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  • TV-Y7
  • 2009
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.6  (111)

Willa's Wild Life was a popular children's television show that aired on YTV from 2008 to 2011. The show was created by Dan Clark and produced by Nelvana. It centered around the character of Willa, a young girl who loved to help animals in need. The series followed Willa as she went on fun-filled adventures with her animal friends, which included a talking fawn named Jenny, a skunk named Sammy, a porcupine named Steve, and a bluebird named Blue. Willa lived on a farm with her parents, who were supportive of her love for animals and often helped her in her animal-rescue endeavors.

The main character of Willa was played by Jordan Todosey. She portrayed a spunky and adventurous young girl who was always ready to lend a helping hand to any animal in need. She was creative and resourceful, often coming up with unique solutions to rescue animals in tricky situations. Her parents, played by Peter Keleghan and Fiona Reid, were also important characters on the show. They were always there to offer support and guidance to Willa, while also teaching her valuable life lessons.

The show was aimed at children aged 2-6 and was designed to be educational as well as entertaining. Each episode featured a different animal, and viewers learned interesting facts about the animals as Willa worked to help them. The show also emphasized the importance of kindness and compassion toward animals.

Willa's Wild Life was known for its fun animation style and bright colors. The show had a very lively and upbeat tone, making it perfect for young children. The series was also praised for its positive messages and engaging storylines.

Over the course of its three-year run, Willa's Wild Life aired a total of 39 episodes. The show won several awards, including a 2009 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program. Part of the show's success can be attributed to its talented voice cast, which included Jordan Todosey, Peter Keleghan, and Fiona Reid, as well as other notable Canadian actors.

In conclusion, Willa's Wild Life was a beloved children's television show that aired on YTV from 2008 to 2011. The show followed the adventures of a young girl named Willa who loved to help animals. Viewers learned about different types of animals and were taught important lessons about kindness and compassion. The show's engaging storylines, colorful animation, and talented voice cast all contributed to its success.

Willa's Wild Life is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 12, 2009.

