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Washington Week is a weekly show devoted to a civil, in-depth discussion of the week's political news. The show is hosted by Gwen Ifill and sponsored, in part, by National Journal. It is produced by WETA-TV in Washington, D.C. and is broadcast on 90 percent of the nation's PBS stations and the American Forces Radio and TV Network. The show has a 30-minute run time and appears weekly.

The show's format is a roundtable discussion between two to four journalists, at least one of which is from National Journal, moderated by Ifill. The show has a stable of regular and occasional guests. Guests on the show are working journalists employed by magazines and newspapers around the world, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine.

Washington Week first aired in February 1967 under the name Washington Week in Review. It has been on the air ever since, seeing only minor changes in its over 40-year run. Over the years, it has been nominated for, and received, several awards for journalism including a George Foster Peabody Award for its 2008 election coverage.

The show has been moderated by several different hosts during its run, including John Davenport, Robert MacNeil and Ken Bode. Gwen Ifill had appeared on the show as a guest and occasional guest moderator for years before assuming the role of official moderator in 1999.

In 2006, National Journal became an official partner of the show. The partnership involves the sharing of resources between the two organizations, including access to local news reports and editorial staff. The name, "National Journal," was also added to the title, making the official listing Washington Week in Review with Gwen Ifill and National Journal.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on PBS
8 Seasons, 423 Episodes
February 23, 1967
Cast: Gwen Ifill
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Washington Week Full Episode Guide

  • PBS' longest-running public affairs series features Washington's top journalists analyzing the week's top news stories and their effect on the lives of all Americans. Moderated by Robert Costa

  • PBS' longest-running public affairs series features Washington's top journalists analyzing the week's top news stories and their effect on the lives of all Americans. Moderated by Robert Costa

  • The week's headlines are discussed.

  • The panelists explained details of the plan.

  • Will voters look past accusations against Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore?

  • Flynn pleaded guilty Friday to lying to the FBI.

  • Robert Costa and this week's panelists look at how the Trump presidency has rocked American politics and what may be ahead in 2018.

  • Go inside the tax debate.

  • The panelists discussed the Roy Moore fallout.

  • Taxes, terrorism, and the widening Russia probe.

  • Is the party of Lincoln becoming the party of Trump?

  • The panelists discussed the deadly ISIS attack on U.S. soldiers.

  • President Trump moves to dismantle Obamacare on his own.

  • The debate about how to prevent similar events has started again in Washington.

  • Price resigns after spending over $400K on private planes.

  • The panelists discuss the GOP’s latest healthcare efforts.

  • President Trump’s negotiations with Democrats may have left his conservative base seething.

  • Donald Trump strikes a deal with Democrats.

  • Panelists discussed the debate surrounding Harvey recovery efforts.

  • The president changes his Afghan strategy.

  • Chief strategist Steve Bannon is out of the Trump administration.

  • The panelists discussed possible options to de-escalate the nuclear standoff.

  • Trump rallies his base while Russia probe continues.

  • Staff shakeups hit the White House Friday and the Obamacare repeal fails.

  • Staff shakeups hit the White House Friday. Press secretary Sean Spicer resigned, and Anthony Scaramucci was introduced as President Trump's new communications director. The roundtable also looked back on the first six months of the administration, highlighting the achievements and setbacks.

  • President Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. released emails detailing a June 2016 meeting with a Russian attorney, and the White House entered crisis mode to contain the fallout. While the president publicly defended his son, Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill were critical of the response and continue investigations into possible collusion. Plus, Senate GOP unveiled revised health plan.

  • Trump pressed Putin about Russia's role in meddling in the U.S. presidential election.

  • What is the state of health care in America? The Affordable Care Act has been law for seven years, but with 22 million people still uninsured and costs rising, how should lawmakers revise the health care system? We discuss the current health care situation and the plan being considered by Republicans in the Senate.

  • Five Republican senators said they can't vote for the current health care bill.

  • Republicans and Democrats came together for a moment of bipartisan unity.

  • President Trump offered a sharp rebuke to James Comey’s Senate testimony.

  • Trump says he wants to renegotiate the global climate change.

  • Trump adviser Jared Kushner is a focus of federal investigations.

  • Gwen Ifill discusses the latest political news from Washington with a panel of experts.

  • Gwen Ifill discusses the latest political news from Washington with a panel of experts.

  • Gwen Ifill discusses the latest political news from Washington with a panel of experts.

  • The U.S. military fired 69 cruise missiles at targets in Syria.

  • Staff at the Democratic National Committee were asked to resign this month.

  • After confirmation hearings for SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch, Democrats plan to fight.

  • Ban on travel from six Muslim-majority countries temporarily blocked.

  • Housing and meal assistance to be eliminated in $6 billion cuts to HUD.

  • A Sacramento pastor sets up a safe space for immigrants in his church.

  • Hispanic political operatives meet to figure out how to combat Trump's immigration agenda.

  • FBI Director James Comey discusses the Trump administration's connection to Russia.

  • Republican and Democratic lawmakers are facing angry constituents across the country.

  • The panel reports on the new world order of the Trump administration.

  • Trump signs executive order freezing refugee visas from predominantly Muslim countries.

  • The Senate confirmed two of Trump's national security cabinet nominations.

  • President Obama delivers and emotional farewell address in Chicago.

  • Trump still has over 600 nominees announce with less than 2 weeks until inauguration.

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