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  • 2006
  • 1 Season

Strawberry Panic! is a popular anime television series produced by Chiba TV that was based on a manga series of the same name by Sakurako Kimino. The show highlights the relationships and romantic encounters of the students at Astrea Hill, one of the most prestigious all-girls schools in Japan. The show has a total of 26 episodes, with each episode being around 24 minutes long.

The story of the show is set in Astrea Hill, a massive boarding school that is home to many students from affluent families across Japan. The school is divided into three main schools, each with its distinct qualities and characteristics. Astraea Hill, Spica, and Miator are the names of the schools, and they all have their sub-culture and ways of living. The schools are all-girls schools that foster girls' relationships and friendships while providing the best education possible.

The main protagonist in Strawberry Panic!'s story is Aoi Nagisa, a country girl who has just enrolled at the school. She starts in Miator, where the students are peaceful, polite, and refined. However, Aoi finds it challenging to fit in and struggles to make friends initially. She, later on, becomes friends with two other girls from Miator, Hikari Konohana, and Yaya Nanto. Hikari is a cheerful and energetic girl who draws people to her, while Yaya is a talented musician who has a massive crush on Hikari.

As Aoi settles into the school, she becomes more aware of the curious social dynamics of the school. In Stravia, the students are more practical and athletic, while Miator is more artist-oriented. Spica is the school for the elite and most sophisticated students, where the relationships between students are more complicated. During her stay at the school, Aoi encounters various students, including the rebellious and confident Tamao Suzumi, the reserved and mysterious Shizuma Hanazono, and the mischievous and whimsical Nagisa Aoi.

The narration of the story focuses on the relationships between the girls, particularly on their romantic relationships. The show offers an unusual love story between two Marias (a term used as a reference to the Virgin Mary) from different schools, Shizuma Hanazono and Nagisa Aoi. Shizuma is known as the "Etoile" of Maitor, a position that signifies one's status as the school's most beautiful and respected student. On the other hand, Nagisa is a first-year student from a different school, who is simple, innocent, and pure in heart. Shizuma is initially portrayed as someone who has lost interest in love since her lover, Kaori, died two years before.

However, Nagisa's unwavering kindness and pure soul eventually draw Shizuma's attention, and the two start a romantic relationship. The show explores the two's uncertainties and fears as they navigate their forbidden love while trying to hide it from their schools' administration, who frown upon same-sex relationships.

The anime series captures themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery in a unique and fascinating way. It showcases the relationships between students from different backgrounds, across social strata, and even across school boundaries. The show also highlights the challenges that come with trying to find one's place in society while trying to remain true to one's values and beliefs.

In conclusion, Strawberry Panic! is an entertaining anime show that captures viewers' hearts with its unique storyline, beautiful animation, and characters' dynamic relationships. It provides an engaging and captivating experience, with each episode leaving viewers wanting more. Whether you are into romantic comedies or just enjoy a good story, Strawberry Panic! is undoubtedly worth watching.

Strawberry Panic! is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on April 3, 2006.

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A Beginning
26. A Beginning
September 25, 2006
When the ...toile selection beginsAmane and Hikari are the first on-stage. As the crowd cheers for the Spica pairTamao asks Nagisa backstage if she’s ok. Nagisa claims to be finebut Tamao takes her hand anyway and asks Nagisa to look at her. The crowd cheers equally loud for the Miator pairthen Shizuma goes up to hand a bouquet to both teams. Shizuma gets caught up in Nagisa’s starebut Tamao interrupts her and gives her a determined look. After another glance at NagisaShizuma leaves the stage and the auditoriumheading to the greenhouse and other places on campus where she becomes flooded with memories she’s shared with Nagisa. After the opening ceremonythe girls head to the dance hall where the two couples perform for everyone else. As she’s dancingNagisa remembers the one practice run she had with Shizuma. Shizuma bursts into the ceremonyjust as the results are about to be announced and confesses her love for Nagisa. With Tamao’s blessingNagisa runs into Shizuma’s arms and the two leave. Amane and Hikari are announced to be the winners of the ...toile selection.
