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  • 2003
  • 2 Seasons

Beyblade V-Force was an anime series that aired from January 7, 2002, to December 30, 2002. The show is based on the Beyblade toy line by Takara Tomy and the manga series of the same name by Takao Aoki. The plot of Beyblade V-Force revolves around a group of teenagers who engage in Beyblade battles. Beyblading is a sport where two players use spinning tops called Beyblades to battle in a circular arena called a Beystadium. The objective is to knock the opponent's Beyblade out of the arena or force it to stop spinning.

The main character of the show is Tyson Granger, a hot-headed Beyblader who is the champion of the Japanese National Tournament. He is joined by his friends Max, Ray, and Kai, who are all Beybladers themselves.

In Beyblade V-Force, a new organization known as the Biovolt Corporation has emerged, led by a man named Boris Balkov. Biovolt is participating in a new tournament known as the World Championship, and their Beybladers are equipped with special devices known as Bit-Beasts. Bit-Beasts are supernatural creatures that reside inside some Beyblades and grant the Beyblader with special powers and abilities.

Tyson and his friends encounter the Biovolt Corporation during their travels, and it soon becomes clear that Biovolt is not playing fair. They are using illegal modifications on the Beyblades and exploiting the power of their Bit-Beasts to gain an advantage. Tyson and his friends vow to compete in the World Championship and defeat Biovolt, putting an end to their unethical practices.

Throughout the series, we see Tyson and his friends travel around the world, competing in various tournaments and facing off against new opponents. They encounter a diverse group of Beybladers, each with their own unique Beyblade and Bit-Beast. The battles are intense, with each Beyblader utilizing their skills and strategies to emerge victorious.

Aside from the battles, Beyblade V-Force also touches on themes of friendship, loyalty, and perseverance. We see the bond between Tyson and his friends grow stronger as they face new challenges together. They support each other through victories and defeats, and their relationships are an integral part of the show's narrative.

Overall, Beyblade V-Force is an exciting anime series that is sure to appeal to fans of action and sports anime. The battles are intense, the characters are engaging, and the storyline keeps the audience invested from start to finish.

Beyblade V-Force is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on August 9, 2003.

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Destiny of the Final Battle
51. Destiny of the Final Battle
March 28, 2004
It's the finals of the World Beyblading Championships and Tyson is about to defend his title against Zeo who fights with the extra power of the Bit Beasts he's captured. But something strange is revealed at the start of the battle - turns out Zeo isn't human after all! In fact, he's a robot Zagart created to replace his real son who died in a tragic accident. And according to the evil doctor, if Zeo can capture Tyson's Dragoon, then by using all the Sacred Bit Beasts powers, Zeo will be turned into a real boy! The battle rages on and Zeo seems to be the aggressor. Tyson tries to rally, but each move he makes is countered by the aggressive Zeo. As the finals heat up, it looks like Tyson is no match for his opponent when Tyson summons all his remaining strength and wins with a knockout! Zeo is sad to realize he'll never become a boy, but Tyson convinces him you have to be happy with who you are, not what you are. Oh, and like last year, Tyson becomes the Beyblading Champion of the Wor
Clash of the Tyson
50. Clash of the Tyson
March 28, 2004
The Championship Finals begin as Tyson faces Gordo. Despite Orthrus' increased size and power, Tyson and Dragoon emerge victorious due to their spiritual link. Meanwhile Kenny and Mr. Dickenson confront Zagart with their suspicions about Zeo. Zagart listens to their pleas but refuses to pull Zeo from the match despite the strain it's putting on his body. Zeo is battling for himself now. Determined to win back Dranzer for Kai, Max battles with an intensity he's never had before and pushes Zeo to the brink of defeat. But Zeo summons a Super Bit Beast that combines the powers of Cerberus and Dranzer and overwhelms Draciel. The final victory comes down to a tie-breaking match between Zeo and Tyson. As the match begins, Zeo's body begins to break down revealing his secret to the entire world.
The Enemy Within
49. The Enemy Within
March 27, 2004
The stress of competing in the World Beyblade Championships has begun to fracture the BladeBreakers. Kai loses his match and his Bit Beast Dranzer to Zeo. This makes Zeo even more powerful and puts the rest of BladeBreakers on edge. Tyson takes it hardest of all, and when he confronts his old friend he gets an earful on what it takes to be a real Beyblading champion. "A true Beyblade Champion fights alone and doesn't need a team or friends to win!" Tyson takes this message to heart and decides to turn his back on his teammates. Meanwhile Kai, racked with guilt over the loss of Dranzer, decides to quit Beyblading for good! Hilary tries to change his mind but Kai is determined to never touch a Beyblade again. All alone, Tyson visits the Beystadium where he will fight the final match of the Beyblade World Championships. He has a vision, he sees his friends and teammates and begins to realize what they mean to him. Suddenly Kai appears and forces Tyson into a Beyblade battle hoping that he
Phoenix Falling
48. Phoenix Falling
March 20, 2004
The second semi-final round begins pitting Kai and Ray against the surprising Zeo and Gordo. Ray faces Gordo first and attacks fiercely but Orthrus always seems to evade Driger's attacks. Zagart has programmed all of the Bladebreakers moves into Zeo and Gordo's Beyblades, making them unbeatable. Soon, Driger is almost out of power and Gordo seizes his chance. But when Kai reminds Ray of the pain he felt losing Driger to Dunga, Ray taps into his Beyblade spirit and helps Driger salvage a tie. Victory now rests on Kai's shoulders. Kai and Zeo begin an awesome duel, unleashing so much energy that the stadium begins to break apart. The duel becomes a question of whose endurance is greater. As the effects of one final, powerful blast subside, Kai falls to Zeo, who hasn't even broken a sweat!
