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Garo: Crimson Moon is a animated television series that heavily draws upon many diverse Japanese historical influences, most notably from the late Heian Period (the period named after the modern city of Kyoto). Another show titled Garo, was released a year prior to Garo: Crimson Moon, however there are few similarities between the two save for tone, style and the role of the protagonist; the story of the first Garo is not continued in Crimson Moon.

The story revolves around a young, intense and brooding man named Raikou who roams the land, protecting innocents from the "Horrors." Horrors, known traditionally as the Mononoke, are evil, warped aberrations, skeletal, demonic beings that absorb and devour the souls of the living. The Mononoke are particularly drawn to the souls of those whom are corrupt or obsessed, such as those who have performed murder or similar, unsightly deeds.

In his travels the brave Raikou meets a mysterious and stoic young woman named Seimei, a mage whose mission is similar to his own. Together they travel the land, combating the horrors and protecting the innocent through the use of Raikou's immensely powerful, yet erratic ring that manifests a special suit of armor that allows him to decimate the mononoke.

Garo: Crimson Moon is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on October 9, 2015.

Where do I stream Garo: Crimson Moon online? Garo: Crimson Moon is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Garo: Crimson Moon on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, Crunchyroll online.

2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
October 9, 2015
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Tia Lynn Ballard, Clifford Chapin, Mikaela Krantz, Monica Rial
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Garo: Crimson Moon Full Episode Guide

  • This is the story about a Makai Knight named Tokiwaka. While his armor surpasses all others in strength, it comes with a painful price. As he wavers before the inevitability of losing himself, he meets a woman wandering alone at night in the capital.

  • With Kaguya's memories recovered, Raikou and the others enter the final battle against Rudra. They must cut away the ties of darkness within Rudra before Garo and Zanga reach the limit of their armor. Otherwise, the lost soul beasts within will roar.

  • Douman regains consciousness as Raikou and Seimei move to eliminate Rudra. Before they do, Douman steals Haruaki's body and awakens Rudra using his own darkness. As hell breaks loose, Yorinobu discovers what kind of person Michinaga truly is.

  • With the help of Haruaki, Raikou enters Seimei's mind to drive Rudra out and bring her back. Of course, Douman will have none of that and comes to get into their way. Kintoki tries to keep Douman at bay as Haruaki rushes to reopen the gate.

  • Raikou is sure that Seimei is still alive. Yasusuke is sure that she is gone, especially after Rudra kills his brother. Consumed with grief, Yasusuke fights against Rudra while Raikou tries to stop him. Words no longer work and blades must talk.

  • Raikou realizes that Seimei is the vessel that the Watchdog Center ordered him to destroy. And though Kaguya is the key to the seal of the Crimson Moon, she is currently powerless. Torn between his duty and his emotions, Raikou slowly loses hope.

  • Seimei's body has been taken over by the darkness and Rudra runs rampant in the city in search of the Golden Knight. Various people close to Raikou get hurt in the process. Will Raikou raise his sword against Seimei once he sees what she has become?

  • Seimei chases after Douma in hopes of finding a way to eliminate the darkness eating away at her. Haruaki finds Seimei and realizes quickly that something must be done. Her time is running out and something inside her wants to take control.

  • No matter what era, there are always problems between husband and wife. Especially when that husband is a man like Masamune, who is well-known for his cheating ways. Izumi Shikibu tries to help her friend and enlists the help of Raikou and Kintoki.

  • Though Raikou has gained the power to don the Golden Armor himself, he is unable to move forward whole heartedly with Seimei missing. The Light Palace is quickly recovering from the Horror attack, but now aristocrat girls have begun disappearing.

  • Abandoned by Raikou, Seimei moves forward to hunt Ashiya Douman down herself. The darkness grows within her as she heads to the Light Palace. At the same time, Raikou seethes with anger, blaming both himself and Seimei for the deaths of the innocent.

  • A moment of peace while the voice actors of GARO: Crimson Moon look and reminisce about the series over some delicious hot pot. Each go over their troubles, their favorite scenes, and their predictions of the future.

  • A Horror appears in the mansion that houses low-ranking onmyouji. Unable to admit the possibility of onmyouji falling victim to a Horror, Yasunori claims it to be the work of aristocrats against Michinaga. Raikou tries to fight it alone, but...

  • Raikou fights a Horror that absorbs light and gets the light of the Golden Armor stolen from him. After eliminating the Horror, Seimei and Kintoki quickly realize that Raikou is still affected by the darkness that seeped into Zaruba and his armor.

  • The Fujiwara household is the next to be attacked by a Horror. Yorinobu visits Seimei in hopes of aid, but Raikou ends up going with Yorinobu alone. Yorinobu unawaringly leads Raikou back to his birthplace and Tadano Shinbochi's darkness is revealed.

  • The seal on Seimei's mother weakens and the Horror within tries to get out. As Douman works to free the Horror buried under Kumano, Michinaga sends Seimei to eliminate the threat. Raikou chases after Seimei to stop her from killing her own mother.

  • Though parents worry over their children, the children themselves rarely realize. Seimei finds an exquisite item after a day of shopping around Touji Temple, only to have it stolen by a little brat! Raikou and Kintoki give chase and meet Gobeh.

  • Raikou meets Yasusuke again and befriends him. Yasusuke is part of the police magistrate, but in love with a discharged criminal named Kosode. Each struggle with their status. Is there any way to overcome the gap between the rich and poor?

  • Raikou and Seimei take an apprentice assigned by the Watchdog Center under their wing. While rumors of a possible Horror that is killing warriors for their swords are circulating within the capital, Seimei decides to look into this new apprentice.

  • Within the capital, there are rumors of evil spirits causing mischief in the night. Among those spirits hide creatures from Makai called Horrors that feed on humans. It is up to Makai Knights and Alchemists to destroy them and protect the people.