25. Waltz
September 18, 2006
Amane recovers from her physical injuriesbut the memory of her feelings for Hikari is still just out of reach. Amane decides to spend the evening in the stable with her horseand Hikari accompanies her. In the course of the eveningHikari sings to Amane and hearing the song that Hikari had sung earlier spurs her memory to recall the missing pieces of their relationship. Riding out the next morning on StarbrightAmane confesses that she wanted to convey her feelings the first time she talked to Hikari. Back at practiceShizuma still isn’t happy with Nagisa’s dancing. She offers her own hand so that she can directly teach Nagisa how it’s done. The two start dancingwith Shizuma instructing Nagisa to watch her eyesallow their hearts to understand each otherand dance happily.
The Ring Of Fate
24. The Ring Of Fate
September 11, 2006
With limited timeMiyuki is pushing Nagisa and Tamao to dance wellwhich is one of the things they’ll need to do to become ...toiles. Miyuki even asks Shizuma to help coach the pair. Although Amane does not appear to be hurt physicallyHikari refuses to leave her side. When it seems like Yaya and Shion have finally convinced Hikari to go get some sleepHikari stands up and cries a tear on Amane’s cheek. Right thenAmane opens her eyes and sits up. She seems fine at firstremembering that she fell off Starbrightbut the girls soon realize that something’s wrong when Amane doesn’t know what Shion is talking about when she brings up the participation announcement. What’s moreAmane claims that she has no interest in being an ...toile and that she doesn’t even have a partner. She has no past memories of a relationship with Hikari. Shizuma has decided that making Nagisa into the ...toile is her own final duty as ...toile. Miyuki comes by later and smiles when she sees Shizuma helping Nagisa and Tamao.
23. Maze
September 4, 2006
Nagisa discovers that Miyuki is firm on the plan to have Nagisa enter the contest for ...toile with Tamao. While Nagisa loves and values Tamaoshe is uncertain that she can participate knowing her deeper feelings for Shizuma. Nagisa runs out of the roomheading to the greenhouse where she finds Shizuma staring at the stars. Nagisa denies that she wants to enter the ...toile selection. Shizuma comments on how well-matched Tamao and Nagisa are with each otherand she thinks that Nagisa will make a great ...toile. Nagisa still refuses because it would be lying to her heart. She admits to still having feelings for Shizumaand although she stops short of directly confessingShizuma still thanks her for it. She sets Nagisa free with a goodbye and tells Nagisa to forget about her. Nagisa spends the night in the forestcryingwith Chikaru keeping watch. On her return to the dormNagisa decides to go through with Miyuki’s plan and enter the ...toile competition as one of Miator’s representatives. She feels refreshed after having cried so much and thinks that she’ll be able to forget Shizuma. Meanwhileon the other frontShion tells Amane that tomorrow will be when she and Hikari get to officially announce their participation in the ...toile selection. But tragedy is looming. Later that afternoonas Amane is riding towards Hikariready to tell Hikari her true feelingsAmane gets thrown off her horse.
22. Duel
August 28, 2006
Hikari suggests that Kaname duel Amane in a more dignified wayand the two settle on a tennis match to resolve their dispute. Kaname claims to hate Amane since she’s always losing to her. Kaname reveals that she thinks Amane should enter to become the ...toileand makes her see that she should become the ...toile not for her own sakebut for the sake of all the girls who admire her. Momomi has since joined the growing spectator crowd and now realizes that Kaname has feelings toward Amane. Amane wins the tennis match and finally decides to try to become the ...toile. During this intrigueHikari has been trying to find out why Yaya hasn’t been showing up for choir practice. Yaya declares that she’s not singing because her song and feelings can’t reach Hikari’s heart anymoreand Hikari realizes the deep feelings Yaya has for her. She apologizes for causing Yaya pain. Hikari confirms her feelings for Amaneand Yayain turnconfesses that that is why she can’t sing anymore. Hikari convinces her that her singing is sublimethat it is inspirational for everyone else. Yaya re-thinks her positionand returns to sing for the gathering. While these two fronts of drama are occurringShizuma learns from Miyuki that Tamao and Nagisa are Miator’s candidates to become ...toile.