Deceit From Above
47. Deceit From Above
March 14, 2004
In the Semi-Final round of the World Beyblade Championships, Max and Tyson take on King and Queen. Doctor K tempts Queen into using a vicious new attack ring she's created called 'The Shredder'. Queen uses it against Max, and nearly grinds Draciel into a pulp. But with Max using the new Draciel V2 Judy gave him, and having the will of the crowd and his teammates behind him, Max overcomes this attack, destroys Queen's Beyblade, and wins the first match of the best-of-two. Next up, is King versus Tyson, who has an improved Beyblade of his own, thanks to Kenny's ingenuity. Angered by the failure of Doctor K's attack ring, King dissolves his partnership with the scientist and vows to combat Tyson without her assistance. The resulting match is an intense, high-powered battle that's not only fair, but completely up for grabs. When Tyson's blade begins faltering for some unknown reason, the combatants spot Doctor K high above the stadium. Through a rooftop window, she's using a particle beam
Black and White Evil Powers
46. Black and White Evil Powers
March 13, 2004
The World Beyblade Championships continue and the next round has Tyson and Max squaring off against Kane and Jim. Kane and Jim decide to have a little practice battle at the beach. But King and Queen show up and in a surprise attack, they jump into battle and literally destroy Kane and Jim's Beyblades, forcing them to withdraw from the tournament. So the next battle up is King and Queen facing Mariam and Joseph from the Saint Shields. Mariam and Queen launch first, and as they battle, King suddenly launches his blades making it two against one which is totally illegal! The officials are about to call off the fight when Joseph tells them not to and he joins in the fray! In the end, King and Queen combine forces and first attack Mariam and then they team up on Joseph. The battle is over, the crowd is stunned as King and Queen eliminate Mariam and Joseph from the tournament and it looks like the next targets of King and Queen are Max and Tyson!!
Zeo Vs Ozuma
45. Zeo Vs Ozuma
March 7, 2004
The Beyblade World Championship Finals are underway and eight teams convene to compete for the title. The BladeBreakers are shocked to see that their old friend Zeo is in the competition and Tyson confronts him to find out why he has decided to compete against them. It turns out that Zeo is the son of Zagart, an old colleague of Mr. Dickenson's who stole the ancient rock that contained captured Bit Beasts. Zagart has already made it known to the BladeBreakers that he wants their Bit Beasts and he's going to use Zeo to get them. Once the competition begins, Zeo's team member Gordo makes short work of Dunga. Then it's Zeo turn. He goes up against Ozuma and it is clear to everyone watching that Zeo's Blade is no ordinary Beyblade. After a very intense battle Zeo defeats Ozuma surprising the entire audience and putting him in a position to move on to the next round where his team will battle the BladeBreakers!!
The Calm Before the Storm
44. The Calm Before the Storm
March 6, 2004
After disappearing thirty years ago, Zagart confronts Mr. Dickenson, forcing him to enter Zeo in the World Championship Finals. He reveals that Zeo is his son and that he won't show mercy when he confronts the Bladebreakers in the tournament. The Bladebreakers try to attend Zeo's match so they can find out what's happened to him but arrive at the arena too late. Meanwhile, Dr. K works with King and Queen to improve their powers so they can get the four sacred Bit Beasts for her. At the opening night gala, the final pairings are announced but tensions reach a boiling point when King and Queen start a no-rules Beyblade match with Dunga. The Bladebreakers manage to stop the duel, but the damage has already been done. The Beyblade finals will be a far more dangerous affair than last year. A grim Zeo looks down on the other finalists determined to win at all costs.
Kai's Royal Flush
43. Kai's Royal Flush
February 29, 2004
While all that the Bladebreakers can think of are the finals, Kai can't stop obsessing about King and Queen. With a brand new Beyblade crafted for him by Max, Kai longs for a rematch. But Kai isn't the only one with the royal pair on his mind. Doctor K tracks the duo down and offers them a chance to team up with her so they can capture and wield the power of the four sacred Bit Beasts together. The pair blow her off, interested only in their quests for stealing the perfect Beyblade parts. That is, until they meet up with Kai once more. In a coincidental encounter, Kai gets his wish for revenge. But before he tastes victory, the two disappear! Who knows where they'll turn up again but chances are good, Doctor K. won't be too far behind...
Fortunes Dear and Dire
42. Fortunes Dear and Dire
February 28, 2004
Zeo focuses on Beyblade training with his father Zagart. The most powerful rock Bit-Beast named Cerberus is designated for Zeo, but he must first be able to summon it. Zeo trains furiously, but the elusive Bit Beast never fully materializes. Meanwhile, the Bladebreakers must choose their two team-pairs for the World Beyblade Championships. Hilary brings in a pile of her fortune-telling books to help. They decide that Tyson will team with Max, and Kai with Ray. Not long afterward, Kai meets a strange pair named King and Queen, who are very impressed by Dranzer. They talk Kai into battling them, with Dranzer's attack ring up for grabs if they win. To Kai's surprise, not only do they have Bit Beasts of their own, but they're not above tag-teaming him to avoid defeat. By the end of the battle, Dranzer is so damaged that its attack ring is useless, which sends King and Queen on their way empty-handed. When Kai discusses the incident with his BladeBreaker teammates, it's discovered that King
Who's Your Daddy?
41. Who's Your Daddy?
February 22, 2004
The BladeBreakers show up at the World Championship Tournament and go up into the stands to cheer on Zeo who's fighting in the preliminaries. Tyson is pumped watching his new friend who wins his first fight with ease. Later backstage, Tyson tells Zeo he's totally impressed and asks if Zeo would like to become his training partner. Zeo excitedly agrees. Meanwhile back at Zagart's lab, Doctor K is on the verge of removing the strongest Bit Beast in the world from the rock. But just before she can finish, Zagart enters and terminates her on the spot. That night at Zeo's house, his dad returns from work. The shocker here is, guess who his dad is? That's right, Zagart!! And what's worse, an angry Doctor K shows up to confront her former boss in his house and as she does, Zeo overhears the entire conversation. Now Zeo realizes it's his dad who's been after the BladeBreakers Bit Beasts and his world is thrown into chaos!!
