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The series centers around Wendy Darling (Meagan Martin), a teenage girl who begins to have dreams of a mysterious boy named Pete (Tyler Blackburn) who she sets out to find in the real world. After finding him, she needs to decide between the boy she loves and Pete from her dreams.

Wendy is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 2011.

Where do I stream Wendy online? Wendy is available for streaming on Alloy Entertainment, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wendy on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel Free online.

Alloy Entertainment
1 Season, 27 Episodes
September 15, 2011
Cast: Christa Clahane, Abbe Hoekstra, Zena Driver, Kyle Orzech
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Wendy Full Episode Guide

  • When Wendy and Jerry get caught unexpectedly in a storm they quickly must take shelter in a cave. When they emerge they're ambushed by a local reporter who turns something innocent into a romance story causing them to face their feelings for each other.

  • School's out for the summer and Wendy's got a job as a riding instructor at a camp for kids. When Wendy excitedly invites others in front of Bianca, Wendy is forced to ask her best friend to join as an instructor too, despite doubts on her riding skills.

  • Wendy impresses the Decker's at a jumping event so they invite her to compete as their guest at an elite Jumping Showcase, along with Christian. Wendy gets Bianca a Riding Pass for the event where Bianca falls for Luca"“an old adversary of Christian's.

  • When Wendy is paired with Jerry and Christian in a Team Jump Event, she is convinced they'll win until an abandoned miniature horse injures her. Wendy is determined to continue, but feels hurt and betrayed when the others go over her head to replace her.

  • After dirt bikers cause Tanya to have an accident on Dunedin pass Wendy makes it her mission to keep them off the trails. When Jim reseeds part of the paddock, he rearranges the turnout, putting Pablo in with Pal causing chaos to ensue.

  • Wendy's emotions run from pride to jealousy when Carrie is nominated for Junior Equestrian of the Year, finally stepping out of her big sister's shadow. Vanessa enters an "˜Open Mic' contest expecting to win; only to discover that she has competition.

  • When Sultan mysteriously begins to refuse water jumps Wendy tries to support Christian whose parents threaten to remove Sultan from Christian's care. After Jim flat out refuses to allow Carrie to get her ears pierced she takes matters into her own hands.

  • When Wendy is unable to get her parents to pay for a bike trip she has to earn the money herself. After taking on Flavio's stable manager role while he is training for a cross country competition she lands both her and Flavio in trouble.

  • As they prepare for an upcoming competition, an anonymous blog saying hurtful things about Wendy and Jerry cause them to lose confidence in their riding. As Wendy grows increasingly paranoid she begins to blame those around her.

  • When teen movie star Ethan comes to Rose Valley Stables to research a role, Wendy ignores the reality and falls for the illusion. Carrie sees through the heartthrob's false personality but can she make Wendy see the truth?

  • While out on a hike, Wendy comes across a runaway horse that may be a victim of abuse. Wendy is determined to rescue the lovely horse, even when he is suspected of being a carrier of equine flu that now threatens Rose Valley Stables.

  • Vanessa and Wendy are forced to share Wendy's room while Vanessa stays with the Thorburns for a few days. Vanessa drives Wendy crazy until Tarik becomes ill and it's all Wendy's fault! The two girls must nurse him through the night together.

  • When Wendy becomes nurse to an orphaned foal she takes on way more responsibility than she can handle and starts letting people down, most importantly helping her mom. Wendy wants to help but doesn't trust anyone else to nurse the young foal to health.

  • Wendy challenges Vanessa to a Competitive Trail Ride, but begins to lose focus when she realizes that Vanessa has her eye on a very specific prize: Jerry. Christian breaks the rules of the race and inadvertently endangers his horse, Sultan.

  • A teen western riding star arrives in Rose Valley and quickly takes a liking to Jerry, stirring up unexpected pangs of jealousy in Wendy. She is forced to acknowledge her true feelings... but will she admit them to Jerry?

  • After a series of disappointing grades, Wendy is grounded from competing until she gets her math marks up. Surprisingly, Christian is able to tutor her by explaining math in terms of horse jumping.

  • When Wendy helps Tanya and her horse Ruby regain confidence in each other after Ruby recovers from an injury, Bianca starts to feel left out. She has just been given the lead role in the school play and misses Wendy's support, so Vanessa steps in to help.

  • In the finale, Wendy knows she has to believe to be with Pete, but her brothers' disappearance has left her too afraidto try. Following Pete means saying goodbye to Jackson and Fawn forever-but staying could destroyher one chance at happiness. In Chapter 6 of WENDY, she's forced to choose between the boy she lovesand the boy of her dreams. Her decision will change everything.

  • Amid the music and lights of Jackson's epic party, all Wendy can think about is Pete. She knows he'llcome for her, and being around him will make everything feel right again. As the party overtakes themansion, Wendy finds exactly what she's been longing for, but she fears that her dream may be comingto an end in Chapter 5 of WENDY.

  • As the anniversary of her brothers' disappearance approaches, Wendy slips away to see more of Pete.Walking the deserted passageways and gardens, Wendy is comforted by the mystery and magic thatsurround Pete. The mansion is their special place, but as Pete draws closer, Jackson and Fawn sense thatsomething has changed in Chapter Four of WENDY.

  • There is something about Pete that Wendy can't resist. When she's with him, the world is more vibrantand alive-a feeling that her boyfriend Jackson can't duplicate. In Chapter Three of WENDY, Jacksoncharms his distracted girlfriend, but Pete's magic reaches Wendy beyond the walls of the mansion inways that delight and amaze her.

  • A boy singing in an empty pool? A mansion filled with fire-waving revelers? It must have been a dream-but when Pete's song lures Wendy back to an abandoned house the line between fantasy and realityblurs. Wendy's boyfriend Jackson and her best friend Fawn worry over her strange behavior, but it'sPete who seems to know instinctively what Wendy needs in Chapter Two of WENDY.

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