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The science fiction mystery series Surface recounts the tale of three people whose lives are altered by an unknown species which seems to inhabit the sea. Uncovering the origins behind these creatures leads them into contact with government agencies trying to keep the events secret. Laura Daughtery, who is played by Lake Bell, first comes into contact with the underwater creatures when diving in a submersible in the North Pacific Ocean. Carter Jenkins plays the role of Miles Barnett who discovers one of the species up close while wakeboarding at night off the coast of North Carolina. The third protagonist is Richard Connelly, played by Jay R. Ferguson, whose brother is dragged underwater in the Gulf of Mexico during a fishing trip.

Surface was produced and aired by NBC Universal Television and syndicated for the Sci-Fi Channel in the United States. It ran from the 19th of September in 2005 to the 6th of February in 2006 with a total of 15 episodes and one season. Cancellation of the show was announced by NBC on May 15, 2006. This left the story and all of its extended arcs incomplete.

At the onset of the story we find Laura Daughtery's research as an oceanographer being taken by a government agency after her contact with an unknown species. This leads her into direct conflict with Dr. Aleksander Cirko, who is a scientist originating from Serbia. Eventually, after the origins of the creatures are discovered by Dr. Cirko, he is murdered before any information can be made public. His research assistant, however, is able to provide the data he has collected to Daughtery. At this point, Richard Connelly and Laura Daughtery are already working together to resolve the mystery.

The 2006 coverage of the Winter Olympics forced the show into hiatus on November 28, 2005 after airing only 10 episodes. The remaining 5 episodes were then aired between January 2nd and February 6th, 2006. The series, originally titled Fathom, used the original name in promotion of the show even after it was updated to Surface.

Surface is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on September 19, 2005.

Where do I stream Surface online? Surface is available for streaming on UMS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Surface on demand at Amazon, iTunes, NBC online.

1 Season, 15 Episodes
September 19, 2005
Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
Cast: Lake Bell, Jay R. Ferguson, Carter Jenkins, Leighton Meester
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Surface Full Episode Guide

  • With a tsunami approaching the coast, the residents of Wilmington find themselves under a mandatory evacuation. Among the mass exodus of people leaving for safety, Miles and his family scramble to make it off the island.Meanwhile, Laura travels to North Carolina to find Rich, who has been arrested by military police at the mysterious laboratory. As employees hurriedly vacate the building, Rich is locked up in a cell and left to die.

  • Rich and Laura go to see Lee for answers, and Lee winds up learning more than he would have ever expected. Concerned about the escalating violence she sees in Rich, Laura decides to pack it in and return home to see her son.The townspeople grow increasingly fearful as Miles behaves more and more like Nim. After being attacked by a bully at school, Miles brutally retaliates, and an angry mob calls for him to be arrested.

  • Laura and Rich become fugitives and are being pursued by Lee and his legion of secret agents. While hiding out, Laura has a bizarre Internet exchange with a mysterious person who claims to have information about the origin of the creatures. Meanwhile, Miles and Caitlin go to a bonfire party at the beach and are stunned when two of her friends mysteriously disappear after a late-night swim. The next day the Coast Guard makes a grisly discovery.

  • Rich and Laura sneak out of the hospital with the creature footage before Lee and his men can get to them. Upon their successful escape Rich and Laura take the exclusive footage to tape to a copying service company in an effort to upload it onto the internet and convince a news station to run a piece about the footage.Meanwhile, Miles is sad and defeated while he watches doctors preparing to perform an autopsy on Nim but that all changes when Nim sneezes and they realize he is still alive.

  • When Laura and Rich return to the surface from the ocean floor, they realize the boat that took them to this location is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Miles is taken to the hospital after suspiciously passing out in class. Elsewhere, Miles' sister Savannah comes to the realization that her brothers sudden admittance to the hospital may have be a result of a bite mark on his body caused by his former pet Nimrod.

