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Space Brothers is a ground-breaking anime, or Japanese animation, series about two brothers who have the same dreams, but go about achieving them in very different ways. Hibito and Mutta Nanba have always dreamed of becoming astronauts and traveling into space. Hibito, the younger brother, spends his high school and college years working towards this goal and actually ends up training to become an astronaut.

Mutta is convinced that his dream of becoming an astronaut is impossible. For this reason, he follows a much more mundane career path. His life seems to be set until he messes up at his job. He actually makes such a large mistake that he is fired, and no one in that field will hire him again. Depressed and unsure of what to do next, Mutta moves back in with his parents and begins to take small, infrequent jobs in order to earn money.

Mutta's family can't stand to see him in such a slump. Hibito is especially concerned for his older brother. He calls Mutta and reminds him that Mutta once promised to become an astronaut. With a great deal of help from his family, Mutta tweaks his resume and Hibito ensures that the resume ends up in front of the right people. Soon Mutta is on his way toward becoming an astronaut and achieving his dreams.

Mutta's career choice is not an easy one. There are many intelligent, highly qualified applicants for the astronaut program. Knowing that he has failed in a career once before, Mutta is not always certain that he can come out on top. However, despite the lack of faith he often has in himself, Mutta never gives up hope. He promises himself, his brother and his family that he will try as hard as he can so that he can, literally, reach the stars.

1 Season, 100 Episodes
March 31, 2012
Cast: Hiroaki Hirata, Miyuki Sawashiro, KENN, Masayuki Kato, Miyuki Sawashiro
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Space Brothers Full Episode Guide

  • Hibito's disappearance is distracting Mutta during training and he makes a critical mistake. What will Hibito do next, and will Mutta be able to get his act together before the actual launch?

  • roubled by Hibito's disappearance, Mutta's performance begins slipping. However, a conversation with Chief Butler reassures him.

  • It's New Year's, and the Nanba family is together in Houston to celebrate. Mutta feels good, as he trains for the moon and talks to Serika, but Hibito doesn't seem to be in a celebratory mood.

  • Mutta has returned from his training in the desert and gets some rest as Christmas approaches. Meanwhile, Kenji and Nitta finally learn about the mission they've been assigned to.

  • Eddie Jay's arrival has given the CES-62 sub crew a much-needed jolt. After a night jog brings the crew closer together, Eddie suggests that the crew members share their stories.

  • Mutta has been assigned to the CES-62 backup crew, but his fellow members aren't keen to work together. Will the arrival of Eddie Jay, their leader, turn things around?

  • As Sharon makes a new proposal to NASA for the lunar telescope, Mutta continues his training in the desert. However, Chief Butler is still seeking a backup captain for the mission.

  • Hibito has passed his test to return to active duty. With that over, Mutta can focus on starting his backup crew training for a lunar mission.

  • Hibito begins the test that will determine if he can return to active duty. However, Chief Butler has planned a surprise for Hibito.

  • Mutta has been chosen to go to the moon. First, he will serve as Vince's backup. Now, Kenji and Nitta must learn what the future has in store for them.

  • Hibito is worried about the upcoming test that will decide if he will be allowed to return to space. Uncertain, he turns to an unexpected person for advice.

  • Mutta has completed his NEEMO training and now waits to learn if he will be heading to the moon. Back in Houston, Hibito also completes his rehabilitation training. All that remains is to demonstrate to NASA that he has made a full recovery.

  • Mutta has completed NEEMO training. His final idea impressed many people in NASA. Meanwhile, back in Houston, Hibito continues his rehabilitation.

  • Mutta and Kenji have overcome their initial shock after hearing that only one of them will be chosen to go to the moon. Now that they're working together again, everything seems to be going right with their construction of the Moonbase.

  • Mutta and Kenji are forced to compete for the chance to go to the moon. Initially unsure as to what to do, Mutta benefits from Andy's advice, which helps him settle down and devise a new plan.

  • Only one of each team's two Ants will be chosen to go to the moon. Since the beginning of his journey, Mutta has worked with Kenji, so he isn't sure what to do.

  • Mutta is now underwater participating in NEEMO training. He's happy to be assigned to the same team as Kenji, but it turns out that he shouldn't be celebrating.

