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'Beyblade' is an animated series about spirit infused spinning tops and the warriors who command them. 'BeyWheelz' is a Canadian spin off that follows the adventures of a Team of Beywheelers by the name of Team Estrella. Team Estrella is a group of talented Beywheelz warriors that live in Destection City. When a group of borderline crazy 'Wheelerz' threatens the peace that has fallen over Destection, it is up to Estrella to keep the city in tact.

Sho Tenma is the leader of the group and it is through him that audiences feel the ups and downs of battle. He's a carefree optimist that lets loose in battle.

Saturday 8:30 AM et/pt on Cinedigm
1 Season, 13 Episodes
August 11, 2012
Anime, Children, Family
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Beyblade: BeyWheelz Full Episode Guide

  • Odin surprises everyone when he refuses to battle Sho and turns his Bey to battle Ryan instead. Ryan defeats Odin and then challenges Sho to a final battle to see who will be the one to open the portal and go forth into the new world.

  • Ryan shocks the members of Team Estrella by offering them a chance to become the new Dominators and work for him.

  • With the Judgment Bey Tournament tied, there is a fifth and deciding match between Team Estrella's Sho and Team Dominators' Odin.

  • Leon is training hard as he will be battling Jake of the Dominators in the next match in the Judgment Bey tournament.

  • Team Estrella have won the first match against the Dominators in the Judgment Bey tournament and both teams are preparing for the next match.

  • The members of Team Estrella return to Destection City with their new allies to prepare for a battle with the Dominators. The winner of the The Battle of Beywheelz Judgment Bey tournament will take over the world of Beywheelz.

  • Sho and Jin travel to Das Vegas, where they hope to find strong bladers who will join them in their quest to defeat the Dominators.

  • Leon travels to a desert town called San Miguel to find a Wheeler known as "The Strong Armed Outlaw." He arrives to find that the local gym has just been destroyed by a mysterious Wheeler.

  • While Jin and Sho meet with Ryan at DREAM HQ to discuss the Dominator menace, Leon reluctantly helps kids train with their beys. The Dominators hack into the DREAM computers and demand Ryan turn over power to them.

  • Several young Wheelers approach Sho, Jin and Leon and ask to join their team, Estrella. A group of Wheelers called the Dominators arrive and they wreak havoc on the less skilled kids.

  • In the final round of the Beywheelz World Championships, Sho Tenma and his Soaring Wing Pegasus battle Jin Ryu and his Doom Fire Drago in a best out of three competition.

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