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ABC's This Week is a weekly American news program focusing on the latest news in the United States and around the world. The show is currently hosted by George Stephanopoulos, who brings a range of solid experience to the program. Stephanopoulos served in the White House under former President Bill Clinton as White House Communications Director. Since departing the White House in 1996, Stephanopoulos has taken an active role in journalism and become a well-known face to many Americans.

ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (593 episodes). The series first aired on January 17, 2010.

Where do I stream ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos online? ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos is available for streaming on ABC News, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos on demand at Hulu, ABC online.

Sundays on ABC News
12 Seasons, 593 Episodes
January 17, 2010
Cast: David Brinkley, Sam Donaldson
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ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos Full Episode Guide

  • Democrats to look for 'indirect ways' to raise minimum wage: Sen. Mazie Hirono; 'I don't think (Biden) does go far enough on Saudi sanctions': Sen. Rob Portman; '(Biden) missed opportunity to rethink

  • Biden could visit Texas 'as soon as this week': White House press secretary Jen Psaki; 'Yes (Biden is) the legitimate president': House GOP Whip Steve Scalise; '(John Lewis) believed so deeply in America': Byron Pitts

  • 'It was clear that (Trump) wished that lawmakers be intimidated': Sen. Bill Cassidy; 'There would have been a vote to convict (Trump) with a secret ballot': Sen. Coons; 'This was the most bipartisan i

  • Biden will work to 'try to turn the page' in inaugural address: Kate Bedingfield; Impeachment managers are 'ready to go when the trial does start': Rep Joaquin Castro; The last few days have been 'absolutely gut-wrenching': Rep. Peter Meijer

  • ABC News correspondents on the latest following the Capitol siege; Trump in office is a 'clear and present danger': Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Trump's resignation would be 'the best thing for the

  • 'There is no running away from the numbers': Fauci on COVID-19 surge; 'We did very well in vote by mail ... early vote': Stacey Abrams on Georgia runoffs; Trump 'seems determined to, sort of, burn things down on the way out': Susan Glasser

  • 'Sign the bill, Mr. President,' then we can pass $2,000 payments: Sanders; 'Joe Biden is the properly elected president': Maryland governor; 'We're very concerned' about a holiday COVID-19 surge: Surg

  • 'We're very hopeful, by January, we'll have at least 3 vaccines': Adm. Giroir; 'All indications point to Russia' being behind cyberattack: Sen. Mark Warner; Biden will 'have a robust response' to cybe

  • 'I feel very confident about the decision we made' on vaccine: FDA commissioner; 'We're going to be putting shots in the arm Tuesday morning in Newark': NJ governor; Doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine begin to ship Sunday

  • Going to 'defer to the FDA career scientists' on COVID-19 vaccine: HHS secretary; 'The people of Georgia spoke in this election': Georgia secretary of state; Indiana Republican Sen. Mike Braun discusses the 2020 election

  • Can't see a sudden 'relaxation' of COVID restrictions by Christmas: Fauci; Biden's national security team will 'need strong alliances': Adm. William McRaven; Yellen is 'brilliant,' 'experienced' and has 'broad support': ABC's Rebecca Jarvis

  • Trump has 'definitely set back the democratic norm' in US: Ron Klain; We know that these vaccines are highly effective, as safe as others: Moncef Slaoui; 'The conduct of the president's legal team is a national embarrassment': Christie

  • 'This is a seismic shift in American politics': ABC's Rachel Scott on the election; Stop the fighting ... let's move on together': Gov. Andrew Cuomo; 'It's time for the president's lawyers to present the facts': Sen. Roy Blunt

  • ABC's Powerhouse Political team breaks down the last days of the election; 'We feel very good': Trump campaign senior adviser on election final days; 'Our map has expanded' as we get closer to the election: Biden senior adviser

  • Six for the Win: Pennsylvania voters share their thoughts ahead of the election; Protecting Your Voice, Your Vote: What officials know about election interference; Pennsylvania Republicans nervous going into the election homestretch: Tamala Edwards

  • COVID-19 relief before election 'depends on the administration': Pelosi; 'I'm seeing more enthusiasm than I saw in 2016': RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel; Voters in crucial battleground state of Florida speak on candidates

  • Biden 'didn't want to stand on the stage with my father': Eric Trump on debate; SCOTUS court packing debate 'a distraction' 22 days out: Biden campaign co-chair; Independents have turned Arizona purple, could they turn it blue in 2020?

  • Trump's physician 'bent over backwards' to put a positive spin on health: Jon Karl; Trump approach to COVID-19 'hasn't been cavalier at all': Campaign adviser; 'We have taken every precaution from the outset': Biden deputy campaign manager

  • 'A conversation about the future of the Senate rules is on the table': Durbin; A jurist's contribution to the law can't be boiled down to one case: Sen. Mike Lee; GOP enthusiastic about Trump SCOTUS pick 'almost across the board': Jonathan Karl

  • 'We have our options' if GOP push a SCOTUS nomination before election: Speaker Pelosi; Senate should 'confirm (SCOTUS) nominee before Election Day': Sen. Ted Cruz; Ruth Bader Ginsburg represented what 'is best about America': Bill Clinton

  • 'Americans want to get their lives back': Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller; 'We have work to do' attracting Hispanic voters: Biden senior adviser Symone Sanders; 'Climate change is making the fires start easier, spread faster': Jay Inslee