Squeeze Play
40. Squeeze Play
February 21, 2004
Pleased that the Saint Shields no longer wish to seal the four Bit Beasts, Dr. K gives a new Blader, Denny, a powerful rock Bit Beast named Clarken and orders him to capture the four Sacred Bit Beasts. Meanwhile, Zeo catches up with the Bladebreakers and shows them his invitation to the upcoming World Championships. To his surprise, the kids invite him to practice with them but are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Denny who challenges them to a battle. Ray answers the challenge and manages to hold his own against the powerful Clarken. When Denny launches a second Beyblade, releasing yet another Clarken, Driger is overpowered and the battle seems lost. It is Zeo who comes to the rescue, refusing to back down despite having no Bit Beast of his own. Inspired by Zeo's courage and determination, Ray rises to the occasion, vanquishing the two Clarken's and sends Denny packing. In gratitude, Tyson makes Zeo the fifth member of the Bladebreakers.
The Bit Beast Bond
39. The Bit Beast Bond
February 7, 2004
Ozuma, leader of the Saint Shields gang makes a final play for the BladeBreakers four Bit Beasts. During his battle with Tyson, it is revealed that he comes from an ancient group that is sworn to capture and contain all the Bit Beasts in the world. Thus protecting them from falling into the wrong hands and being used for evil purposes. However, once the battle heats up Ozuma's jealousy of Tyson's Beyblading skill takes him over. Pulling out all the stops, he forces Tyson to decide to give up the battle and surrender his Bit Beast or have his Blade destroyed. In a quiet moment of reflection, Tyson communicates with Dragoon and they decide to fight the good fight no matter what the result. Tyson and Dragoon lock horns with Ozuma's Bit Beast and weave a path of destruction on the playing field. When the dust settles the match is declared a tie and Ozuma realizes that Tyson and the BladeBreakers are worthy enough to look after the four Bit Beasts on their own. The Saint Shields say their g
The Fate of the Spark Battle
38. The Fate of the Spark Battle
February 1, 2004
The Saint Shields have already captured Ray's Bit Beast, Driger, and now they've set their sights on capturing Kai's Dranzer. Dunga goes into battle against Kai and the fight intensifies as the blades race along the rails of an abandoned roller coaster to what looks like their doom. But suddenly, Joseph launches his blade and both Dunga and Joseph gang up on Kai! But just when things start to heat up, Ray launches his blade to try to even the score. As the battle rages, the roller coaster collapses around all the blades and it appears our heroes are done for, especially since Ray is fighting without his Driger! But Ray is determined not to lose again and using his amazing powers of concentration, he's able to release his Bit Beast from the rock and with it, Ray and Kai defeat their opponents. The battle ends in victory just as Ozuma, who is furious, steps up and warns Tyson his Dragoon will be the next to be sealed!!
Beybattle at the Bit-Beast Corral
37. Beybattle at the Bit-Beast Corral
February 1, 2004
Fed up with all the recent attempts by Zagart and others to acquire the BladeBreakers Bit Beasts for sinister purposes, The Saint Shields decide to take action. Having already acquired Ray's Bit-Beast Driger in an earlier match, the Saint Shields confront our heroes again. They challenge the BladeBreakers to a match at an abandoned amusement park. The BladeBreakers know that if they lose, The Saint Shields will seal their Bit Beasts away forever in a mysterious rock to prevent them from being used for evil. Despite this, the team accepts the challenge. In the amusement park's Wild West area, Mariam and Max are the first to engage in battle. The match goes back and forth as their Bit Beasts take giant form and thrash about the Wild West saloon. It ends in a draw, and the combatants try again. Over the course of the second battle, Max's bond with Draciel makes Mariam realize she and her Bit Beast Sharkrash share an equal closeness. Max's determination not just to win, but to fight for th
Friends and Enemies
36. Friends and Enemies
February 1, 2004
Goaded by Dunga, Mariam goes off to capture Max's Draciel and finds him battling Dennis and his Bit Beast, Tyranno. Using his new Bit Finder Kenny measures Tyranno's impressive strength and is surprised when Dennis backs out of the battle before using its full power. Unaware that Mariam is following him, Max runs off in pursuit of Dennis and finds himself deep in the bowels of a mysterious building. He is ambushed by Dennis- who is now backed up by Dr. K and her Technicians. Mariam lies in wait, planning on taking Draciel once Tyranno weakens him. But when she discovers that Dr. K is using Power Injection to make Tyranno even stronger, Mariam launches Sharkrash and destroys the machinery and much of the building with it. It is now up to Max and Mariam to work together to find a way out of the crumbling building. But will Mariam capture Draciel once they escape?
See No Bit Beast, Hear No Bit Beast
35. See No Bit Beast, Hear No Bit Beast
December 13, 2003
Kai is busy practicing his Beyblade skills alone in the park when out of nowhere a gust of wind appears and starts slicing everything to pieces. It turns out that it's the work of Jack, one of Dr. K's Blader's, and he's got a Bit Beast that harnesses the wind. Once the BladeBreakers figure this out, Ray volunteers to fight, but Kai stops him and sneaks out in the middle of the night to battle Jack. Discovering Kai is gone, the gang runs and finds him just as he's about to begin the battle. The gang realizes Kai doesn't stand a chance against this wind Bit Beast because he can't see it. Reluctantly they let Kai fight. An intense battle ensues and Kai takes a severe beating as he waits to catch a glimpse of Jack's Bit Beast. Finally Kai summons Dranzer and spots the wind Bit Beast and defeats it. Defeated, Jack runs off while Kai leaves the rest of BladeBreakers in awe as he walks off into the night.