Willa's Wild Life
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Willa's Wonderful Life;Big Brother Gus
13. Willa's Wonderful Life;Big Brother Gus
February 6, 2009
As Willa tries to set a world record, the animals recall some of Willa's wild adventures.;Grouchy Gus the alligator can't get rid of a little blue bunny who wants to be his friend.
Willa's Sleepover;High Flying Willa
12. Willa's Sleepover;High Flying Willa
February 5, 2009
Dooley invites Willa for her first sleepover. It's also the first time the animals have tried to go to sleep without Willa. The Willa-sick animals can't resist sneaking over to join her in Dooley's room in the middle of the night.;When Dad books a plane trip to visit Grandma Birdy, Tiny and Lou worry about how far away Willa will be from them. So the nervous pachyderms try to convince Willa that her first airplane flight won't be the rollicking fun time she thinks it will be.
Feathered Friends;Forgetting Sara
11. Feathered Friends;Forgetting Sara
February 4, 2009
Inky, Blinky and Bob transform the attic into a winter wonderland. But when other penguins make a mess of the place, our trio realize who their real friends are.;When Sara gets a little too bossy, Kara and Lara decide they'd rather play with Willa, who finds herself the new leader of the cool girl clique.Willa has to find a way to get Sara back together with her old friends.
The Girl Who Cried Ouch;When Dad's Away
10. The Girl Who Cried Ouch;When Dad's Away
February 3, 2009
Thinking they've injured Sara, Willa and her animals wait hand and foot on the cool chicks. But when Tiny discovers Sara is faking, Willa looks for ways to trick Sara into revealing her lie.;When Dad has to go to work on a Saturday, he asks Ms. Vanderwinkle, to keep an eye on Willa. Willa and the girl animals have a great time with the nice neighbour lady, but Gus convinces the male animals that they've been "left out" and must form an exclusive boys only club.
Walk A Mile In Alligator Shoes;A Tall Walrus Tale
9. Walk A Mile In Alligator Shoes;A Tall Walrus Tale
February 2, 2009
To learn about Gus's extra grumpy behaviour, Willa borrows Dooley's gator costume to see the world through Gus's cranky eyes.;When Wallace the blowhard Walrus tells one fantastic tale too many, he has to beg Willa to help him prove that his story of buried pirate treasure is true. Willa helps her fibbing friend "just this once" but winds up creating a tall-tale telling monster.
Dad's Big News;Little Miss Fitness
8. Dad's Big News;Little Miss Fitness
February 1, 2009
Dad finds out that he may have a poem published, but asks Willa not to tell people. However, Willa leaks the news to Dooley, then can't stop the word from spreading.;Inspired by a school health lecture and worried about Dad's tight fitting sweater, Willa becomes Dad's personal trainer. She's determined to get him into shape. But when she enlists her animals to help, Willa discovers that it's best to let Dad get healthy on his own terms - and now she needs to practice what she's been preaching.
Willa Awards;To Ski Or Not To Ski
7. Willa Awards;To Ski Or Not To Ski
January 31, 2009
When Willa wins a trophy at school for having the sunniest disposition, she decides to give awards to each of her animals so they'll feel good about themselves too. Unfortunately, in planning her big award gala, she forgets about Gus. Willa has to come up with the best award yet to mend fences with her extra grumpy gator.;Just before a ski trip that Dad was looking forward to, Willa hurts her ankle. So that Dad won't cancel his long-delayed vacation, Willa hides her injury from him.
Company's Coming;Growing Pains
6. Company's Coming;Growing Pains
January 30, 2009
When Mr. Tremble comes to the house, Willa and the animals whisk the naturally-nervous Tremble around, doing things Willa thinks are fun -- without considering what he likes.;Willa tries outrageous ways to grow faster, so she can be tall enough for a special amusement park ride. Meanwhile, Evelyn tries to stop her own constant growth.
Nurse Willa;Willa and Dooley Sitting in a Tree
5. Nurse Willa;Willa and Dooley Sitting in a Tree
January 29, 2009
When Dad wakes up with a cold, Willa decides to take charge and help her Dad get well. But when her animals pitch in to help, Nurse Willa winds up with more headaches than poor Dad.;When Sara, Kara and Lara see Dooley innocently giving Willa some flowers, the three cool girls tease them about being boyfriend and girlfriend. Willa's unfazed, but Dooley's so embarrassed he doesn't want to play with Willa anymore.
Willa's Not so Peaceable Kingdom;Go To Sleep, Bert!
4. Willa's Not so Peaceable Kingdom;Go To Sleep, Bert!
January 28, 2009
Thinking they've injured Sara, Willa and her animals wait hand and foot on the cool chicks. But when Tiny discovers Sara is faking, Willa looks for ways to trick Sara into revealing her lie.;After a soothing slumber, Bert is wide awake... day and night, and his all-through-the-night dance parties and house cleaning are keeping everyone awake.
Don't Let Go;Vet For A Day
3. Don't Let Go;Vet For A Day
January 27, 2009
Willa and Dad want to have some father-daughter time together, but the insecure animals don't to want give up Willa., so they try to keep her home.;For a school sponsored Career Day, Willa spends a day in the veterinarian's office. But in trying to impress the vet, Willa makes a mess of the office.
Pas De Dooley;Perfect Partners
2. Pas De Dooley;Perfect Partners
January 26, 2009
To improve his soccer skills, Dooley joins Willa's dance class, but dancing is not as easy as he thought;After an argument, Steve and Edie break up the act. Steve's new partner Samuel becomes an unbearable showbizzy bore. It's up to Willa to get the stubborn seals back together.
Spider Girl;Will On Ice
1. Spider Girl;Will On Ice
January 25, 2009
Willa's usually gloomy friend Evelyn gets a new pet spider and cheers right up... until the little spider hitches a ride home in Willa's backpack. And doesn't want to leave Willa and her happy critter family. Willa has to help Evelyn bond with her new eight-legged pet.;Willa's enthusiasm for her favourite winter sport, Silly Skating, is dampened when snooty Sara shows up and wows everyone with her figure skating prowess. Willa's determined to be an ice queen, using the 3 wacky Penguins as skate coaches.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 12, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (111)