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Dante's Cove, a United States based LGBT themed soap opera show, dabbles in the supernatural. The series began showing on here!, a U.S. gay network, and also online, on Brainchild of Michael Costanza, with Sam Irvin, as director, Dante's Cove skillfully weaves aspects of drama and horror throughout. Protagonist Kevin, portrayed by Gregory Michael, and partner Toby, played by Charlie David, attempt to stay together, both against impacts of societal influences, and shady supernatural forces. Also, many of Dante's Cove residents practice a type of magic or spiritualism, known as Tresum. Now, practitioners mostly ascribe to these particular beliefs of which, are outlined in a Book. There are several Houses and each one ascribes to its own interpretations. The Sun and Moon versions are in Dante's Cove, yet the Book of the Sky isn't present, although people are aware of it, but know nothing of the contents.

Non-practitioners are not able to read nor comprehend these books nor understand their teachings. Further, there are pages within both known books that are not legible to any Tresum practitioner. However, as the practitioners become stronger, and sometimes employ the services of the drug called Saint, they are more easily able to understand the books. Saint is a drug that gives a feeling of euphoria to non-practitioners, and enhances powers for the Tresum witches. For non-witches, also, the drug can sometimes bestow the gift of prophecy. For Tresum witches, Saint is truly a holy sacrament, enhancing understanding as well as ability.

Further, in the finale, the two books merge into the actual Sky version, which are then able to be read by all the Tresum practitioners. Interestingly enough, Tresum House practitioners display similar powers. They manipulate reality, energy, they utilize teleportation, mind control, and other arts. The ruling body is the Council, which has the ability to proscribe and restrict Tresum, and they're at odds with Dante's Cove witches.

Dante's Cove is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on October 1, 2005.

Where do I stream Dante's Cove online? Dante's Cove is available for streaming on here!, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dante's Cove on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

3 Seasons, 12 Episodes
October 1, 2005
Cast: Tracy Scoggins, Gregory Michael, Thea Gill
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Dante's Cove Full Episode Guide

  • An unlikely trio bands together in the season finale to fight the House of Shadows, which has been threatening to take over and possibly destroy Dante?s Cove. Chaos ensues all over the island and the fate of all the inhabitants of Dante?s Cove lies in the hands of one unsuspecting resident.

  • With the help of a potion, Grace works her way into Adam?s subconscious and soon finds that the House of Shadows has come to Dante?s Cove. Diana, meanwhile, is finding it increasingly harder to resist the House?s calls. Bro, frustrated by his loss of power, storms home only to find Kevin in a compromising position. Brit and Elena take the time to investigate an ancient box that Brit discovered at the bottom of the ocean.

  • The discovery of a corpse on the beach sends Grace on a mission to discover the root of the new dark force on Dante?s Cove. A perplexed Bro (William Gregory Lee) realizes that he is losing his powers, while Diana is lured by the House of Shadows. Brit?s feelings for Michelle (Jill Bennett) begin to return, while Elena can only look on with jealousy. Toby (Charlie David) grows concerned as Adam (Jon Fleming) has a Saint flashback.

  • Van's discovery of the old spring in the woods accelerates her powers. With the help of the spring water, Van is able to read more and more of the book of Tresum. She?s also able to read an old parchment she found among the Historical Society boxes at Diana?s house, which details the Solstice ritual. She angrily confronts Grace for taking her on as a student, only to use her as a tool in the ritual. Grace, for her part, has learned that the upcoming Solstice will be the very rare and powerful ?Libra Solstice,? opening up possibilities for power she hadn't known of -- and making her more determined than ever to claim the ritual and prevent Bro from taking part. Michelle's flashbacks from the botched memory spell continue to haunt her, and Adam's friendly offer of drugs to cheer her up only leads her further down the spiral. When the Hotel Dante housemates band together to intervene in Adam?s addiction, Adam rejects their pleas. He spirals further into addiction, resorting to anonymous hookups and even a trip to Colin?s private sex club. Brought to his knees by the drug, Adam turns to Toby for help. His longstanding repressed love for Toby is finally admitted. Bro, knowing that his magic won't work on Kevin thanks to Grace and Van?s repel spell, gets started on an alternate plan to woo Kevin by old-fashioned courtship. He gives Kevin a bracelet with a sun symbol burned into it, which enables him to spy on Kevin and Toby. Toby realizes what?s going on, though he can't convince Kevin; he disposes of the bracelet by throwing it in the ocean, where it will be lost on the bottom of the sea forever, or until it finds its way back to Ambrosius. After a confusing encounter with Van, Michelle, utterly hopeless in the world, walks out into the sea and drowns herself.

  • Toby and Kevin go on a camping trip to work on their problems. Kevin can't bring himself to open up to Toby, and their relationship looks like it may be ending, until Kevin finally finds the strength to tell Toby how he really feels. Adam goes looking for drugs and finds Colin?s underground sex club. Under the influence of the strange local drug, Saint, Adam starts to admit his true self. With Bro?s help, Adam finds Saint growing wild in the woods, around an old abandoned spring. Bro has followed Adam to the spring, and challenges him to say what he wants. Adam gives in to his attraction to Bro, and goes home with him for a night of abandon. Although Van doesn't get along with newcomer Diana, she finds herself sketching her, almost unwillingly. Grace sees the sketches and finds out Diana is in Dante?s Cove. When Grace confronts Diana, we learn that the two are actually sisters -- and sworn enemies. Michelle suffers from increasing instability as her memory tries to resurface. As the stories and the characters intertwine, the surge of sexual energy brings about a surge of magical energy as well, and waves of both break over the sleeping Van. She awakes to find herself lying on the beach in the middle of the night, with Diana standing mysteriously over her.

  • Toby is saved from drowning by the ghost children who haunt the Hotel Dante, and they continue to follow him. Van and Toby realize that the children are telling them that someone tried to kill Toby -- the same someone that killed them in 1954! Van's growing powers attract Grace's attention. Grace comes looking for her at the Hotel Dante, which she still owns as an absentee landlord. Discovering Van's paintings and learning that Van possesses one of the two Tresum books - the Book of the Moon - Grace realizes that the newcomer is a possible threat to her. When the older witch challenges her, Van is able to defend herself, but her girlfriend Michelle witnesses the magical battle and storms out. Michelle hates all things supernatural.Kevin gets a new job working construction at the hotel for local fixer Kai. Toby starts work at H2Eau, newcomer Marco Laveau's classy new beach bar. Ambrosius meets Adam and they become friendly. Ambrosius gets a new look and a new moniker, as he starts going by the name "Bro." Bro and Kevin get a fresh start, meeting as "strangers" in H2Eau. Toby, determined to find out who tried to kill him, follows Cory and finds Ambrosius. The episode ends in a cliffhanger at Ambrosius' new pad, with Cory's and Toby's lives hanging in the balance.

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