Itzy, Bey-Itzy Spider
34. Itzy, Bey-Itzy Spider
December 7, 2003
Ray's Driger has been stolen from him and embedded in a rock by Dr. Zagart's minions. Now it's up to Tyson who's determined to get it back. But before he can even attempt fighting anyone, he realizes he must train to get stronger or else he too could lose his Bit Beast. As the training season continues, Zeo shows up and sees Draciel and Dragoon in the sky doing battle. Suddenly he decides he must have a Bit Beast of his own, but everyone tells him you have to 'earn' a Bit Beast and it's 'not a toy.' Meanwhile, Doctor K has extracted a Spider Bit Beast from the rock and gives it to a new Blader named Net whose mission is to go out and capture Tyson's Dragoon. As Tyson races to a Junior Beyblade Tournament, Net cuts him off and draws him into battle. During the fight, Net keeps telling Tyson to release his Dragoon so he can steal it, but when Tyson finally does, Dragoon wins and Net runs away crying. In the end, Zeo absorbs the lesson taught to him by the BladeBreakers who invite
Rock Bottom!
33. Rock Bottom!
December 6, 2003
Mr. Dickenson deciphers the words that are carved onto the mysterious rocks and reads the kids this warning; "Dare not disturb this stone, for here, the Bit Beasts are sealed." The kids realize that the Saint Shields are part of a clan which still uses this ancient language and they resolve to confront them, even if it means battling and losing their Beyblades in the bargain. Ozuma reveals the history of the Bit Beasts to the Bladebreakers, telling of them of their origin as benevolent spirits until evil men discovered how to control them and use them for their own malicious needs. Since that time, the clan of the Saint Shields has made it their mission to seal the Bit Beasts and save the world from destruction. Dunga issues a battle challenge to the Bladebreakers and Ray answers it with confidence, but Dunga's new Vortex Ape proves too much for Driger. After Ray's Bit Beast is taken, the team goes into training but will they be able to save Driger without putting themselves into
Lots of Questions... Few Answers
32. Lots of Questions... Few Answers
November 16, 2003
In the quiet after Foxy's storm, the BladeBreakers try to figure out who or what was behind his attack, and how it all tied into the mysterious Rock. Meanwhile, Tyson reaches a breaking point, discouraged and upset by the constant attempts of fanatic groups trying to steal the sacred bit-beasts. His anxiety goes overboard when he coaxes Kenny to create a wacky training platform for the team to practice with. He takes his jaded attitude out on Zeo, who simply wants to spar with one of the greats. At the same time, The Saint Shields' frustration level also grows, as Ozuma decides that the Bladebreakers are unworthy of possessing the sacred bit-beasts any longer. Tyson remembers the simple joys of Beyblading when he finally agrees to train with Zeo and coaches him so he can pass his Beyblading exam. The proud feeling that Tyson gets may just be enough to get him and his team through these tough times...
Attack of the Rock Bit Beast
31. Attack of the Rock Bit Beast
November 16, 2003
Mr. Dickenson and Max's Mom show up at Tyson's dojo empty-handed. Dr. Zagart and the mysterious rock have vanished without a trace. Knowing Dr. Zagart is the key to finding the missing rock, the BladeBreakers decide to launch their own search. One problem, they have no idea where to start looking. Meanwhile Dr. Zagart and Dr. K have designed a new powerful Blade using the rock, and they've chosen a Blader named Foxy to challenge our heroes. While Tyson is busy with Zeo, the boy he met the day before when he fought Ozuma, Foxy attacks. Never one to turn down a challenge Ray follows Foxy into the woods. Foxy's rock powered Blade nearly destroys Ray's Blade but Tyson shows up in the nick of time and coaches Ray to victory. The BladeBreakers congratulate Ray on his victory but the Saint Shields also witnessed the battle. Intrigued, Ozuma vows more than ever to get the BladeBreakers four Bit Beasts!
Get A Piece of the Rock
30. Get A Piece of the Rock
November 16, 2003
When the kids return to Japan accompanied by Judy, they are taken to an abandoned research facility where Mr. Dickenson had once worked on a similar rock with his old partner, Dr. Zagart. Like the one that was stolen from the BBA, this rock was covered in mysterious writing and possessed strange powers. Unfortunately, it too disappeared, along with Dr. Zagart who was never seen again. After a battle with Kenny and his new "Einstein" Beyblade, Tyson realizes he still has to learn how to control his new, ultra-powerful Beyblade, Dragoon V2. While practicing down by the river, he is challenged to a battle by Ozuma and the Saint Shields. Tyson accepts and manages to hold his own until the entire Saint Shields clan gangs up on him. It looks like all is lost until a mysterious stranger steps in to save the battle and the day. But the Saint Shields vow to return and fulfill their mission to capture and seal the four Bit Beasts.
Bad Seed in the Big Apple
29. Bad Seed in the Big Apple
November 16, 2003
A rock with special powers to capture your opponents Bit Beast has been stolen from the lab where Max's mom Judy works at. Turns out that one of Max's friends from his old neighborhood, Alan, is connected to the heist. Not only are the police involved, but the BladeBreakers want to get to bottom of it too! But before the case can be solved, Max is entered in a tournament in New York City and as luck would have it, his first opponent turns out to be Alan! Alan tells Max that if Max wins, he'll explain why he agreed to steal the rock with a bunch of shady thieves. The battle is heated and Max is determined to win. After one draw and several close calls, Max finally wins. In the end Alan explains that he was approached by some underworld characters who convinced him if he stole the rock they would give him a new, more powerful Beyblade . But the new blade turns out to be a dud and Alan is left to explain why he did what he did to Max!
