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This animated series, subtitled "The New Animated Series," depicts events that follow those of the 2002 theatrical Spider-Man film, including the Webslingers encounters with Lizard, Kraven the Hunter and Electrco. The CGI-animated series aired for a single season on the MTV cable network.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 11, 2003
Action & Adventure, Anime
Cast: Neil Patrick Harris, Ian Ziering, Lisa Loeb, Angelle Brooks
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Spider-Man (2003) Full Episode Guide

  • SPIDER-MAN (Neil Patrick Harris) faces the GAINES TWINS (Kathy Griffin and Jeremy Piven), while PTERODAX and SILVER SABLE escape from prison. The mysterious FRANK ELSON (Stan Lee) meets PETER PARKER.

  • DR. ZELLNER tries out his new smart drug on students at the university. This leads to a cunning robbery by JACK and MACK (David DeLouise) and dangerous side effects for FLASH THOMPSON (Devon Sawa).

  • Oscorp plans to knock down The Villeroy Towers despite protests from residents. TURBO JET (Harold Parino) tries to save their homes by stealing, but is confronted by SPIDER-MAN (Neil Patrick Harris).

  • KINGPIN (Michael Clarke Duncan) tricks SPIDER-MAN (Neil Patrick Harris) into stealing a microchip. SPIDEY'S trouble with KINGPIN and the FBI, delays PETER PARKER'S plan to see MJ (Lisa Loeb) perform.

  • PETER PARKER (Neil Patrick Harris) videotapes SILVER SABLE (Virginia Madsen) attacking the city's mayor and a man named Tremaine. In a final battle, SPIDER MAN uncovers the truth behind the plot.

  • High voltage villain ELECTRO (Ethan Embry) comes out of hiding to pursue his former classmate SALLY. SPIDER-MAN (Neil Patrick Harris) needs help from his friends to stop ELECTRO and save SALLY.

  • PETER PARKER'S (Neil Patrick Harris) classmate CHRISTINA invents a mind reading device. When it malfunctions, she develops a mad obsession with SPIDER-MAN and plans to kill MJ (Lisa Loeb).

  • SPIDER-MAN (Neil Patrick Harris) foils a robbery attempt by the criminal group PTERODAX. Next, the gang invades the Empire-1 newsroom, threatens hostages and sets a deadly trap for SPIDER-MAN.

  • SPIDER-MAN (Neil Patrick Harris) battles a female thief named THE TALON (Eve). PETER PARKER learns the thief is really CHEYENNE TATE (Eve), the girl HARRY OSBORN (Ian Ziering) has been dating.

  • Scientist DOC CONNERS (Rob Zombie) injects himself with a serum to try and re-grow his amputated arm. When the formula turns him into a mutant LIZARD, SPIDER-MAN (Neil Patrick Harris) must stop him.

  • Wealthy collector RICHARD DAMIEN (John C. McGinley) hires martial artist SHIKATA (Gina Gershon) to capture SPIDER-MAN (Neil Patrick Harris). MJ (Lisa Loeb) shows up to help SPIDEY in his battle.

  • One of Peter's friends is desperate to get into the "in-crowd." However, he gets embarrassed during a fraternity party and he decides to take revenge on those who mocked him, so he takes on the identity of Electro.

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Injured Spiderman Actor Can't Wait to Perform Back in the Show

Christopher Tierney, the actor who suffered a serious injury while performing during one of the previews of the most expensive and problematic Broadway musical "Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark said that he can't wait to go back to the show to perform. Despite having a fractured skull & shoulder blade, four broken ribs & three broken vertebra Tierney doesn't want to quit his role and he is looking forward to put on the spidey costume and sling back and forth for the audience.

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