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Tom and Jerry was a series of animated cartoons that were created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and made for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. This cartoon featured a rivalry between a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry. These two fought and chased each other and were at times, quite violent but very funny. Children and teenagers watched these cartoons in the late 1940s, 50, 60s and on up until the 80s and 90s.

This cartoon series often focused on Tom's many attempts to capture Jerry and in between the chases, many funny things happened; usually to Tom. Tom tried so hard to catch Jerry that he often hurt himself in the process. However, there were times when each of them were concerned about each other and showed friendship for each other. In addition, there are times during their chases that they put aside their rivalry so that they can help in an emergency situation such as watching over a baby who has been taken away from a family.

Tom, the cat is clever and always thinks that he's going to win but it is often Jerry, the mouse who out foxes him. Many children and teens watched this cartoon and even today, some of the episodes can be seen on TV. Cartoons such as Tom and Jerry are not only fun to watch but give an insight on the kind of cartoons that many watched so long ago. Even though some of them were violent, they were still funny and entertaining.

Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 189 Episodes
February 20, 1940
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Lennie Weinrib, Alan Oppenheimer, Henry Corden, Janet Waldo, Jean Vander Pyl
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Tom and Jerry Full Episode Guide

  • Spike and Tyke try keep the alley cats from having a party in the house while their owners are away.

  • A stray dog tries to steal Spike and Tyke's animal licenses by taking their collars; meanwhile, a dogcatcher is after them all.

  • Jerry gets a dog to beat Tom up and he ends up in the hospital with the dog clinging to him by the teeth.

  • Jerry is forced to take care of a baby woodpecker and try to avoid Tom while doing it.

  • In this decades-old rivalry, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse match wits against each other in numerous situations and settings.

  • In this decades-old rivalry, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse match wits against each other in numerous situations and settings.

  • Tom is having nightmares about getting pounded by a bulldog. Jerry's dog bashes up tom many times, and Tom decides he'd rather sleep and dream about getting pounded by a dog than having it actually happen.

  • Tom is reviewing failed attempts to catch Jerry. he gets an idea to revise one of his old experiments. Unfortuneately, for Tom, Jerry was watching the old films and saw Tom drawing his new plan.

  • Tom's dreams of surfing are changed slightly when an Octopus, The Shark, and Jerry get involved. He becomes the surfboard himself when he swallows it.

  • The Mouse From H.U.N.G.E.R. sets out to find the food guarded by the Cat From T.H.R.U.S.H.. He tries to stop the mouse, but the traps backfire and the mouse is hauled away with a fridge full of food.

  • Tom is trying to sleep but he can't because Jerry's Band is playing a bit too loud. Tom tries to block out the music but that distrupts the sleep of a nearby bulldog. But when Jerry is finished and comes home, Tom's alarm clock goes off and jumps out of his window, and Jerry has no idea what's gotten into Tom.

  • It's the year 2565, and Tom and Jerry are scientists who blow themselves back in time.

  • Tom tries to catch Jerry, who is hiding in a cuckoo clock, but ends up eating a tiny bomb, instead. He chases after Jerry wearing skis, and Jerry is safe inside with a Saint Bernard. Tom places his skis in snow to distract the dog so he can get Jerry. He gets knocked unconscious many times and gets rescued and intoxicated over and over again by the Saint Bernard. He pours Tom some water to soak his feet in, but it ends up burning Tom. He almost forgets Jerry, as he jumps so high because of the water that he lands in a tropical island, where the dog is waiting to rescue Tom when he bumps his head.

  • After calling a truce following their most recent chase, Tom and Jerry go to the movies where they watch their most memorable moments on the silver screen. However, their truce doesn't last long and they begin fighting again in the theater, causing the Tom, Jerry, and Spike on the screen to stop their chase to watch what's going on.

  • Tom and Jerry are chasing each other on a boat, propelling Tom into orbit, as well as into the water with a shark.