  • Mutta's idea for improving the lunar rover has earned him the right to participate in NEEMO training. He has taken one step toward the moon.

  • Hibito has returned to Houston from Russia. At the same time, Mutta begins his journey to the moon with NEEMO training.

  • NASA and JAXA have decided to bring Hibito back to Houston, placing him in a supporting role. Hibito has no choice but to pack up and make his farewells.

  • Inspired by Olga's performance, Hibito continues his rehabilitation. Ivan comes up with a unique approach that may start Hibito down the path to recovery.

  • Hibito continues to struggle in rehab. Russian astronaut Ivan Tolstoy shows Hibito videos of his daughter as a child, learning ballet. Will the videos give Hibito his answer?

  • Mutta has convinced Chief Butler to allow him to start training for lunar missions. Meanwhile, Hibito is in Russia, trying to overcome his panic disorder.

  • Mutta's proposal to add a windshield to the lunar rover is received well. However, Chief Butler is still reluctant to allow Mutta to train for lunar missions. Mutta decides he must try something more dramatic.

  • Mutta's proposal to improve the lunar rover is received well. But he still hasn't convinced Chief Butler to let him train for lunar missions. Desperate for ideas, Mutta researches Chief Butler's history for clues.

  • Mutta comes up with an idea to prevent vehicular accidents on the moon. Will NASA accept his proposal?

  • Hibito struggles with the panic disorder that's afflicted him since his ordeal on the moon. However, he requests that his condition be kept secret from Mutta, who may have found a way to improve the lunar rover.

  • After completing training, Mutta is offered a spot on the backup crew for an upcoming ISS mission. This is a golden opportunity for Mutta to make it to space quickly. But he must consider what he truly wants to do.

  • After Mutta completes flight training, he officially becomes an astronaut. Now he must wait to see if he will be assigned to a lunar mission.

  • Mutta's flight training is progressing well. Meanwhile, Hibito heads back to Japan, where he is greeted by cheering crowds and parades. He also gets a chance to visit Sharon.

  • Mutta is struggling with his flight training, as Deneil constantly distracts him when they're in the air. Can Mutta survive Deneil's unique style?

  • After retaking the written test, Mutta is able to move on to T-38 flight training. Since he had the lowest score, he's assigned to Deneil Young, who apparently has a unique training regimen.

  • After learning that Sharon has ALS, Mutta has trouble concentrating, performing miserably on the written test. He must now retake the exam before he can begin flight training.

  • At Serika's request, Sharon returns to the hospital to see a neurologist. Meanwhile, Mutta's concern for Sharon distracts him from his upcoming, written flight exam.

  • The astronaut candidates now prepare for training on T-38 jets. Sharon happens to be in the US to present her proposal for a radio telescope on the moon. She now heads to Houston to see Mutta and Hibito.

  • Hibito has finally returned from the moon. He now begins the long process of physically readjusting to Earth's gravity. Meanwhile, Mutta is preoccupied by Amanti's warning.

  • The Comeback Competition has ended, and Mutta's team finished second among AsCan entrants. Mutta is soon joined by his parents, as they prepare for Hibito's return to Earth.

  • It's finally the day of the Comeback Competition. Team E is scrambling to modify their rover, so the mud won't render its sponge tires useless. Mutta and Serika head to the hotel to look for something that could help.

  • Azuma and the other astronauts land on the moon, to replace Hibito. Back on Earth, it's finally time for the Comeback Competition. However, the weather doesn't want to cooperate.

  • As Mutta, Vince, and Pico gather for a drink, Vince and Pico are reminded of their past.

  • Mutta and the rest of Team E are slowly making progress with their CanSat for the Comeback Competition. However, their first attempt fails miserably, as the parachute fails to deploy and the rover gets stuck. Can they complete their CanSat without any help from their advisor?

  • After completing survival training, the NASA astronaut candidates are tasked to participate in the upcoming Comeback Competition. Each team receives an advisory engineer, but Mutta's team is stuck with someone who won't help.

  • The astronaut candidates have reached the sixth, and final, day of survival training. But Mutta is down with a fever. Can Team E complete the training?

  • As Mutta and his teammates try to keep warm in the cold desert night, Mutta is reminded of recent events.

  • Two months after arriving on the moon, Hibito reflects on the accident that almost cost him his life.