  • Trump's alleged vets comments 'beneath the dignity of any commander in chief': Hagel; 'I think the President will win Ohio': Gov. Mike DeWine; Trump 'throwing fire on to an already volatile situation' with protests: Val Demings

  • 'There's overwhelming understanding that Donald Trump must be defeated': Sanders; 'Case closed' on Kamala Harris citizenship question: Trump campaign adviser; 'I don't know if I will ever vote Republican again': Former Trump voter

  • 'We have to defeat the virus...[it's] one of the contentious issues': Speaker Pelosi; We 'obviously' need to support workers, economy: Mnuchin; Why some Republicans are now targeting Trump, GOP senators

  • 'Part of America died on Friday' after John Lewis death: Rep. Val Demings; Gov. Hutchinson on masks: 'Example needs to be set by our national leadership'; 'John Lewis symbolizes what's possible in America': Byron Pitts

  • 'There's no downside to wearing a mask': Adm. Brett Giroir; 'Republicans won't stand up for the rule of law': Rep. Adam Schiff; 'I wouldn't have' commuted Roger Stone's prison sentence: Chris Christie

  • Kayne West announces he is running for president this year; COVID-19 cases rise across the country; Trump attacks protesters destroying monuments

  • 'With (Trump) all roads lead to Putin': Pelosi; 'We need to look at a greater use of Defense Production Act' for testing: Hutchinson; 'If (Trump) doesn't change course... then he will lose (the election)': Christie

  • 'We need to move away from being offended by everything': Carson; '(VP) vetting conversations need to be had with the Biden team': Stacey Abrams; 'We should have engaged in (a chokehold ban) a long time ago': Sen. Lankford

  • Trump's actions 'turn(ed) out more people ... for peaceful protests': Bowser; 'What we saw over the past week (in DC) is really a city out of control': Chad Wolf; 'We have been fighting systemic racism in this country for 400 years': Val Demings

  • 'To take (Trump's) bait time and time again is just a gift to him': Nancy Pelosi; 'Our foreign adversaries are going to take advantage of this crisis': Robert O'Brien; 'We are living in a country that

  • 'So yes, I do blame the Chinese' for coronavirus pandemic: Peter Navarro; ‘(The) majority of the people who voted for me … will be voting for Joe Biden’: Sanders; 'We need to (focus) on is getting people back to an American way of life': Christie

  • 'It's going to take a while for the reopening to have an (economic) impact': Kudlow; 'Worst is yet to come on job front' amid coronavirus: Neel Kashkari; We 'hope (COVID-19) will pass without a vaccine ... but we don't think so': Stoffels

  • Ohio face mask order 'was just a bridge too far,' says Gov. Mike DeWine; 'I don't really rely on polling this far out': RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel; 'Barack Obama trusted Joe Biden. I trust Joe Biden': DNC Chair Tom Perez

  • 'No one should (digest) disinfectants ... to fight COVID-19 ... don't do it': Whitmer; 'I really can't explain' Trump's disinfectant comments: Gov. Larry Hogan; Unemployment rate could reach Great Depression levels: Trump economic adviser

  • May 1 is 'a target' for reopening the US, but too early to tell: FDA commissioner; 'Can't just pick a date and flip a switch,' Maryland governor says; 'When you get back to normal, it is messy and uneven': ABC's Rebecca Jarvis

  • '(Democrats) may have to do a virtual convention' amid coronavirus: Joe Biden; Defense secretary says he supports decision to fire USS Theodore Roosevelt officer; 'We need help': Alabama prisoner plea

  • 'Stay home, stay home, stay home': NJ governor's plea to residents; La. trajectory will 'overwhelm our capacity to deliver health care' by April: Edwards; Kudlow says one-third of the whole economy covered by new assistance package

  • FEMA administrator pressed on N95 mask distribution; 'They've given us a fraction of our ask' for protective gear: NJ governor; 'We're all building the airplane as we fly it': Michigan governor on COVID-19 response

  • 'Things will get worse before they get better': Dr. Anthony Fauci; 'There is a giant gaping hole in the economy right now': Rebecca Jarvis; Economy will improve 'as we confront this virus' says Trump's treasury secretary

  • 'I have to earn this on my own': Biden on receiving Obama's endorsement; Biden is 'part of the old political establishment,': Sanders; US 'ramping up testing' for new coronavirus, expected to 'expand radically': Azar

  • Sanders' socialist label 'would be a real burden for us in these states': Clyburn; 'I've seen zero intelligence' that Russia interfering to help Trump: O'Brien; 'Putin and Trump are picking their opponent': Rahm Emanuel on Sanders

  • 'We certainly need to have a strong finish' in Iowa: Pete Buttigieg; 'We're going to surprise a lot of people' in Iowa caucus: Andrew Yang; 'Don't reduce (Iowa caucuses) to a 2-way race yet': Nate Silver

  • If GOP wants 'complete truth,' they should want to hear from witnesses: Rep. Demings; The 'House didn't do their homework' in impeachment inquiry: Sen. James Lankford; 'I know I don't have the highest name ID,' but 'we've got grit': Sen. Klobuchar

  • 'It's very clear the world's a safer place today': Pompeo on death of Soleimani; Schumer will 'hope, pray' some in GOP will vote for impeachment trial witnesses; 'Buckle up, a big range of options' for Iran's response: Adm. James Stavridis

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