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Ash Ketchum dreams of becoming a Pokemon master. With his best friend and first Pokemon, Pikachu, by his side, Ash is determined to be the best Pokemon Master in the world. Throughout his adventures, Ash and friends meet countless enemies, allies, and monsters and begin to earn a reputation for themselves.

Saturday 7:00 AM et/pt on Cartoon Network
21 Seasons, 1013 Episodes
September 8, 1998
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Ikue Ôtani, Rica Matsumoto, Rodger Parsons, Kayzie Rogers
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Pokemon Full Episode Guide

  • Ash is back on Melemele Island, watching a fireworks displaywith his Pokémon School classmates. Toward the end of the show, a strangecreature starts creating even more fireworks—by making its own head explode!The next day, Lusamine summons the Ultra Guardians to deal with this UltraBeast!

  • Ash’s grand trial on Ula’ulaIsland is in full swing, and the kahuna has lots of twists and turns in storefor the battle!

  • Thanks to Acerola’s help, Ash arrives at the Ruins ofAbundance, home of the Ula’ula Island Guardian Tapu Bulu. Ash wants to trainwith Tapu Bulu to prepare for his rematch against the Island Kahuna Nanu, andafter our hero demonstrates his friendship with his Pokémon, Tapu Bulu springsinto action! Showing immense power, the Island Guardian engages Ash andLycanroc in battle—and Lycanroc learns how to use Stone Edge! As the bondbetween Ash and Lycanroc grows, Tapu Bulu returns to its nap, satisfied thatthe training session was a success!

  • Ash can’t contain his excitement as he arrives on Ula’ulaIsland for his next grand trial. But Nanu, the island kahuna, has other ideasand leads Ash to believe someone else is the kahuna. To Nanu’s dismay, Acerolablows his cover and convinces him to grant Ash a “pre-trial” battle. Nanu isconvinced Ash isn’t ready, and after his Krookodile soundly defeats Ash’sLycanroc, he seems to prove his point. But Ash never gives up, and he vows tostay on the island and train hard for a rematch!

  • The annual Alola Bread Festival is coming up, and Mallow’sbrother Ulu has unexpectedly returned home to enter! When Nina from the pancakerestaurant stops by to wish Ulu good luck, he vows to win for her sake. But allhis sweet Grepa Berries disappear, so our heroes jump in to help save hisentry. Mallow suggests making jelly from sour Grepa Berries, sweetening it, andspreading it on Ulu’s bread. And it works! Ulu’s bread wins first prize…butwhen he discovers Nina’s already engaged to someone else, he suddenly takes offagain on his cooking journey!

  • On Melemele Island, a wild Dewpider leaves its nest insearch of its own pond to call home. Along the way, it gets caught up inconfrontations with various Pokémon who don’t take kindly to intruders.

  • While Kiawe works on his family’s farm on Akala Island, adeveloper named Viren pays an unwelcome visit. He wants to buy the farm so hecan destroy it and build a resort hotel on the land. When Kiawe’s parents turnhim down, Viren turns to shady tactics, first buying land upstream from thefarm and cutting off their water supply, and then threatening to unleash hisbulldozers!

  • One of Sophocles’s favorite fairy tales is “The CelestialStarship,” which tells of a brilliant star that landed in a bamboo grove andlived there until it returned to its home on the moon. When our heroes learn ofan Ultra Beast named Celesteela who’s in a similar situation, they’reamazed—but Sophocles isn’t surprised at all! The Ultra Guardians spring intoaction to help Celesteela get home, but they have to be careful, as the UltraBeast is filled with explosive gas. Thankfully, our heroes’ efforts pay off,and Celesteela returns home safely, leaving the bamboo unscathed!

  • Nurse Joy is feeling a bit under the weather today, but Ash and friends are here to help!

  • Our heroes are about to welcome an unexpected addition into the family - unexpected in so many delightful ways!

  • Pokémon School graduate Ilima teaches our heroes about an activity that's near and dear to his heart!

  • The Pokémon School is thrilled to have a surprise visit fromone of its most accomplished graduates, Ilima! Ash and Lillie are amazed tohear the many legends about Ilima’s adventures as a Trainer, and they’redetermined to see if those legends are true. 

  • The mysterious Masked Royal and his partner Incineroar starin the Battle Royal, an Alolan tradition in which four Pokémon battle until thelast one standing is the winner. Ash, watching on TV, can’t wait to get in onthe action—and the next day, he gets his chance!

  • When Team Rocket encounters an Alolan Meowth, Jessie andJames admire its clever demeanor—but our Meowth knows from experiencethat this lookalike is only looking out for number one! To Meowth’s chagrin,Jessie and James want Alolan Meowth to join Team Rocket, and it even comes up witha plan to catch Pikachu once and for all. But when the plan’s set into motion,Alolan Meowth is nowhere to be found! When it reappears at Team RocketHeadquarters with the Boss, Jessie and James realize they’ve been had. Meowthis filled with jealousy, but he can also breathe a sigh of relief, as thingsare back to normal again!