  • It's a race against time as Laura and Rich race against time in a submersible they realize the "unidentified species" are laying thousands of eggs on the ocean floor. Meanwhile, Miles hears a report of a vicious attack on a electrician working on a marine dock, and suspects that Nimrod may be the culprit. Elsewhere, Phil stakes out an underwater power cable in hopes of finding Nimrod only to discover Nimrod now has a lot of underwater friends.

  • Laura, Rich and Jackson race to finish the submersible they are building, and despite several setbacks during a test run, take it out to the spawning site. As Rich and Daughtery begin their descent, they spot the creatures spawning, and prepare to gather their data. However, something goes wrong, and, due to a technical failure, the submersible begins to freefall down to the ocean floor, leaving the two oceanographers trapped on the seafloor with the air supply running low.Elsewhere, Miles' parents consider sending him to a boot camp for problem children, hoping he'lll begin to straighten out what they believe is a crooked lifepath. Miles knows that if he is sent away, he will be seperated from Nimrod, who in turn will be lost without his caretaker. Miles can't allow that to happen.

  • Dr. Lee gives a small account of Cirko's death to his superiors, concluding that it was a necessity in the long run, before revealing a new and budding clue in this investigation. Laura and Rich enlist the help of Jackson (Austin Nichols) when her home is mysteriously ransacked by strangers, sending the trio under the radar and up the coast. Meanwhile, Nim's uncontrollable behavior forces Miles and Phil to steal a pizza delivery car and lead the police on a chase to the beach where Miles lets Nim go in the ocean. Nim reluctantly swims away and Miles turns back to the shore where his parents and the police are waiting for him. Leighton Meester also stars

  • While researching a sea orchid, Aleksander Cirko has an unexpected breakthrough and discoveries the mystery sea species' origins. However, he only has time to tell Lee before he is mysteriously hit by a car. The sea orchid is taken, and Ciko, badly injured, is left abandoned by the roadside.Singh, Cirko's assistant, attempts to continue the work by reclaiming the orchid from a government warehouse. Singh needs to infiltrate a warehouse, grab the orchid and other important items, and leave. Will he be successful? Or will the mission fail?Meanwhile, Rich and Laura both face problems of their own. Evidence says that Laura's house was ransacked, and she believes it was done by none other than the government itself.

  • Laura and Richard continue to track the sea creature tagged by Laura via the GPS device. All is going well until, oddly, a massive blackout darkens the city, destroyed much of the data Laura and Richard had amassed. Cirko and Lee, who have been following the pair for a while, decide the time might be right to extend an invitation...Miles and his buddy Phil are questioned by the suspicious Animal Control officers and need to keep quiet about Nimrod through the interrogation. However, the officers suspect Miles is hiding something, and aren't going to give up easily.

  • A new, troubling problem arises - it seems likely that the new sea creature is, in some way, causing the rapid global warming occurring over the world. Laura and Rich have problems of their own - Laura is falsely accused of plagiarism at her job and fired, and Rich, somehow, begins to hear his late brother's voice... but only when he goes near water.Meanwhile, Miles attempts to keep Nimrod in the unused, backyard playhouse, but, unfortunately, he encounters difficulties.

  • The oceanologists, Rich and Laura, see the dead body of a new, groundbreaking sea creature washed up on the beach. A team of researchers meet up with the creature and the same time as them, and Rich and Laura, along with the dead creature, are brought to a lab. Rich and Laura face an interrogation and questioning, while the researchers prepare for a possible autopsy on the creature, which is clearly a new breed.Meanwhile, Miles tries to control Nimrod at a big party thrown by his sister. Nimrod just wants to get in on the action, but unfortunately, that's out of the question.

  • Incredible sightings and events, all revolving around the sea, begin to pour in from all over the world. It would appear that there is a strange , powerful new type of sea creature appearing all over the globe. Oceanographers all over are studying this new creature. These oceanographers and researchers include Laura Daughtery, David Lee, a Pentagon official and Dr. Aleksander Cirko, a government scientist. Richard Connelly, an insurance salesman, is also interested in the creatures, and his interest leads him to Laura.Meanwhile, a young boy, Miles, discovers an odd egg near the ocean, and, excited, decides to care from it and wait for it to hatch.