Like A Flower
21. Like A Flower
August 21, 2006
With the end of Shizuma's tenure as Étoile approachingshe prepares to abdicate her office. We learn more details about the relationship between Shizuma and Kaoriand the relationship between Shizuma and Miyuki. A final spiritual message is discovereda previously undiscovered letter from Kaori to Shizumawhich forces Shizuma to reconsider her life's choicesas well as her behavior towards other people. 
20. Confession
August 14, 2006
Nagisa cries through the night and doesn’t go to class the next morning. Tamao and all of the other girls spend the rest of that day being quite worried for her. Nagisa’s friends make cookies to cheer Nagisa up. EventuallyTamao makes Nagisa realize that everyone is wishing for her to get better because everyone likes her. To prove her pointTamao walks over and opens their doorcausing all the other girls to come falling in since they had been eavesdropping. With everyone’s supportNagisa seems to return to normal and apologizes for worrying them.
19. Refrain
August 7, 2006
Miyuki decides to tell Nagisa everything about the deceased ...toile. It is a long story that stretches back to three years ago when she and Shizuma were third-years. It was then that she had met a new studentSakuragi Kaoriwho became Miyuki and Shizuma’s room helpera frailill young woman. The three quickly hit it off; on a trip to Shizuma’s vacation homethe three had gone star gazing one night. Miyuki talks about a meteor shower which is still months awaymaking Kaori wonder if she’ll still be around then. In the time that followedShizuma and Kaori’s relationship continued to developleading up to a late night rendezvous. Shizuma and Kaori succeed at becoming the ...toiles. At the front of the churchKaori was supposed to walk towards Shizumabut she only managed a couple of steps before she fell backwards and Miyuki had to catch her. Kaori soon passed away and her room became vacant. Miyuki tells Nagisa that this is everything she knows - since thenShizuma’s heart has been closed. She thinks thateven nowKaori is in Shizuma’s heart in places that no one else can fill. Nagisa meanwhile has been moved to tears by this story and is crying on Miyuki’s back. Miyuki admits that she wants Nagisa to return Shizuma to how she was beforeto let her forget about Kaori. She apologizesbut Nagisa just keeps crying.
Storm Of Love
18. Storm Of Love
July 31, 2006
Shizuma and Nagisa take the long walk through the autumn forest to get to the vacation home. She comments on how peaceful it isand Shizuma tells her that there’s no one else aroundjust the two of them. Soonhoweverthe clouds gather and the rain starts coming down. The girls run the rest of the way to the house and Shizuma gives Nagisa the key to open the door. Shizuma comments on how it’s been two years since she was here. With the rain coming down and the waves crashing outsidethe girls drink coffee in front of the fireplace. With the storm outside ragingShizuma decides that they can’t go back today and will have to spend the night. Shizuma then leads Nagisa upstairs to a room that’s not currently being used. It was the room of that girlthe other ...toile - her name was Sakuragi Kaori. Shizuma says that if Kaori were still aliveshe’d be the same age as Nagisa. Back during that timeit was a stormy night toothe time when they loved each other. Shizuma wasn’t sure if it was really love or compassion or whatbut she knew that they needed each other. When Kaori diedthe world grew dull in color for Shizuma. That color only returned with Nagisa. Shizuma says that when Nagisa cameshe was able to stand up once again.
17. Secret
July 24, 2006
It’s autumnwhich is a time for many thingsincluding the ...toile selection. Rumors are flying all around the three schools about who’s going to be entering. At Miatora clueless Nagisa learns about the ...toile selection from Tamaowho explains that two candidates have to pass various trials. That nightNagisa asks Tamao who the other ...toile is. Tamao simply tells her that it’s someone who died. She doesn’t reveal much more than thatso Nagisa goes to Miyuki the next day. But Miyuki isn’t willing to talk about the young woman who passed on.
Behind The Scenes
16. Behind The Scenes
July 17, 2006
Preparations for the play are well underway as the girls start having rehearsals. HoweverKaname and Momomi are causing all sorts of problems with their attitudes. Kaname gets mad after her prop sword breaksand doesn’t like that Nagisa brings her back a broom as a replacement. Momomi meanwhile makes Nagisa go get the milk tea that she likes instead of the regular bottled tea. Miyuki sees this and talks to them about itbut they confront her with more hostility. When the time comesthe play starts without a hitch. Chikaru’s version of Carmen and Shizuma’s Don Jos... impresses both the audience and the other cast membersincluding Nagisa. That nightthe girls gather and sing by a bonfire. Hikari spends time with Amane as Yaya sits alone nearby. Noticeably absent are Shizuma and Nagisa; those two are actually together in the greenhousehands locked together and staring longingly at each other.