  • The Pokémon School students, Professor Kukui, and KahunaHala are visiting Mount Lanakila on Ula’ula Island, where they meet Cerah, astar of the Pokémon Sled Jump event. With the help of her Alolan Ninetales,Cerah introduces our heroes to the sport, and Lillie and Snowy are excited totry it together—even regaining their confidence after crashing during apractice run.

  • When Harper and Sarah tell Lana that a Pokémon saved themafter they got lost in the woods, Mallow remembers the same thing happened toher and Lana when they were younger! The two friends decide it’s timeto find this Pokémon, nicknamed Grandpa Forest, and offer it their thanks.Always up for an adventure, Ash and Pikachu tag along, too! Our heroes soonlearn that Grandpa Forest must be a Drampa, and when they find its favoritebittersweet Haban Berry trees, they realize they’re on the right track. Then,after a brief scuffle with Team Rocket, Lana and Mallow joyfully reunite withtheir old friend!

  • After a day of shopping, Team Rocket encounters Mareanie’sfirst love and mentor, a Mareanie that still has feelings for its formerprotégé. Filled with jealousy, it evolves into a Toxapex and poisons James! Inhis poisoned stupor, James decides Mareanie should be with Toxapex instead ofwith him. When Mareanie overhears this, its sadness causes it to run away. ButToxapex can’t bear to see Mareanie cry, and it challenges James to a duel towin Mareanie back. After what turns out to be an underwhelming battle, James isvictorious, and Mareanie joyously reunites with him and the rest of TeamRocket!

  • Our heroes are curious about the origins (and sleep habits)of Principal Samson Oak’s partner Komala. After telling the students how theymet, Samson shows off Komala’s impressive skill at battling in its sleep!

  • Following their journey through the Ultra Wormhole, ourheroes return to the Pokémon School, where Lillie thanks everyone for theirhelp saving her mother. Later, during a walk on the beach, Professor Kukui asksProfessor Burnet to marry him! They aren’t planning a wedding ceremony, but ourheroes have other ideas...a surprise ceremony awaits!

  • Our heroes are battling hard against a group ofmind-controlled Pokémon, and Lusamine is still resisting rescue. When Gladionrealizes their attacks won’t stop until the Ultra Beast is defeated, Ash suggeststhe two of them use Z-Moves.

  • Our heroes are all gathered at the Altar of the Sunne, alongwith all four of Alola’s Island Guardians. Lillie and Gladion ask the IslandGuardians for help to rescue their mother, Lusamine, who has been taken throughan Ultra Wormhole by a mysterious Ultra Beast. After Tapu Koko and the othersperform a ritual, little Nebby evolves into the mighty Solgaleo—one of theLegendary Pokémon of Alola!

  • Our heroes are in shock after Lusamine’s disappearancethrough an Ultra Wormhole, and they want to help get her back. But Gladioninsists it’s a family matter, and he and Lillie set out on their own rescuemission. The Pokémon School class still wants to help, though, so Kahuna Haladirects them to the Altar of the Sunne on Poni Island. Meanwhile, nearing thealtar, Gladion and Lillie encounter a Totem Kommo-o! With Snowy and Silvally,they defeat the Dragon-type Pokémon. Then, when the siblings rejoin the rest ofour heroes, Ash again tries to convince Gladion to let everyone help. And whenLillie agrees, Gladion finally understands…

  • Lillie can touch Pokémon again! While our heroes celebrate,a disgraced Faba is determined to prove himself to Lusamine by summoning anUltra Beast—the same one that threatened Lillie years before. He kidnaps Nebbyand convinces it to teleport him into his research lab at Aether Paradise.

  • After accidentally seeing Gladion and coming face-to-facewith Silvally, Lillie is once again unable to touch Pokémon—but she’sdetermined to change that! With Nebby’s help, she embarks on a journey torecall the memories behind her fear. But Faba wants none of it, having beenresponsible for Silvally’s creation in the first place. Vowing to make sureLillie never remembers her past, Faba captures her, and she’s again filled withfear. But Silvally rescues Lillie, and when she remembers that it was the onewho saved her in the past, her fear of touching Pokémon finally vanishes!

  • Our heroes are having a sleepover at Professor Kukui’shouse, and Professor Burnet agrees to join them! Everyone has a good time, butthere are a couple of hiccups: during a game of Z-Move poses, Kiaweaccidentally unleashes Turtonator’s Inferno Overdrive in the living room, andthen Professor Burnet’s Munchlax eats everything she cooked for dinner!

  • When Ash gives Lycanroc a bath, an accidental splash ofdirty water unleashes Lycanroc’s surprisingly red-hot temper!