Hot Rock
28. Hot Rock
November 15, 2003
After the kids arrive in NYC, Max's mother, Judy, takes them to the BBA research lab where she shows them an ancient rock, covered in mysterious writing. Judy reveals that not only is the rock believed to hold the secret of the Bit Beasts, but an organized crime syndicate is plotting to steal it. A test battle is fought, using a bit containing a piece of the rock but the power it produces is far too unstable. The Blader who performed the test turns out to be Max's school friend, Alan, and the two pals make plans to enter a Beyblade tournament scheduled for the next day. But that night, the rock is stolen. Tyson grabs a bike and sets off in hot pursuit, using a practice blade to blow out the getaway car's tire. The thieves take off on foot and Max runs into them only to discover that his pal, Alan, is in on the plot.
Building the Perfect Beast!
27. Building the Perfect Beast!
November 9, 2003
We start off in the middle of a heated battle between Kane and Tyson. Kane's losing control of his Cyber Dragoon as his energy is being drained by his Bit Beast. Kane almost passes out from expending so much of his strength. As Cyber Dragoon grows, it looks more and more like Tyson is about to lose, when Kai tells him the only way to get rid of the Cyber Bit Beast is for Tyson to destroy it. Tyson musters up all his power and in one fell swoop, Dragoon destroys its doppelganger. However, as Cyber Dragoon is blown to oblivion, so is the building they are in and it starts collapsing all around them. Our heroes make a mad dash for the exits when, Max realizes his Draciel is still being held captive in the lab. Max races back inside followed closely by Tyson. Once inside the lab, they meet up with Ozuma and his gang who free Draciel for Max using their blades. Now it's a race to try and get out of the building safely!!
Cyber Dragoon Takes Control
26. Cyber Dragoon Takes Control
November 8, 2003
Tyson faces off against Kane of Team Psykick and soon realizes his opponent has an unnatural advantage. Thanks to Doctor B, Kane has a powerful Cyber Bit Beast inside of his Blade. This means that when Tyson summons Dragoon, Kane's Cyber Bit Beast has the ability to copy Dragoon's moves and even improve on them. It's obvious from the get go that Kane's Cyber Bit Beast's powers are developing at an alarming rate and when it starts controlling his mind that's when things really get out of hand. Although a good Blader in his own right, under the control of the Cyber Bit Beast Kane's personality begins to change and when he's confronted by Salima he snaps and totally succumbs to its power. In the heat of battle and with the odds against him, Tyson reluctantly tells Dragoon to give in to defeat but the loyal Bit Beast summons the strength to continue the fight. This inspires Tyson and he vows to defeat the demented Kane at any cost.
Raising Kane!!!
25. Raising Kane!!!
November 2, 2003
The final battle is at hand between the Pyskick's and the BladeBreakers. The battle is to take place at Gideon's laboratory with Tyson battling against Kane and his Cyber Bit Beast Dragoon. The fight is fierce from the get-go but as it progresses, Tyson manages to get under Kane's skin by telling him the only way to win is by using one's skill, not relying on a manufactured Bit Beast to do your dirty work. Meanwhile, Ozuma and his gang have barged into the laboratory complex to help Tyson, however, because the building is so massive, they can't find the right room! They frantically split up and race to find their friends. Back in the battle, Tyson's words have hit a chord with Kane and he decides not to call out the Cyber Dragoon to fight for him. Instead, he wants to win it on his own. Gideon and Doctor B are incensed, but because Kane wants to win so badly, he accidentally triggers the Cyber Bit Beast to launch and now the battle has taken a turn for the worse as it grows in pow
Ghost in the Machine
24. Ghost in the Machine
November 1, 2003
Thanks to Ray's spectacular victory over Salima, the Bladebreakers reach the fourth level of Gideon's Battle Tower and meet their next opponent, Goki of the Psykick's. As Kai steps forward to meet the challenge Gideon and Doctor B prepare several surprises for the team. Using the information gathered from the previous two Beybattles, Doctor B has programmed Driger and Draciel's attack patterns into Goki's Beyblade. Meanwhile, the Saint Shields continue to explore the Psykick's headquarters in an attempt to find Max's captured Draciel. But Dunga's impatience sets off the alarms, alerting Gideon to their presence at last. After the first round ends in a tie, Kai reveals that he thinks he's facing Wyatt in the match, and can't bring himself to fight. Tyson warns Kai that Doctor B is taking advantage of his guilt to launch a psychic assault during the match. Kai is almost eliminated when Goki overplays his role as the "ghostly" Wyatt and gives Kai the key to breaking his psychic hold.
The Bigger the Cyber-Driger... The Harder it Falls
23. The Bigger the Cyber-Driger... The Harder it Falls
October 26, 2003
A confused and heartbroken Ray must face Salima in a dangerous challenge of Drigers! Despite the threat of losing his bit-beast forever, Ray hesitates... baffled by the extreme change in Salima's personality. It wasn't long ago that she confided in Ray and told him of the troubling bit-beast experiments being conducted by the Psykick's... and now... it looks like she's in the same boat as Goki and Jim! Mind-Controlled by their own cyber-bit-beasts! But Ray can't stand back for long... not after realizing his team is depending on him... and even in the face of team Psykick's blatant cheating... Ray refuses to back down... he's not just fighting for a win... he's fighting to bring back the Salima he once knew!