  • When Jerry helps out an injured elephant at the circus, the elephant repays Jerry by helping him to stop Tom from bothering them.

  • Taking place in a large house, Tom and Jerry challenge each other to a duel.

  • After Jerry barely gets away from Tom, he calls on his new dog to beat Tom up. Tom ends up in a hospital all bandaged up, with Jerry and his dog clinging on to him with their teeth.

  • Jerry and a gray rodent pull pranks on tom

  • A fairy princess gives Jerry a magical potion to make him invisible. Jerry gets some scissors and chases Tom with them and starts cutting his fur off. When Jerry is visible again, Tom gets the scissors and begins cutting Jerry's fur off. They look in a mirror and laugh until the end of the episode.

  • After Tom gets run over by a train, he follows Jerry into a department store. They battle by using toy fire engines, bowling balls, ping-pong, clay pots, mail chutes, elevator shafts, and Jerry by stretching Tom's tail hundreds of feet in length. Tom ends up on the track again and blindfolds himself for the second time, only this time, a kind and angelic Jerry switches the tracks so Tom doesn't get hit.

  • When Jerry's uncle comes to visit, he frees the animals that Tom has eaten, steals Tom's nose, and pulls some rabbits out of his hat that clobber Tom with a hammer.

  • Tom is by a pool, trying to lure Jerry with food. Jerry wants the food, but takes it by using a fishing rod, avoiding Tom altogether. Tom tries to get Jerry by dressing up as a mouse that attracts a bunch of other mice, but also ends up getting chased by a bunch of cats in the process.

  • A very long chase scene and lively classical music play throughout this cartoon until Tom smashes into a giant dog and Jerry rescues him.

  • This episode involves both transportation and abstract, and begins with Tom sounding like a sports car. Tom and Jerry start racing, and Jerry ends up passing Tom several times in one second. Jerry thinks of swords and takes the swords from his thoughts, starting to throw them at Tom, barely missing. Jerry falls and a question mark appears. He holds onto the question mark and grabs the nearest ledge. Tom falls and an exclamation mark appears and while he tries to bend it into a question mark, he falls to the ground. Tom gets stuck in a drain pipe and Jerry frees him by using a horn. Out comes a very long Tom sounding like a train.

  • Tom is jealous when a tiny kitten comes into the house. He tries to get rid of it, but Jerry stops him, having Tom do everything that Jerry and the kitten needs.

  • In this winter episode, Jerry is rolling down a hill in a giant snowball and lands in a place where Tom is. He finds a house filled with cheese and makes himself at home in a wheel of Swiss Cheese. Tom plugs up the cheese with corks, but the cheese ends up exploding, pulverizing Tom with millions of corks. Jerry eventually winds up in a slice of cheese and does a ballet performance.

  • In order to eat Tom's food, Jerry becomes invisible.

  • Tom is a famous opera singer and he arrives at his show when Jerry is sleeping. This makes the mouse angry and he tries to stop Tom so he can sleep.

  • Taking place in a cold winter, Tom tricks Jerry into letting him get into the house. It was very could outside and Tom needed a warm place. However, once he's there, he begins to chase Jerry, who tries to get rid of the cat.

  • Tom and Jerry go to a safari in Africa, filled with dangerous animals and interesting places.

  • Taking place in the old west, the sheriff of the town hires Tom to catch Jerry, who is eating everything he finds and messing up the sheriff's office.

  • In a "How to make a show" episode style, Tom and Jerry receive a kit filled with weapons and potentially dangerous things.

  • Tom and Jerry are in a ship whose captain is looking for Dicky Moe, a white, big whale. While the man tries to catch the whale, Tom and Jerry interfere with his mission, making him angry.

  • In This Episode Tom uses lighting to make a runway to try to catch a bird.

  • Tom is in the space and Jerry, as always, came with him. Now, Tom is chasing Jerry through the spaceship, leaving a chaos inside it.

  • Tom and Jerry interfere with a cranky man and his barbecue.