  • Our heroes visit Aether Paradise run by Lillie's mother, Lusamine. While Ash and friends help with giving vaccinations, a Ditto escapes!

  • The Pokemon School class is sculpting with clay today! Butwhile our heroes muse about various Pokemon and places, they disappear one byone—first appearing at the scenes of their musings, then reappearing back atschool! They soon realize Nebby had used Teleport to take them to the placesand Pokemon they were thinking about.

  • After dreaming that he made a promise to the LegendaryPokemon Solgaleo and Lunala, Ash has a hard time waking up. On his way toschool, he's sidetracked by Tapu Koko, who guides him to a strange littlePokemon that looks like a cloud of stars. Lillie nicknames it Nebby, and Ashremembers his dream: he promised to take care of it!

  • Our heroes visit the Cerulean Gym, where the Alola studentsget their first taste of a Gym battle! Mallow and Lana challenge Misty, whopraises their battle instincts after her victory. Next, Sophocles and Lillieface Brock and his Geodude—and Sophocles forgets that the Kanto Geodude is aGround type, so his Electric-type moves won't work!

  • Ash's Pokemon School class is taking a field trip to theKanto region! Principal Oak is excited to visit his famous cousin in PalletTown, and Professor Kukui says some special guests will be joining them. Whenthose guests turn out to be Brock and Misty, Ash is delighted!

  • Sophocles haswanted to enter a Charjabug race for a long time, and now with Ash and Kiawe onhis team, he finally can! The huge event features tough competitors, includingthe arrogant Red Comet team and a disguised Team Rocket.

  • After having little successusing the Z-Move Hydro Vortex, Lana and Popplio meet Ida and her Brionne, whouse the Z-Move as part of their show and agree to take Lana on as anapprentice! Lana and Popplio train hard—and when Ida's sweetheart Kanoa returnswith reports of sunken treasure, they join the expedition.

  • Mallow is excited when her familyrestaurant is featured on TV

  • When Team Rocket pounces, Ash is excited to show off his newZ-Move, but Lycanroc can

  • After attacking Rowlet during Ash

  • The day of Ash

  • Our heroes attend the Wela Fire Festival, where Fire-typePok

  • While their friends visit Kiawe

  • Ash and his classmates go on a treasure hunt ridingStoutland, who can sniff out hidden items! Ash

  • Kahuna Olivia is leading the class on a field trip to AkalaIsland, and everyone is excited! Before they leave, Olivia demonstrates herknack with Pok

  • Professor Kukui has given the class an intriguingassignment: everyone switches Pok

  • A Pok

  • It

  • When Lillie

  • When Sophocles finds out that hisfamily has to move, he keeps it to himself because he doesn

  • After snooping on Ash

  • It

  • Ash and friends are attending a concert by the wildlypopular group Dug-Leo, made up of DJ Leo and his partner, a talented AlolanDugtrio. Everyone wears blonde wigs in Dugtrio

  • Ash and Kiawe are training with Litten on the beach asPikachu and Rockruff play with a mysterious shovel that seems to be movingaround on its own

  • After stealing his groceries again, the wild Litten comes toAsh for help when its friend Stoutland starts to have trouble breathing. Ashstruggles to get it to the Pok

  • Ash reluctantly tags along with Lana, Lillie, and Mallow atthe mall. One store

  • Ash really wants to have a rematch against Tapu Koko, buthe

  • Ash and friends are visiting Mallow

  • Professor Kukui and Rotom Dex are big fans of the TV show Alolan Detective Laki, and Rotom evenhas a blond wig so it can pretend to be the star. When Ash

  • After practicing with Lana, Popplio has learned how to makea balloon that

  • Ash and Professor Kukui find the wild Rockruff who liveswith them limping home, covered in scratches and burns, completely exhausted.The next night, they follow it to Clawmark Hill, where two Lycanroc keep watchover the wild Pok

  • Moments after Lillie

  • Ash and Pikachu decide to join the Pok

  • Team Rocket has been living in the lap of lazy luxury thanksto Bewear...but a wake-up call from the Boss gets them back on track, and theyhead to the beach in search of Pok

  • On their day off from school, Ash joins Kiawe and hisCharizard on their route, delivering fresh Moomoo Milk from Kiawe

  • Ash faces off against Kahuna Hala in his first grand trial!His Rowlet defeats Hala

  • Hala asks Ash how to keep Alolan Rattata and Raticate fromoverrunning the town. With his classmates

  • Principal Oak assigns Ash

  • Ash offers a piece of his sandwich to a wild Litten, but itgrabs the whole thing and runs off! Ash

  • On their day off from Pok

  • Ash

  • While Ash tries to catch his first Pok

  • Professor Kukui has a gift to help Ash get started in theAlola region. It

  • Now that Ash has decided to become a Pok

  • It

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