Max Takes One for the Team
22. Max Takes One for the Team
October 25, 2003
The first battle between Team Psykick and the Bladebreakers has begun! Max fights bravely against Jim and Cyber Draciel... and his teammates aren't the only ones interested in the outcome of the battle. Dr. B and Gideon watch from the sidelines, and the Saint Sheilds are there to watch their backs. Max defeats Jim, but amazingly, Cyber Draciel is repaired! It seems Team Psykick has the ability to repair their cyber bit beasts immediately. Even though everyone warns him against it, Max goes back for another round. This time, he isn't so lucky... the powerful Cyber Draciel takes everything out of him and he loses. Draciel is captured by Dr. B and placed in a holding tank - finally, they've got one of the four bit beasts! Max is despondent and Dunga isn't helping. Furious with Max for taking the battle too "lightly", he admonishes him for losing the bit beast. Tyson and the others come to Max's side and vow to win Draciel back for him no matter what. Gideon leads them to the next battle s
Battle Tower Showdown
21. Battle Tower Showdown
October 18, 2003
The Blade Breakers travel by helicopter to their re-match against the Psykick's. During the flight, Hilary remembers how Psykick trapped her and Kenny on a cargo ship; Max ponders their recent training; Kai regrets the Psykick' mistreatment of Wyatt;; Ray recalls the time Salima reached out to him; and Tyson remains bitter about Kane joining Psykick. When they arrive at the battle location - a five-story, monolithic building called 'The Battle Tower' - they're greeted by Gideon via video screen, who outlines the format. On each floor, one Psykick awaits a different Blade Breaker, and each match will be a one-match-only sudden death battle. When Mr. Dickenson objects to this format, a squad of 'Blade Bruiser' Meka-Shooters launches a hailstorm of Beyblades. Our heroes revel in thwarting the threat - until they realize it's only a ploy to weaken their blades before the real battles. More Blade Bruisers join the fray, but a surprise appearance by the Saint Shields helps our heroes escape
The Power Half Hour!!
20. The Power Half Hour!!
October 11, 2003
Tyson is so determined to beat the Psykick's in an upcoming battle that he's ordered Kenny to modify his Dragoon beyond legal specifications. But because his blade now has too much offensive power, Tyson is unable to control it and he becomes totally frustrated with himself and his blade. The more he tries controlling it, the worse he becomes. His friends try to tell him 'cheating' isn't the way to win, yet Tyson ignores them and being pigheaded as he is, he goes off to sulk about his dilemma.
Their Own Private Battles!
19. Their Own Private Battles!
October 5, 2003
After seeing the power of the Cyber Bit Beasts in Team Psykick's Beyblades, Tyson vows to do whatever it takes to beat them. Even if that means breaking the rules and modifying his own Beyblade. Ray protests and demands that the BladeBreakers play fair even if the odds are against them. In a quiet moment down by the river he runs into Salima of Team Psykick and discovers she feels the same way as he does. Salima tries to convince Ray to get the BladeBreakers to forfeit their upcoming match and even offers to reveal the secrets of the Cyber Bit Beasts. Salima agrees to meet with Ray the next day with the Cyber Beyblade but when she doesn't show up Ray changes his mind and decides to join his team and win the match at any cost!"
When Friends Become Foes
18. When Friends Become Foes
October 4, 2003
Kane, Goki, Jim, and Salima arrive at Doctor B's lab to begin battle tests for Gideon. Jim goes first after being given his new Beyblade, Cyber Draciel. He battles against a lopsided number of automated Beyblades, including one behemoth the size of a football. But with Cyber Draciel in tow, victory is decisive. It's obvious however, that the Cyber Bit-Beast's power is having a corrupting influence on Jim. At Mr. Dickenson's office, the BladeBreakers are blackmailed into a future battle against the Psykick's when Doctor B threatens an all-out assault on the city by the Cyber Bit-Beasts. When Tyson hears that his new friend Kane has joined the Psykick's, he refuses to believe it without concrete proof. Together with Kenny, Hilary, Ray and Max, Tyson sneaks into Doctor B's lab. There, his worst fears are confirmed. Kane has indeed been recruited by the sinister Psykick's, who are after the BladeBreakers' Bit-Beasts. Having noticed the negative effect of the Cyber Bit-Beasts on their users
Hilary's Bey-B-Cue
17. Hilary's Bey-B-Cue
September 28, 2003
After Dunga and Wyatt battle, Wyatt realizes he doesn't possess the skill necessary to control his Cyber Bit Beast. This frustrates Gideon, so he commands Doctor B to seek out a suitable candidate for the job. Meanwhile, Tyson is back home practicing his blading and quickly tires of it. The rest of the BladeBreakers, including Hilary, keep harping on him to continue until he gets it right. But Tyson has had enough and quits! It seems the BladeBreakers are finished!
Team Psykick's New Recruit
16. Team Psykick's New Recruit
September 27, 2003
Kai's classmate Wyatt returns and begs Kai to help him train to become a first-class Beyblader. Remembering the time back at school that Wyatt betrayed Kai by stealing Dranzer and using it in battle, Kai turns him down. Hurt, Wyatt vows to return and battle Kai one day. That day may be sooner than anyone thinks... for the mysterious Dr. B and his team of scientists have finally re-developed the Cyber Bit Beast and are looking for a Blader with the skill to handle it. Dr. B approaches Wyatt with an offer to join Team Psykick, and Wyatt jumps at the chance. When his training is complete, Wyatt is sent to battle none other than Kai, with the hopes of capturing his bit beast. Despite warnings from Ozuma, Tyson and the gang are ready for a fight... but Dunga jumps in and takes one for the "team", allowing the new technology to be tested on him instead. Amazingly, the new bit beast wins over Dunga's Vortex Ape, but leaves Wyatt weak from the fight. The scientists are pleased with the bit
Show Me the Bit Beasts!