  • Tom and Jerry are in Athens, and Tom is (as always) trying to catch Jerry, this time in one of the most ancient cities of the world.

  • Tom and Jerry went to a castle, and the castle's owner turned Jerry's mind into a lion's mind. Now, Tom is scared of Jerry and he tries to escape from it.

  • Detectives Tom and Jerry look for customers who need their help. In the end, it all goes well with a big surprise party especially for the detectives.

  • Tom and Jerry use the magic of the witches to get rid of the heat.

  • Tom and Jerry face the witches' pet piranha.

  • Detectives Tom and Jerry try to stop a cheeky jabuti who will participate in a race with his rival, a rabbit.

  • Tom is ridiculed by everyone when his hilarious video is posted on the internet.

  • When Butch offers his wish bone to Tom, he's willing to make his requests a reality.

  • Tom, Jerry, and Spike get sick and Uncle Pecos comes to rest them.

  • Winston runs a small school and Tom and Jerry help him with the most difficult tasks.

  • Sleep-Deprived Tom and Jerry try to stop a thief kitten who has been stealing all things from the hotel's residents.

  • Tom and Jerry fight in a museum of national antiques.

  • Tom enters a feline institute and tries to stop his traps from catching Meathead inside his house.

  • The witches cast a spell on Tom's attitude so he could get a better understanding of Jerry.

  • A street mouse takes advantage of Tom and Jerry's stewardship to get food.

  • Tom becomes a joke when he's forced to use a cone for a week.

  • Detectives Tom and Jerry investigate the case of a mysterious maniacal dog that is astounding every cat in town.

  • Tom is losing a lot of his hair and asks Jerry and Spike for help to get them back.

  • Tom tries to eat the Little Quacker and Jerry does everything to ensure his protection.

  • Detectives Tom and Jerry helps Toodles to win a dance contest.

  • Little Quacker asks the help of the detectives Tom and Jerry to help him find his girlfriend, Fifi, who waits for him to take him on a trip to the south.

  • Tom and Jerry have to guard a cute little baby when the babysitter can't be bothered to.

  • Jerry and Nibbles try and rescue Peter Pan from jail, but have to get past Tom.

  • The duck and Jerry find vanishing cream like in The Invisible Mouse and have fun with Tom.

  • The Mousketeers must keep Tom from waking up the king when he wants to nap.

  • A little duck thet hatches from an easter egg loves water and wants loads of it. Easter Special.

  • Jerry takes a images of Tom stealing food from the fridge, and Tom must cut every one up before the owner sees.

  • A spanish episode which stars Jerry as 'El Magnifico'

  • An exact copy of 'The Little Orphan'. This was a mistake made by Fred Quimby.

  • Tom accidentally grabs Tyke, Spike the bulldog's son, when he is trying to get to Jerry.

  • Spike and Tike are having a barbeque! Tom and Jerry's chasing interferes in it though.

  • A dancing bear escapes from the circus that dances all the time which annoys Tom.

  • To get the beach lady cat from 'Slat Water Tabby' to like him, Tom pretends he's big and muscly.

  • Tom and Jerry are forced to take care of a baby because the babysitter is more interested in talking on the phone.

  • Jerry finds an egg that hatches and the bird inside thinks Jerry is his mother.

  • Tom has a terrible dream that he gets captured by a witch.

  • The duck returns again, and this time he is convinced Tom is his mother. Jerry tries to convince the duck that he isn't.

  • Jerry's Uncle Pecos comes to stay and he has a banjo. Whenever he looses a string he pluck's off one of Tom's whiskers.

  • Tom and his alley cat pals are laughing as they watch home movies involving Tom outwitting Spike but Jerry decides to let the bulldog know about it.

  • Jerry needs a young mousketeer to be an errand boy to get to his love but Tom stands in his way.

  • Tom designs a super big mouse trap to kill Jerry, and while he is sleeping the drawings on the blueprints come alive!