  • As the astronaut candidate survival training draws to an end, Mutta reflects on his journey to become an astronaut.

  • As the survival training draws to a close, Nitta suddenly tells the team he needs to backtrack due to losing his cell phone, but Mutta stops him. However, Mutta appears to have an idea in mind.

  • The astronaut candidates continue their survival training in the desert. Team E has fallen behind the others, but after Nitta takes the lead, they try to pick up the pace.

  • The first astronaut candidate task is undergoing a survival training course consisting of a six-day trek through the desert. Meanwhile, Mutta is still worried about Amanti's reaction after she read his fortune.

  • Mutta and the other astronaut candidates have arrived in Houston to begin training at NASA. First up is a social event to meet the other astronaut candidates from around the world.

  • The JAXA astronaut candidates head to Houston, to begin training at NASA. However, Murakami-san appears to have a surprise in store for Mutta.

  • Mutta and the other astronaut candidates have finally finished their Japanese training. Before they head to Houston, they receive a gift from Director Nasuda.

  • Oxygen generation system Brian arrives just in time to save Hibito. Once he and Damian are rescued and back at Moonbase, he reflects on the astronauts who saved him.

  • Hibito is able to save Damian, but he's running out of oxygen. Freddy and Buddy are trying to catch him, but they won't arrive before his oxygen depletes. Is this the end?

  • Hibito manages to bring Damian back to the surface by using Gibson, but he's running out of time, as his oxygen supply dwindles. Will Freddy and Buddy find him in time?

  • After a buggy accident, Hibito and Damian are stuck at the bottom of a ravine. Damian's spacesuit is damaged, and he's losing body heat quickly. The odds are against them, but Hibito decides that the unmanned drone Gibson is their key out.

  • Damian and Hibito leave Moonbase in search of a missing unmanned probe. However, an accident occurs, stranding them inside a ravine.

  • Mutta has begun his life as an astronaut. First, he must undergo a month of JAXA training and orientation. Meanwhile, Hibito and Damian head out in a lunar rover to track down a missing probe.

  • After a long wait, Mutta learns that he passed the final exam. With no time to enjoy the moment, he is immediately whisked to the press conference, where the other new astronauts wait.

  • While Mutta waits to hear if he will become an astronaut, Kenji has received good news. The next candidate to get a call is Serika.

  • JAXA has begun announcing the results of the final astronaut selection exam. Makabe Kenji receives the first phone call. As Kenji waits to learn his fate, he reflects on his motivation for wanting to be an astronaut.

  • Hibito and the CES-51 crew have landed on the moon. Meanwhile, Mutta has returned to Japan to await his final exam results. He's especially concerned about using up his luck before the results are announced.

  • Hibito and the CES-51 crew finally land on the moon. However, Mutta is worried that Hibito will embarrass their country when he takes his first step.

  • Hibito has made it safely into space, and he's on his way to the moon. Meanwhile, Mutta runs into Azuma and his family, and he decides to approach them.

  • Mutta, Apo, and the strange old man watch as Hibito launches off into space. Afterwards, Mutta reminisces about the road taken by Hibito to reach this point.

  • It's finally the day of the launch, but the weather doesn't look good. On top of that, Apo's run off, so Mutta has to go find him. While searching for Apo, Mutta comes across a suspicious old man.

  • Two days are left before launch. First, the lunar lander Artemis goes into space on Mars V. Afterwards, Hibito and the rest of the crew will head into space on Mars I.

  • With four days before the launch, Mutta and his family arrive at Kennedy Space Center for one last meal with Hibito before he heads into space. Mutta uses this opportunity to hand Hibito a very special DVD-R.

  • The final NASA interview was a decoy to trick the candidates into relaxing, so the astronauts could evaluate them. However, the candidates have yet to realize this.

  • Seven days remain before Hibito takes off on a journey to become the first Japanese person to walk on the moon. Meanwhile, Mutta prepares for the final astronaut selection exam at Johnson Space Center.

  • With the final astronaut selection exam coming up, Mutta heads to Houston. However, Jennifer has some ominous news.

  • The final exam is set to take place in two months. Mutta heads to Houston, ahead of the other candidates to look after Apo and tour the Johnson Space Center. Meanwhile, Hibito is training hard for his lunar mission.