15. Show Me the Bit Beasts!
September 21, 2003
Gerry of Team Psychic's lack of control led to an explosive conclusion when his Cyber Bit Beast blew up. The Blade Breakers were at a loss as to how that could happen so Kenny consulted his trusty laptop Dizzi and made a startling revelation. Someone had managed to make copies of the Blade Breakers Bit Beasts! This discovery leads the gang to believe that new powerful Bit Beasts are being developed and they decide to get themselves in shape for battle. Ozuma and his gang, the Saint Shields, are still eager to test the power of the Blade Breakers' Bit Beasts as well, so they head to the beach where Tyson and the others are training. Meanwhile Doctor B is busy experimenting with various versions of a Cyber Bit Beast with mixed results. After many failures he finally succeeds and vows to test the strength of his new creation against the Blade Breakers' Bit Beasts. Back at the beach, Ray faces off against Joseph of the Saint Shields in an intense battle. Just when it looks like Ray's Bit B
Gideon Raises Gerry
14. Gideon Raises Gerry
September 20, 2003
Our heroes have been confronted by Joseph and Mariam and just as Tyson runs up, Ozuma, the Saint Shields leader, challenges Tyson to a battle. As it rages on, Tyson is forced to call out his Victory Tornado Attack in order to win. After the fight, Ozuma flippantly tells Tyson he needs to 'improve his Bit Beast Technique' which stumps Tyson to no end, especially after winning!! Meanwhile, Gideon oversees Doctor B who unveils the first ever Cyber Bit Beast which is the most powerful Beast in the world. This cloned power from the Sacred Bit Beasts has been compressed into one blade. But first it has to be tested and Gerry, one of the best Blader's Team Psykick has to offer, is chosen. His mission is to enter a local tournament and draw out the Cyber Beast in battle to see how it handles. Oddly enough, the BladeBreakers show up at the same tournament just as Gerry calls out his Bit Beast. This is when things go horribly wrong as the Beast goes totally out of control and self destru
Testing One, Two, Three
13. Testing One, Two, Three
September 14, 2003
Joseph of the Saint Shields infiltrates the Psykick's laboratory and discovers their latest, sinister plan. Gideon and Doctor B are using the data they collected on the Blade Breakers to create Cyber Bit-Beasts based on the ones our heroes use. But the Doctor's first test ends in disaster; the Cyber Bit Beasts aren't quite ready yet. As for the BladeBreakers, they learn that the group who've been using invisible Bit Beasts against them - the Saint Shields - are all in the vicinity. With the Psykick's still after them as well, the BladeBreakers hold a full-on practice to prepare themselves for all potential threats. During their session, Max is lured away by Mariam, who initiates a battle with him in a nearby forest. When Ray comes looking for Max, he ends up encountering Joseph. Together, the four combatants have a rare, two-on-two Beybattle that's secretly being observed by the other Saint Shields, who are testing them for some unknown reason. The two-on-two match ends with Max and R
Bring Me Dranzer!
12. Bring Me Dranzer!
September 13, 2003
Tyson recuperates in the hospital after being rescued from the island where he fought Team Psykick. Away from school, Tyson discovers he really likes hospital life until Hilary shows up with all his homework assignments. Meanwhile Gideon, frustrated with his attempts to capture the BladeBreakers Bit Beasts, hatches a sinister new plan. He demands that Doctor B and his team create powerful Cyber Bit Beasts using the data they have gathered on the Blade Breakers. The only problem is their data is incomplete. They need to analyze Kai's Beyblade Dranzer to complete their plan. Across town the Saint Shields gather and plot their own strategy to get the BladeBreakers Bit Beasts. It all comes to a head when Dunga challenges Kai to a surprise battle while Gideon's henchmen record the whole event.. Kai and Dunga's battle ends in a draw but not before Doctor B and his team acquires the necessary data to create the Cyber Bit Beasts!
The Evil Island of Dr. B
11. The Evil Island of Dr. B
August 31, 2003
Our heroes are still trapped on a deserted island and are puppets of the evil Doctor B who's intent is to steal the Bladebreakers Bit Beasts. But he does make a deal with the kids that if each member of the Bladebreakers can defeat a member of Team Psykick, he'll release them. Only two haven't fought yet- Tyson and Kai. The first battle is between Kai and Figel that Kai wins handily. After the battle, Kenny, Kai and Hilary resume their quest to the lighthouse to get a clear satellite signal to get help from the outside. Finally they make contact, but not before they return to find Tyson in battle against another member of Team Psykick, Daryl. This battle won't be so easy to win, as Tyson has a swollen ankle from a previous accident. But Tyson is determined to take the victory and free everyone from the island. In the end, Tyson pulls off a win and Doctor B's laboratory is blown to bits by his computers overloading on him! After the dust settles, Mr. Dickenson and Grandpa arrive
The Island of No Return
10. The Island of No Return
August 30, 2003
The Bladebreakers are trapped on a mysterious island and not sure how to get off, so they decide to split up. Hilary, Kai and Kenny head for the lighthouse where they hope to find a way to communicate with the outside world and call for help, while Tyson, Ray and Max accidentally find themselves at the site of their next battle. Kai's gang faces difficult obstacles when their mysterious captor tries to dissuade them from reaching the lighthouse, and they barely escape in one piece. On the other side of the island, Tyson, Ray and Max are lead into a cave and right into a trap. They are challenged by Bat, a Blader with the ability to see in the dark. Because Tyson's ankle is sprained, Ray steps up to the plate. He almost loses Driger to his opponent... but Tyson's quick thinking helps him win. By focusing on what he can hear instead of what he can't see, Ray manages to target Bat's Batranzer Beyblade and defeat him. Meanwhile, just as it looks like Hilary and gang have found a way to
La Isla Bey-Nita!!
9. La Isla Bey-Nita!!
August 24, 2003
The Bladebreakers were on route to take on Team Psykick in a tournament when the Driver filled the bus with sleeping gas. While unconscious, they were quickly whisked away to a deserted island where Doctor B, Gideon's minion, was assigned to steal the Bit Beasts from all four team members with a Bit-Beast Capturing System. The system would wait until a bit beast was released, and then would try to entangle it in an energy field. The first battle was between Max and a 'colorful' character named Chameleon. It looked bad for Max, but in the end, he called out Draciel, which not only won the battle, but also destroyed the Bit Beast Capturing System in its wake. Now all our heroes have to do is escape the island... but this seems impossible!!
Return of the Bladebreakers!