  • Tom sells Jerry for money, and his owner buys him back thinking he's a new pet mouse.

  • Jerry hides in Spike and Tyke's basket to escape from Tom but a food fight erupts between all of them including an army of ants as they all vie for control of the basket.

  • Jerry's little duckling friend has packed his bags and is all set to fly south for a winter despite...

  • The two mouseketeers are back, and are ready to give Tom a good slaying.

  • Tom and Spike compete for the house. The first one to catch Jerry wins.

  • A poor little duck is really sad because he think's he's ugly, so decides to try and kill himself.

  • Tom and Jerry meet a little mouse in Italy who gives them the grand tour.

  • Jerry and Nibbles make the floor icy so they can skate, and Tom can't catch them because he can't skate.

  • Butch dresses up as a baby cat to get attention from Tom and to get food.

  • Jerry teaches little Nibbles to be a real mouse, but he is so bad at it Jerry fails him-But ends making Tom nice too.

  • Little tike has the hiccups thanks to Tom, and Spike forces him to try and stop it.

  • Tom and Jerry are in a cabin in the "wild west". Jerry's rustling his food, so Tom's owner won't let him eat until he's gotten rid of Jerry. Will he do it?

  • Jerry saved a puppy and takes it to his home. When the dog arrives immediately shows a friendly attitude towards Tom, but the cat doesn't get it and sees the dog as a potential danger.

  • Jerry writes a book called "Life With Tom" which Tom reads about past adventures. The third and last clip show.

  • Jerry's friends come round for tea and wnat to play indians, and go too far abd ebd up hitting Tom with an arrow, which makes him mad.

  • The little duck is sad because he can't swim, so he asks Jerry to teach him, but runs off into Tom's clutches before he can.

  • Spike teaches his son the three most important things of being a dog: being a man's best friend, burying bones and chasing cats. In order to teach his son the third lesson, he uses Tom to show how should he chase cats.

  • The story of a young mouse called Johann who loves to dance and a cat who wants to get him. Tom and Jerry play those characters.

  • Jerry meets a kind little elephant who falls of a train, and helps Jerry beat Tom up.

  • Tom found Jerry stealing food from the fridge. When Jerry realizes that Tom found him, he escapes and while he was running, he got covered with white shoe polish. At the same time, Tom hears a message in the radio: "There is an explosive white mouse in the city". He becomes really shocked when he sees Jerry, thinking that is the explosive mouse.

  • Spike is building a dog house, and Tom's clumsiness causes it to be destroyed every time he rebuilds it.

  • Tom gets a job as a sailor's assistant, and almost gets himself fired when trying to catch Jerry.

  • Tom's owner buys a mechanical cat called Mechano to catch Jerry, but it goes out-of-control.

  • There's a new law in town that dogs shold always be on leashes, so now Tom can always tease Spike.

  • Jerry finds a lost baby seal, and cares for it, while Tom tries to kidnap it for money.

  • Tom's owner buys three kittens who cause havoc when she's away, and Tom and Jerry team up to stop them.

  • Jerry is again jealous of Tom falling in love, and remembers him falling in love in past episodes_4-18. 2nd Clip show.

  • Jerry and Nibbles learn to be mousketeers.

  • Jerry needs to heal an injured duck when he's shot down by Tom.

  • Tom is interested in flying like the birds and builds wings to do it.

  • Tom and Jerry battle to get a spot in the hammock.

  • After breaking a couple of glasses and messing the kitchen, Tom receives a strong whack from Mammy-Two-Shoes in the head, causing him an attack of amnesia. After this, Tom begins to act like a mouse.

  • Butch, the big dog also known as Spike is washing his son, Pup, just when Tom is chasing Jerry. The mouse gets next to the dogs, causing problems to Tom.

  • Tom finds himself stranded on the beach with Jerry.

  • Tom is tired from partying all night and wnats to go to sleep, but his owner won't let him.

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