keeps growing faster and faster, and unwillingly gives lots of trouble to Samatarou and Tenko.

  • A mysterious baby appears before Tenko and Samatarou, and the duo decide to take care of her. Meanwhile, Shinichi is having trouble with his crush.

  • Shinichi is in awe as he believes he found the girl of his dreams, but Samatarou has a feeling that he knows her from somewhere. Meanwhile, Tenko is behaving strangely.

  • Tired of their interference, Samatarou convinces his family to transform him into a human, but he was unaware of the consequences of this request.

  • Samatarou decides to win Kumiko's heart by his own effort, and asks for Tenko's assistance.

  • The first episode describes Samatarou and Tenko's daily life, and how they and Kumiko met.