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  • TV-Y7
  • 2016
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.5  (2,426)

Justice League Action was an animated television show that aired on Cartoon Network from 2016 to 2018. It was a superhero team-up series featuring some of the most popular heroes from the DC Comics universe, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and many more.

The show followed the adventures of the Justice League as they worked together to save the world from various threats. Each episode was self-contained and featured a different villain, making it easy to jump in and watch a single episode without needing to know anything about the overarching plot.

The show was notable for its voice cast, which included Kevin Conroy as Batman, Jason J. Lewis as Superman, and Rachel Kimsey as Wonder Woman. Fans of the DC Animated Universe will recognize Conroy as the definitive voice of Batman, having played the character in numerous Batman animated series and films. Lewis and Kimsey were relatively new to the roles of Superman and Wonder Woman, but both gave strong performances that added depth and personality to their characters.

One of the strengths of Justice League Action was its ability to balance humor and action. The show never took itself too seriously, and there were plenty of jokes and one-liners mixed in with the superheroics. This made it a fun and accessible show for viewers of all ages, while also providing plenty of exciting action scenes that would satisfy even the most hardcore superhero fans.

Another standout feature of the show was its animation style. The characters were designed in a chibi-like style that was both cute and expressive. The animation itself was fast-paced and dynamic, with plenty of flashy effects and bold colors. The show also made use of various visual gags and pop-up graphics to illustrate the characters' powers and abilities, adding to the overall sense of fun and energy.

While the show focused mostly on the core Justice League members, there were also plenty of appearances by other DC Comics characters. These ranged from well-known heroes like The Flash and Green Lantern to more obscure characters like Space Cabbie and Klarion the Witch Boy. The show also featured a number of classic villains, including Lex Luthor, Darkseid, and The Joker.

Overall, Justice League Action was a fun and entertaining superhero show that offered something for viewers of all ages. Its mix of humor, action, and colorful animation made it a standout series that was accessible and engaging for both longtime DC Comics fans and casual viewers alike. It may have only lasted for two seasons, but it left a lasting impression on viewers who will surely remember it as a beloved superhero classic.

Justice League Action is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (75 episodes). The series first aired on December 16, 2016.

Justice League Action
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Clown Party
22. Clown Party
June 29, 2017
The Joker and Batman duke it out on a Gotham City rooftop.
Eezy Freezy
21. Eezy Freezy
June 29, 2017
Mr. Freeze has paralyzed Gotham City in ice and helps himself to a jewelry store's inventory. Batman catches him cold, but Mr. Freeze seems to be always two steps ahead of the hero.
The Goddess Must Be Crazy
20. The Goddess Must Be Crazy
June 29, 2017
Wonder Woman and Supergirl are in a practice combat over Themyscira stadium, and Supergirl loses the round but damages the statue of a horse.
19. Skyjacked
June 29, 2017
Under cover of night, Justice One streaks away from the Tower with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn at the controls! However, The Batwing interrupts their short lived victory.
Driver's Ed
18. Driver's Ed
June 29, 2017
Space Cabbie is giving a skittish Stargirl a driving lesson through an asteroid belt.
Super Stakeout
17. Super Stakeout
June 29, 2017
Green Arrow's stakeout of The Penguin's lair has come up with zero; as if that wasn't bad enough, Plastic Man arrives, in the form of a flying whoopee cushion, to help.
Something in the Hair
16. Something in the Hair
June 29, 2017
When Poison Ivy uses mind control spores on Batman in order to escape from lockup, it is up to Plastic Man to break the power of Ivy's spores to rescue Batman and recapture Poison Ivy.
Plastic Man of Steel
15. Plastic Man of Steel
June 29, 2017
Lois Lane believes that Clark Kent is Superman, so the Man of Steel enlists Plastic Man to put the doubt back by having him pose as Clark.
Missing the Mark
14. Missing the Mark
June 29, 2017
The Joker and Trickster kidnap Mark Hamill and plan to ransom him to the studios, but can the two villains stop arguing long enough to not get caught.
True Colors
13. True Colors
June 29, 2017
Superman has Metallo subdued enough to take him back to prison. When the villain presses a button, it throws Superman in a Kryptonite spotlight, putting him on his knees. Firestorm tries to help but keeps changing it into other colors.
Mint Condition
12. Mint Condition
June 29, 2017
Toyman has turned Cyborg's collectible action figure toys into weapons and a hysterical Cyborg needs to choose whether he's willing to destroy or damage his precious mint-condition collectibles, or be a victim of their destruction.
Toymano a Mano
11. Toymano a Mano
June 29, 2017
Toyman has taken control of Cyborg and Plastic Man and it is up to Batman and all of his genius to save his friends.
Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!
10. Justice 1, 2, 3, Go!
June 29, 2017
Under heavy ground fire, Batman, Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, and Cyborg search for the HIVE headquarters, who has cloaked its entire operation, from their aircraft.
Special Delivery
9. Special Delivery
June 29, 2017
As Booster Gold and a purple alien bug in labor fight over who gets a cab, Granny Goodness and her minions from Apokolips attack, trying to get Booster Gold.
Selfie Help
8. Selfie Help
June 29, 2017
When Space Cabbie stumbles into an isolated room inside Justice League headquarters, where Wonder Woman is battling a group of violent attackers, he has to decide between selfies of the fight, or helping an outnumbered super hero.
Quality Time
7. Quality Time
June 29, 2017
Wonder Woman explains to members of the Justice League why bonding is important as they unite to do battle against Poison Ivy and her Ivy League.
Lasso of Lies
6. Lasso of Lies
June 29, 2017
Deadshot 's attempt to assassinate Wonder Woman leads her into a blind alley, where they punch it out as she demands to know who hired him.
It's a Trap
5. It's a Trap
June 6, 2017
Lex Luthor baits Superman into a remote hideout in search of a kidnapped woman.
Good Cop, Bat Cop
4. Good Cop, Bat Cop
June 6, 2017
After taking Deadshot into custody, Superman offers to play bad cop during the interrogation, but is such a decent guy that Deadshot just laughs; Batman's attempt at playing good cop, though, seems to make a bad impression on the villain.
3. Chemistry
June 28, 2017
HIVE has hit four major tech rooms, and Stargirl keeps an eye out to catch them in the act, with help from an annoying Firestorm.
Beep Beep!
2. Beep Beep!
June 28, 2017
In a funny salute to the "Looney Tunes" classics, Lobo tries to earn a $100 million bounty on The Flash and Superman.
Up and Atom
1. Up and Atom
June 28, 2017
Wonder Woman and Batman try to recruit a reluctant The Atom to be a full time Justice Leaguer.
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  • Premiere Date
    December 16, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (2,426)