15. Heroine
July 10, 2006
With the cultural festival coming upthe upperclassmen and the lowerclassmen are each tasked with putting on a play. The three student councils and the ...toile are having a meeting to decide which play to doand they start discussing Carmen. In terms of castSpica’s student council president Shion suggests Shizuma for the role of Carmen and Amane for the role of Don Jos.... HoweverMiyuki gets the final say on the castand she’s the one who selects Tamao to write the script first. That nightShion pays a visit to Tamao and Nagisa’s roombringing them cookies. Shion tries to influence Tamao’s script by suggesting that Shizuma and Amane are ideal for the roles. And it doesn’t help that after Shion leavesNagisa tells Tamao that she also wants to see Shizuma as Carmen. By the next dayrumors are flying around school about Shizuma and Amane’s roles. Amane herself isn’t too keen on the ideabut Shion pressures her in front of Hikari to do it.
More Than Best Friends
14. More Than Best Friends
July 3, 2006
The girls have another midnight tea partybut Hikari is noticeably absent. Yaya ends up staying over in Tamao and Nagisa’s room afterwards because of what happened: while kissing herYaya had pushed Hikari against the doorbut a crying Hikari had thrown her off. Unable to face Hikari nowYaya doesn’t even attend their choir practices. Tamao is concerned about Hikari and Yaya’s quarrelespecially since she heard about Yaya skipping choir practice. She thinks that they need to find something that ties those two girls together. The next dayTamao goes to see Yaya while Nagisa goes to see Hikari. EventuallyYaya apologizes over and over again for what she did that previous nightand the two make up with a hug. When Hikari asks Yaya to always be her best friendYaya just hugs her harder. That nightthey have another tea party and this time Hikari attends.
The Roar Of The Waves
13. The Roar Of The Waves
June 26, 2006
With the summer endingHikari is thinking about her promise with Amane. That promise finally comes true when Amane asks Hikari out for a Sunday date. HoweverKaname overhears their plans and decides to interfere. When Sunday comes aroundAmane leaves for the train station ahead of Hikari. Hikari gets stopped by Momomi and then kidnapped by Kaname. In a brief struggleone of Hikari’s buttons comes off her dress and falls to the floor. When Yaya returns to the roomlooking for Hikarishe notices Hikari’s button in the hallway and picks it up. Hearing Hikari’s cries from a nearby roomYaya bursts in and interrupts Kaname. She urges Hikari to go chase after Amaneand then turns around to face Kaname. Yaya accuses Kaname of schemingbut Kaname claims that she’s only in love with Hikari.
12. Summertime
June 19, 2006
Everyone leaves for home now that Summer School is over. The only remaining girls are TamaoNagisaShizumaand Miyuki. Tamao was planning on going home toobut is staying because of Nagisa. Tamao decides to go home and let Nagisa study herebut she first leaves her red ribbon tied on Nagisa’s arm as a good luck charm. Nagisa gets frustrated easily studying Frenchbut Miyuki is quite stern with her. During a breakNagisa runs into Amane and starts chatting with her. Shizuma takes Nagisa’s hand and the two twirl around by the pool. Shizuma notices that Nagisa is wearing the good luck charm Tamao gave herso Shizuma tries to take it off. In resistingNagisa accidentally tumbles backwards into the pool and Shizuma falls in with her. In the waterShizuma leans in and kisses Nagisa. The red string around Nagisa’s hand unfurls and drifts away. The next dayTamao returns after having only been away for one day. She notices that the good luck charm is gone from Nagisa’s wrist.
