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VH1 has introduced an explosive new Reality TV show called Mama Drama. The creator of Jersey Shore has produced a dramatic reality show about mothers and daughters that act, walk, talk and look alike. These ladies leave nothing to the imagination with the inside truth of their personalities.

There is plenty of drama to go around in this house located in Las Vegas. When you add five daughters in a house with each one of their moms, it's a cat house full of nails. Watch episodes that will leave your jaw dropped for an entire hour.

Mama Drama is sure to entertain you. The idea of putting a group like this together is mind blowing. Viewers will see things they couldn't imagine happening in their own family relationships. Imagine a group of teenagers full of hormones trying to dress up for an adult party. It never ends pretty.

Viewers will find this new reality show appealing, invigorating, and full of spontaneity. Women in their forties can find themselves in these five mothers in search for a life as it once was. The problems arises when these women feel the need to live vicariously through their daughters. The title of mama is the only thing they carry. Mama Drama proves that they have truly become their daughter's best friend.

It appears that mama drama has earned a new meaning. Call them trashy, call them MILFs, but Mama drama will excite you and entertain you no matter what your age or lifestyle.

Wednesday 11:00 PM et/pt on VH1
1 Season, 10 Episodes
July 18, 2012
Drama, Reality
Mama Drama

Mama Drama Full Episode Guide

  • The daughters contemplate if it's better to have a mother that acts like a best friend or a parent; a slumber party doesn't go as planned.

  • The mothers take a trip to Los Angeles. But while they're away, the daughters party with guys.

  • The moms swap daughters in hopes that life lessons will be learned, but dramas soon erupt when Sharon is cornered about her inability to apologize.

  • Things get out of control when Sharon, Debbie and their daughters have a showdown. Meanwhile, Jay discloses secrets to Gina, who in turn gossips to the others about Jay.

  • Debbie faces a health issue that threatens her future in the house. Mama dramas escalate when several ladies are abandoned at a club.

  • Loren confronts Gina about Marcella's bad attitude, which creates drama; Debbie tries to smooth things over in the house; the women see the Chippendales; Jay reveals a secret.

  • The daughters bond while their mothers are absent. Later, Marcella and Gina are alienated from the others yet again.

  • When the battle lines are drawn, Gina and Marcella are faced with a difficult decision. Meanwhile, the teams begin to realize they have more in common than they though.

  • Tensions escalate in the Sin City house, particularly between Marcella and Sharon.

  • In the series premiere, five sets of mom and daughters who are best friends arrive in Vegas and attempt to live together.