  • Mutta has been picked to go to Houston for the final astronaut selection exam. But because his selection means that Kenji wasn't chosen, he has mixed feelings.

  • The third astronaut selection exam has finally ended. Team A used rock-paper-scissors to select two members. Whose dreams are still alive?

  • With the third exam finally over, Furuya takes the opportunity to visit the man who made his dream possible.

  • As the last day of the exam arrives, the teams are told to do what they want for the rest of the day. Team A struggles to decide on a method of choosing two astronauts. Mutta suggests they decide via a game of rock-paper-scissors.

  • It's their final day in the sealed box. Mutta has enjoyed his two weeks with the team, and he wishes to avert ruining their bond, as they make their final decision.

  • The candidates have only a few days left in the sealed boxes. JAXA has been using green cards to create trouble, gauging each member's ability to respond to stress and trouble.

  • The third exam inside the sealed boxes has been underway for ten days. Each team has been experiencing unexpected problems, such as broken clocks and mysterious alarms that ring in the middle of the night. However, Mutta soon realizes who is actually responsible.

  • The third exam is halfway over. Mutta works on a completely white puzzle as he ponders why Fukuda-san would break the only clock in the sealed box.

  • The exam in the sealed box is halfway over. Mutta's Team A suffered an accident when Fukuda's glasses were broken. But Furuya, the one who broke them, requested a new pair. Meanwhile, Team B must deal with an alarm going off in the middle of the night.

  • After five days in their sealed boxes, each team is exhibiting a pronounced personality. Mutta's Team A is rowdy, while Team C is quiet. However, Kenji's Team B appears to be a little gloomy.

  • he sealed box teams are assigned more tasks. These include Running Math, five minutes of mental math while running, and a typing test. Next, they're asked to write a letter of protest to a journalist who is criticizing government funding for space exploration.

  • The fifteen remaining candidates have been divided into three teams of five. Each team will spend two weeks inside a sealed box, while completing various tasks. The first task is to determine the time.

  • The third exam will take two weeks. Mutta and the other candidates are transported via sealed bus to a large, barren facility. Then they are led to an area that is known as the last room.

  • Mutta has learned that Kenji and Serika have strong reasons to become astronauts, while Mutta is simply trying to achieve a childhood dream. This causes Mutta to begin to question himself.

  • After passing the second JAXA exam, Mutta returns to Japan for the third. He's happy about the exam result, but on the flight back, a nightmare leaves him rattled. This is due to the letters from Hibito that he discovered before leaving.

  • When the robber known as the fire extinguisher man strikes the restaurant where Mutta is, he's in trouble. But once the dust settles, Mutta has become a national hero for capturing the criminal. However, it appears there's more to the story.

  • After learning that his former boss has told JAXA about the headbutt incident, Mutta has given up hope on passing the exam. To cope, Mutta falls back on his childhood habit of multitasking like crazy when something bad happens.

  • Mutta has arrived in America, but he's off to a rocky start with Hibito. Meanwhile, his future as an astronaut is in jeopardy because the headbutt incident has been brought to JAXA's attention.

  • After completing the second JAXA exam, Hibito invites Mutta for a free trip to Houston, Texas, through NASA's family support program. Upon arrival, he finds himself chased by a pug named Apo, and is then reunited with Hibito. However, Hibito expresses disappointment.

  • After a long week, only the final interview remains in the second JAXA exam. Mutta is drawing attention as Nanba Hibito's older brother, but he insists he won't spend his entire life as Nanba Hibito's big brother.

  • After advancing to the second exam, Mutta realizes that the other applicants are much better prepared than he is. Desperate to prove himself, he stakes everything on the lung capacity test, as he has confidence in his trumpet-trained lungs. However, as the other applicants drop out, he finds himself in a heated battle with Itou Serika. Who will come out on top?

  • With his mother's assistance and Hibito's encouragement, Mutta has been accepted for the New Astronaut Selection Exam. However, unsure of his next step, he visits Sharon, who works at a nearby observatory. After receiving advice from Sharon, Mutta is finally able to make up his mind.

  • The year 2006. Two brothers, Nanba Mutta (age 12) and Hibito (age 9), happen to spot a UFO headed for the moon. The experience inspires them to make a certain promise.

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