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Ash Ketchum dreams of becoming a Pokemon master. With his best friend and first Pokemon, Pikachu, by his side, Ash is determined to be the best Pokemon Master in the world. Throughout his adventures, Ash and friends meet countless enemies, allies, and monsters and begin to earn a reputation for themselves.

Pokemon is a series that is currently running and has 23 seasons (1149 episodes). The series first aired on September 8, 1998.

Where do I stream Pokemon online? Pokemon is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pokemon on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Pokemon TV, DisneyNOW online.

Saturday 7:00 AM et/pt on Cartoon Network
23 Seasons, 1149 Episodes
September 8, 1998
Action & Adventure Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Ikue Ôtani, Rica Matsumoto, Rodger Parsons, Kayzie Rogers
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Pokemon Full Episode Guide

  • Professor Kukui has announced the formation of the AlolaPokemon League, and the excitement is overwhelming! Ash and friends want toenter, but someone else is determined to keep the event from launching—Guzma,the mysterious and menacing leader of Team Skull. He confronts Professor Kukui,vowing to destroy the Pokemon League, and Ash takes the opportunity tochallenge him to a battle. Guzma's Golisopod holds its own against Pikachu, butwhen it suddenly returns to its Poke Ball, the match ends, and Guzma returns toTeam Skull's base. Just what is the relationship between Guzma and ProfessorKukui, and will the Alola Pokemon League become a reality?

  • When a mysterious Pokemon steals Hala's Z-Crystal, the UltraGuardians leap into action—even though it's the middle of the night! Theyreturn empty-handed, but the next day, Lusamine tells them they're looking foran Ultra Beast named Pheromosa. Pheromosa is fascinated with Z-Crystals, andit's stolen several from unsuspecting Trainers. When it steals Team Rocket'sZ-Crystals, Meowth is no help—because he's infatuated with the thief! But whenit becomes obvious that Pheromosa only cares about Z-Crystals, Meowth's heartbreaks, and he returns to his friends...including Bewear, who inadvertently helpsthe Ultra Guardians return Pheromosa to its own world!

  • Our heroes visit the Alola TV studios to cheer on Sophocles,who's competing in a quiz show! Afterward, Rotom bumps into George, theproducer of Alolan Detective Laki, who takes them on a tour. Kiawe is beyondexcited to see the adorable Magikarp named Karpy live on set—until it evolvesinto a fearsome Gyarados!

  • After analyzing the data collected by Rotom Dex, ProfessorOak confirms the mysterious Pokemon is indeed a new species, which he's namedMeltan! One of them has been hiding inside Ash's backpack, and it soon takesquite an interest in Rowlet. The two Pokemon go on an adventure to findMeltan's missing head section, and when Rowlet protects Meltan from TeamRocket's persistent attacks, Meltan repays the favor with its powerful FlashCannon attack! Back at the Pokemon School, Meltan is reunited with its friends,but it wants to stay with Rowlet, so Ash adds it to his team. As the journeycontinues, our heroes have a new friend—Meltan!

  • Back on Melemele Island after completing their Poni Islandresearch projects, our heroes are unaware that some small, mysterious Pokemonhave hitched a ride with them. As they soon discover, these Pokemon love to eatmetal—including the tools the Pokemon School class needs for today's lesson, aswell as Team Rocket's supplies and James's prized bottle cap collection! RotomDex is excited to compile vast amounts of data on this new kind of Pokemon, andAsh relays the information to Professor Oak—who says this mystery Pokemon mayindeed be one amazing discovery!

  • The Pokemon School class meets a talented Pokemon Golfernamed Kahili and her Toucannon, Touckey. Kahili is in a bit of a slump, andthere are rumors she might retire, but when our heroes ask to play a round ofPokemon Golf with her, she happily offers some tips. Joining them is a strangelyfamiliar man who claims to be a master caddy, and he challenges Kahili to shootan incredibly challenging hole in one—which she does, thanks to Touckey's help!After having so much fun with our heroes, Kahili decides to continue on herjourney as a Pokemon Golfer, and Touckey couldn't be happier!