Meteor Shower
11. Meteor Shower
June 12, 2006
At their summer schoolthe girls find themselves at a beachfront dorm. Nagisa is actually a bit lonely because Shizuma didn’t come with them. Unlike herHikari isn’t feeling down that Amane isn’t there because she made a promise to meet with Amane when summer vacation endsjust the two of them. All the girls get into their swimsuits and start enjoying themselves. After returning from the fun at the beachNagisa notices a piano in the lobby. Reminded of Shizumashe opens it up and plays a note. Meanwhileback at schoolShizuma has been dealing with a mountain of work. But at the same time that Nagisa is staring at the pianoShizuma happens to be playing the piano in the student council meeting room too. The parallels continue: when Shizuma takes a break to water the plants in her greenhouseNagisa is out in the fields looking at flowers and being reminded of Shizuma.
Private Lessons
10. Private Lessons
June 5, 2006
Nagisa is looking forward to summerbut first she has to get through her end of term exams. The subject that’s got her most worried is Frenchso Tamao helps her study. One nightShizuma sees Nagisa frustrated with her studiesand offers to tutor her. That studying mindset carries over for Nagisa’s other examsand she brings unusual focus and resolve until the exams are taken. Going back to the dorm after her exams are overDays latershe gets her tests back-success.
9. Memories
May 29, 2006
During one summer nightYaya and Hikari bring cakes to Nagisa and Tamao’s room. Nagisa is actually hiding in the closet because she’s trying on her swimsuit and is too embarrassed to come out. But because she likes sweet thingsthe other three girls manage to tempt her out with cake. On the way back to their roomHikari and Yaya hear the strange sound of a girl crying. The next daythe news of the “crying girl” has spread to Tamao and Nagisa. Tamao is sure it is related to the Seven Mysteries of the Ichigo Dormitorywhere the first mystery is “The Girl of the Hallway.” Howeverafter reciting the other mysteries along with ChihayaTamao realizes Nagisa is deathly afraid of ghosts and monsters. That nightNagisa is too scared to sleep aloneso she climbs into bed with Tamao. Tamao tells her that if they hold handsthey can have the same dreamso the two girls sleep while holding hands. The next daythey go to see the student council presidentbut Miyuki brushes off their investigation on unscientific grounds.
8. Hydrangeas
May 22, 2006
It’s rainy seasonso most the girls have their umbrellas with them. Coming home from the libraryNagisa finds a girl standing out in the rain with her teddy bear. Without even getting her nameNagisa gives the girl her umbrella and runs home in the rain. This girl is Byakudan Kagome. The next dayKizuna and Remon along with student council president Chikaru get involved in helping Kagome find the person who gave her the umbrellanot knowing that it was actually Nagisa. Without her umbrellaNagisa ends up walking with Shizumamuch to Tamao’s dismay. The next dayTamao continues fail in getting Nagisa under her umbrella.
Thorny Trap
7. Thorny Trap
May 15, 2006
As Amane struggles with her own feelings for Hikarirumors are spreading. With the tournament coming upAmane is practicing whenever she caneven during lunch break. Hikari has a present for herbut before she can give itAmane is pulled away. Spying from nearbySpica student council president Shion sees Hikari’s presentand then ambushes Amane in the locker room afterwards. But Amane still turns down Shion’s ...toile proposal. Hikari confirms to Yaya that she likes Amaneso Yaya warns that if she’s not resolute about her feelingsthey won’t get communicated. In the Spica student council roomthe vice-president Kenjou Kaname suggests to Shion that they give up on Amane. In truthKaname herself is eyeing the ...toile position.
6. Greenhouse
May 8, 2006
Since all of her friends have extracurricular club activitiesNagisa decides to go look for a club for herself. Howevernone of the school’s clubs seem to suit her. At one of the other schoolsshe is introduced to the Transformation Clubi.e. the cosplay club. Nagisa turns down Chikaru’s invitation to join their club and returns to her school. Along the wayshe comes across a greenhouse. There are many plants insideand Nagisa notices one particular flower that needs straightening out. While she’s washing her hands afterwardsNagisa is caught off-guard when someone hands her a handkerchief. That someone is of course the ...toile Shimuza. Nagisa thinks that Shizuma must be in the gardening clubbut this greenhouse is actually for Shizuma’s personal use - all of the flowers for official school events are grown here.