8. Return of the Bladebreakers!
August 23, 2003
At long last, Max and Ray rejoin their friends and the Bladebreakers are back together again! Just in time to meet their opponents, Team Psykick. With one week to train, the guys have victory on their brains - especially after Max and Kenny reveal the new technology developed by Max's mom. The MG Core produces a magnetic field similar to the one in the Magtram technology, giving the user optimal control over their Beyblade and increasing the Beyblades power ten fold. However, it's not an easy thing to control, and the guys have a rough start. Hilary and Kenny come up with a "back to the basics" practice schedule... and after Tyson gets over the insult of re-learning basic turns and moves, they go into training. The Bladebreakers are ready to take on Team Psykick and board the bus to the battle... but could this strange bus driver spell more trouble for our heroes?
The Reunion Begins
7. The Reunion Begins
August 17, 2003
Tyson and Kenny try to determine what the mystery material was inside Snakey's Beyblade that made it so magnetic. Kai is tight-lipped after rejoining his friends following his draw against Dunga. Kai crashes at Tyson's place, but departs quickly after old grievances resurface, and Hilary suspects him of being a spy. Tyson and Kenny e-mail Max's Mom, asking for help with their analysis of the mystery metal, while Hilary suggests visiting another person who could help them - Mr. Dickenson. Upon visiting him at his office, they meet a new team called the Psykick's, led by the sinister Doctor B. This shady squad wants to challenge the Bladebreakers for the Championship title, but to become eligible they must defeat the BBA Trainee Team, which they do. Unbeknownst to the kids and Mr. Dickenson however, it's Gideon who's behind this scheme to reunite the Bladebreakers. He wants all four members together in the same place so he can proceed with his yet-unknown plan involving their Bit Beasts
The Magtram Threat!
6. The Magtram Threat!
August 16, 2003
Inside Gideon's training center two of his henchmen discover a talented Blader named Snakey and offer to equip his Blade with the Magtram. The Magtram is a device that creates a magnetic field around the user's Beyblade and gives an unfair advantage to anyone using it. Kenny and Hilary are on the look out for their mysterious captors when Tyson shows up with a new scheme to find Ozuma. Out of nowhere, Snakey shows up and challenges Tyson to a match. Little does Tyson know that Snakey is being used as bait so that Gideon can collect data on Dragoon. Tyson accepts the challenge but it looks like he might lose until Kai appears and offers some much-needed support. Tyson releases Dragoon and after an intense battle he knocks Snakey's Blade out of the stadium and wins the match. Unfortunately Gideon's henchmen, hiding in the bushes, record the whole event and send it back to Gideon's lair. Meanwhile Ozuma and Dunga watch all the action from afar and prepare for their own battles with Tyson
Guess Who's Back in Town?!
5. Guess Who's Back in Town?!
August 9, 2003
Tyson and Kenny are safe on dry land once again but are totally baffled trying to figure out why Kenny and Hilary were kidnapped by two mystery men. The best that they can deduce is that two factions are out to steal the Bit Beasts of all the members of the BladeBreakers. This leads them to wonder about Kai who supposedly has retired. Back at Kai's prep school a curious student named Wyatt is all over Kai trying to get him to come out of retirement and show him a few pointers on how to blade. Kai ignores him until a bully (Dunga) entices Wyatt into a battle. Wyatt is sure he can win, especially since he's using Kai's Dranzer which he stole from Kai's hideaway. In no time, Dunga wins, but Kai decides to fight the rematch. The fight is fierce and surprisingly ends in a draw. But after the battle, Kai decides to come out of his self-imposed retirement because he believes he has at last found a worthy opponent.
Searching for Dragoon
4. Searching for Dragoon
August 9, 2003
Tyson heads to the park to meet Kenny, who has a plan to get Dragoon back "on line". But when Kenny and Hilary are kidnapped, Tyson is forced to jump through a series of hoops set out by their captors, which test his speed and determination. After successfully completing their orders, Tyson finds himself on a ship equipped with a fancy computer system - and his friends, locked in a glass-walled cage. But what do the kidnappers want - and how far will they go to get it? When the mysterious voice challenges Tyson to a battle he accepts - even though the stakes are the highest ones he's faced yet - the lives of his friends! When Tyson realizes that his opponent is "just" a robot, he's stoked - this is going to be a piece of cake. But this isn't just any robot... and these aren't just any run-of-the-mill Beyblader's. The computer can read his every move before he makes it, and Tyson's only chance is to bring Dragoon back to the battle field. Will he be able to do it in time to save his
Unseen and Unleashed
3. Unseen and Unleashed
August 9, 2003
Tyson still can't get over losing his town's Beyblade Tournament to the mysterious Mister X. Kenny and Dizzi try to come up with some answers but discover a greater mystery. On the same day as Tyson's loss, Max and Ray were also visited by similar shadowy figures that defeated them as well. While Tyson does his best to avoid his school chores, Kenny makes a startling discovery about Mister X's Beyblade. Unfortunately Tyson, unaware of this new information, unexpectedly runs into Mister X at the park and challenges him to a rematch!
The Search for Mr. X
2. The Search for Mr. X
August 9, 2003
Kenny learns that the cloaked Blader named Ozuma, who defeated Tyson in an informal, Supermarket-sponsored Beybattle, was using an invisible Bit-Beast. Tyson demands a rematch against the strange opponent - and loses for a second time when Dragoon mysteriously fails to appear on command. Effects from the battle damaged Dizzi, whom Kenny endeavors to repair. Meanwhile, a group of shady Men in Black have been busy monitoring Tyson and Ozuma the entire time. At school, tensions between Tyson and Hilary continue to rise. Tyson's turmoil over Dragoon's behavior sets him on an increased training regimen. Kenny fixes Dizzi, and encounters Hilary on route to his meeting with Tyson to work on the Dragoon problem. Before he can get there however, two Men in Black confront Kenny and Hilary.
Shot Down in Flames!
1. Shot Down in Flames!
August 9, 2003
Tyson is back home from just winning the World Beyblade Championships and he thinks he's one hot dude!! But after disrupting his homeroom at school, he's punished with a detention which makes him late for a local tournament. When he finally get there, he's confronted with a mystery kid, Mister X, who battles his way to the finals to face off against Tyson.
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