  • Hapu is the new kahuna of Poni Island! After herconfirmation ceremony, she agrees to battle Ash in a grand trial. It's aone-on-one match between Mudsdale and Pikachu, with Kiawe as referee!

  • As our heroes wrap up their Poni Island research projects,they become enveloped in a strange mist. Hapu says the mist, created by TapuFini, lets people and Pokemon reunite with loved ones who have passed on. Ashand Torracat meet up with Stoutland, and Mallow has an emotional reunion withher late mother. Worried about her friends, Hapu confronts Tapu Fini, whoreunites her with her late grandfather and recognizes her as the new islandkahuna! When the mist clears, Lillie and Gladion wonder why they didn't seetheir late father—and they're shocked when Hapu tells them that he must stillbe alive somewhere!

  • The research projects continue on Poni Island and it is time for Kiawe and Mallow to shine.

  • As the class continues the research projects on Poni Island, Sophocles and Lana have some big surprises in store.

  • When Hapu learns that Ash wants to battle Tapu Fini for his Poni Island grand trial, she lectures him about the trial's true meaning.

  • A visit to Poni Island for a school research project.

  • The surprise visitors have a very busy vacation in Alola.

  • The Pokémon School students have visitors at the start of break and Ash can't believe his eyes.

  • After traveling to an unfamiliar place, Ash encounters thePokémon School in ruins. The mysterious Dia explains that Ash must be from aparallel world, where the Alola region hasn’t been destroyed.

  • While battling Tapu Koko, Ash and Pikachu suddenly findthemselves in an unfamiliar place inhabited by a menacing Ultra Beast known asGuzzlord! Guzzlord’s power is fearsome, but a mysterious man namedDia

  • When Rotom Dex catches a continuity error during the filmingof Alolan Detective Laki, thecast and crew are so impressed that they invite it to join the show and helpLaki solve cases! Ash is thrilled, until he realizes the international shootingschedule means Rotom will have to leave…

  • Hau and his partner Dartrix are training hard for the islandchallenge when they have a run-in with Ash and Rowlet. When Ash learns thatHau’s grandfather is Kahuna Hala, he challenges his new friend to a battle!

  • Ash heads to Aether Paradise to deliver the lunchesProfessor Burnet and Munchlax forgot at home, and he and Lillie enjoy seeingthe Pokémon there. But Team Rocket is there, too, plotting to steal Pokémonwhile in disguise as Aether Paradise employees. When one of the Pokémon fromthe conservation area, an adorable Stufful, goes missing, everyone suspectsTeam Rocket of foul play. But Stufful refuses to leave Team Rocket’s side, andwhen Bewear appears to whisk them away, everyone learns that Bewear and Stuffulare family! This time, Team Rocket’s exit includes a new member of thegroup: Stufful!

  • The Ultra Guardians have been summoned to investigateunusual magnetic activity around Wela Volcano, where they discover a group ofAlolan Geodude and Alolan Graveler munching on Spark Stones. But our heroesalso find a group of rock hunters who are after the Spark Stones forthemselves. The Ultra Guardians spring into action…but so does an enragedAlolan Golem, who sends the rock hunters packing! Thanks to the efforts of Sophocles’sfriend Metang, the Golem eventually calms down—and it happily joins a group ofHikers who promise to keep watch over the volcano!

  • Today is the sole performance of the Pokémon School play,and everyone’s so excited! Lillie stars as Lillier, a brave adventurer who ischarged with restoring Alola’s lost energy using a staff imbued with the powerof Legendary Pokémon. But Act Two takes an unexpected turn, as Jessie, indisguise as Jessa Bergère, crashes the performance to steal the spotlight forherself! After some confusion, Rotom Dex writes a magnificent new script on thefly, bringing the crowd (including Ash’s mom) to applause for a job well done!

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Herman Cain Admits Campaign Speech Quoted 'Pokemon'

While we should be thankful it wasn't "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic," former GOP White House hopeful Herman Cain admits that he cribbed a campaign speech line from the theme to "Pokemon: The Movie 2000." And everywhere, geeks and otaku weep.

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