Younger Sisters
5. Younger Sisters
May 1, 2006
The girls of St. Miator are participating in a tradition wherein an underclassman comes to an upperclassman’s room to help out with things such as cleaning. The first-year who ends up drawing their names is none other than Chiyo. When she finally shows up to clean their room the next daythe two girls aren’t in. They’re instead getting acquainted with Yaya and Hikari. They also meet Okuwaka Tsubomia first-year St. Spica student and a newcomer to the choir. The five girls return to Nagisa’s roombut they don’t know that Chiyo has let herself in already. At the sound of the doorChiyo gets startled and trips over a water bucketruining all the cleaning. Nagisa enters the room and sees the messalong with the card she and Tamao had drawn. Once they return to the roomYaya suggests that they all have a midnight tea party. The girls do just thatbut get caught that night because Chiyo and Tsubomi are too loud while sneaking to Nagisa’s room. The Sister punishes all six girls by making them clean the school’s clock tower the next day.
You On The White Horse
4. You On The White Horse
April 24, 2006
Hikari recalls being transferred to Spica a year prior and the first time she saw Amane riding her horsethinking she was like an angel. Hikari and Yayaher friend and roommatesing in the St. Spica choir and practice for the congratulatory ceremony for the return of Amane and the rest of the horseback-riding team. She and other Spica students gather to see Amane’s returnat which time the ...toile presents Amane with a bouquet of roses for her accomplishments. At the ceremonyduring the choir performanceHikari accidentally starts singing early due to her nervousnessand is embarrassed in front of the other students. Amane stands to quiet the room and the performance progresses without Hikari’s participationwho is extremely disappointed in herself for the mistake. Meanwhilethe Spica Student Council President discusses the upcoming selection for a new ...toile with two of her peersand expresses her desire for Amane to represent Spicadespite her not being interested. Hikari tells Yaya that she wants to quit the choir team because she is so disappointed in herself. Early the next morningHikari goes out to the fountain again and thinks about Amane and ends up at the horse range and sings. She is surprised when Amane appears on her horse; they chat and Amane gives Hikari a pep-talk. Amane takes Hikari back to her dorm and asks if she can hear her sing again sometime. Hikari decides to stay in the choir. 
3. Attic
April 17, 2006
Nagisa is shown around the Strawberry Dorms by Tamao and two of their classmatesduring which time Nagisa is surprised by Shizuma’s advances again and again. Nagisa realizes that she finds herself unable to move whenever Shizuma gazes at her. Later in the dayNagisa accidentally bursts into a Student Council presidents’ meeting in the midst of an argument over the ...toile Shizuma’s continued absence and conduct. Lulim's Student Council PresidentChikaru Minamototells Nagisa that her interruption was a relief because it ended the argument regarding Shizuma’s absence early. She explains some responsibilities of the ...toile that Shizuma is shirking as well as some major differences between the three schoolsexplaining arguments between the other student council presidents. Nagisa admires Chikaruand wonders why Shizuma is shirking her responsibilities. She resolves to make sure Shizuma attends the welcoming event for new first-year boarding students. After much searchingshe finds Shizuma and convinces her to attend the event. 
2. Etoile
April 10, 2006
Tamao invites Nagisa to the Literature Club to introduce her to the school’s clubs and organizations. Nagisa and Shizuma experience a few more chance encounters. Nagisa runs into Shizuma wherein Shizuma flirts and attempts a kiss; not long aftershe finds Shizuma with a young Miator student. Confused after the latter eventNagisa retreats to the libraryand Shizuma followscatching her and again attempting to kiss her before being interrupted. The Miator Student Council President scolds Shizuma for her behavior toward the new transfer student and for shirking her responsibilities as ...toilebut Shizuma brushes it off. 
Cherry Blossom Hill
1. Cherry Blossom Hill
April 3, 2006
On her first dayAoi Nagisa climbs up Astrea Hill to reach her new schoolSt. Miator Academy. On the path leading upshe admires the different uniforms of the three schools on Astrea Hill. Howeverin her rush she accidentally runs down a small hill and into the surrounding woods. She gets lostbut encounters a beautiful girl. This girl hands her the keychain that she had droppedand then leans in and kisses Nagisa on the forehead. Nagisa faints and wakes up in the school’s infirmary with a girl named Suzumi Tamao watching over her. Tamaowho is in Nagisa’s classis her new roommate.
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    April 3, 2006