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Gunslinger Girl is a 13 episode Japanese anime directed by Morio Asaka and produced by Studio Madhouse. The series takes place in Italy, following the endeavors of the Social Welfare Agency, more commonly just called "the Agency." The Agency conveys the facade of a charity organization supported by the Italian government. While it claims to assist in rehabilitating the physically injured, it actually serves as a military group focusing on counter-intelligence and -terrorism and is composed of two groups. The Public Safety side takes care of surveillance and the acquisition of intelligence, while the Special Operations side is further divided into two Sections. Section 2 utilizes preteen girls which were exposed to intense traumatic, if not near-death, experiences and modifies them with cybernetic upgrades. These upgrades allow for increased strength, reflexes, and pain tolerance.

Each of the girls in Section Two is teamed up with an adult male, serving as her handler, with the two forming a "fratello," or siblings from the Italian. The handler is in charge of the training, care, and field performance of his girl through any means considered viable. Regardless of the variance in individual training, all of these girls are subjecting to "conditioning," a type of brainwashing that ensures unfailing loyalty to the handler and awakens the talent and skill needed to become a fatal assassin. Excessive conditioning can also cause a decrease in the girl's life span.

Each fratello shows a unique form of teamwork. Most handlers have some training in either civilian law enforcement or military experience and are directly recruited to work for Section 2. Most handlers also choose their cyborg among a list of candidates, however a few are instead directly assigned one. The Agency mainly worries about dealing with the Padania Republic Faction, a group concerned with restoring Northern Italy to independence, be it through terrorism or bribing of officials.

Gunslinger Girl is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (28 episodes). The series first aired on October 8, 2003.

Where do I stream Gunslinger Girl online? Gunslinger Girl is available for streaming on Animax, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Gunslinger Girl on demand at The Roku Channel, iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

2 Seasons, 28 Episodes
October 8, 2003
Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
Cast: Nanri Yuuka, Kiuchi Hidenobu, Kanako Mitsuhashi, Eri Sendai, Hitomi Terakado
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Gunslinger Girl Full Episode Guide

  • Henrietta, Rico and Hilshire arrive in Sicily to visit Jose and Jean, but things get awkward when Henrietta makes a creepy discovery in the closet.

  • Jean encounters her own brother, Fernando ... and a brutal fight ensues, while jean and Rico head to Venice to take down a local mobster.

  • Triela and Pinocchio aren't conditioned to let people walk away from them. After tonight, one of them won't be walking at all.

  • Cristiano loses his grip on the empire of evil he helped create. Meanwhile, Pinocchio and Triela move towards a reunion they've both been expecting.

  • Franca decides on a bold course of action in order to protect Cristiano, but the Social Welfare Agency is one step ahead.

  • As Henrietta grows more devoted to Jose, he begins to experience a strange sense of alienation towards her – perhaps stemming from hard to shake visions of the past.

  • The other girls spend their days training for missions, but Claes is left alone to wander the grounds and search for ways to pass the time.

  • The Social Welfare Agency's bruising interrogation of a terrorist bomber is interrupted by a bloody visit from Pinocchio.

  • Henrietta and Rico are at odds over a broken kaleidoscope, but they must set aside hurt feelings and focus on thwarting an FRF assassination attempt.

  • While Angelica continues to readjust, Priscilla thinks back to a time before she lost Marco to the Social Welfare Agency.

  • Angelica returns to the field, but something still isn't right. Marco must work quickly to get her under control before she becomes a liability to the mission.

  • Triela and Hilshire are sent to locate an investigator who disappeared while tracking Pinocchio. In the course of the mission, two deadly assassins meet face to face.

  • Pinocchio was once a boy like any other, but a cruel twist of fate turned him into something unrecognizable. Now, he's the number one target of the Social Welfare Agency.

  • Jean goes to visit the grave of his fiance and encounters her brother, Fernando. Fernando decides to attack a Five Republics safe house, but is stopped by Jean and Giuseppe. Marco and Angelica then proceed to wipe it out.

  • The girls are excited about tonight's meteor shower, but everyone's thoughts are with hospitalized Angelica. Her time is short, and Henrietta must convince Marco to go to her side.

  • Claes is in trouble after her mission to foil a Republican Faction kidnapping plot goes awry.

  • Henrietta and Jose are tailed in Sicily by Section One agents. Pietro and Elenora's suspicions grow as Henrietta reveals she knows more about Elsa and Lauro's death than anyone thought.

  • After a grizzly murder, Section One attempts to get to the bottom of the cyborg problem. Jean becomes embroiled in a cover-up, and Jose and Henrietta are sent away for their own "safety."

  • When Henrietta reaches out to new recruit Elsa, a cold shoulder is all she gets in return. When Elsa's handler brings Jose and Henrietta in on a hit, strained tensions place the mission in jeopardy.

  • Angelina was hit by a car and left for dead. With the help of the Agency, she was reborn as Angelica - but the negative side effects of the cybernetic implants began to show.

  • Jean and Rico befriend an accountant named Filippo who carries a ledger coveted by a terrorist. Unbeknownst to Filippo, his two new friends are his only protection from impending death.

  • Jose, Henrietta, and Enzo are tracking terrorist Enrico Berdini, who's negotiating to buy an explosive device to use in an attack on Rome.

  • Captain Raballo accepts a Handler job with the Agency. But when he's teamed with Claes, he wonders if his selfish needs justify the pain he must inflict on the young assassin.

  • The friction between Hilshire and Triela could jeopardize their mission of protecting Mario Bossi, a retired criminal who's turned government witness in a case against organized crime.

  • After years in a body she couldn't move, the Social Welfare Agency gave Rico a new one. While scoping out a mission, she meets a boy who makes her question who she's supposed to be.

  • Henrietta works to find her place at the Agency after the mistakes of her recent assignment. Feeling responsible for her shortcomings, Jose tries to learn what Henrietta needs to help her flourish as an assassin.


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