Polyphonica Crimson S

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"Polyphonica Crimson S" (2009) is a Japanese anime that is based on a light novel that is based on a game. The story is set on a continent called Polyphonica where spirits and humans interact. The spirits feed on music and some humans make a living caring for the spirits in this fashion. That includes the protagonist, Phoron, whose singing voice draws the attention of a spirit named Corticarte Apa Lagranges.

Anime Network
1 Season, 12 Episodes
April 4, 2009
Cast: Hiroshi Kamiya, Haruka Tomatsu, Ayako Kawasumi, Rina Satô
Polyphonica Crimson S

Polyphonica Crimson S Full Episode Guide

  • It's "the beginning of the end," and Phoron steps in to play the song that first united him with Coatie in an attempt to save her life. The power may be strong enough to save the entire world. Later, the day Pholon has waited for finally arrives.

  • The Instruments of Creation are all obtained by the Strangers of Lament. Coatie knows what is going to happen and reveals the intentions of the Strangers. Phoron is ordered to use Coatie as a weapon.

  • The Strangers of Lament take Pire, Peruce, and Rembalt hostage, and it is discovered that the Principal is really one of the Four Great Composers. Yufi steps in to battle the strangers. Later, they use Phoron's emotions as a weapon.

  • Danguise recovers. Peruce reveals her past and why Prine is weak. Later, Prine reveals that there is more to her than anyone expected, and it causes Peruce to question everything about her life to this point.

  • The Academy gets an important visitor named Raika, and Yufi's first instincts appear to be correct. Raika discovers Coatie's presence at the school, which is valuable information for the Strangers of Lament.

  • Phoron feels Coaticarte's absence intensely and begins to lose hope. Coaticarte finally gets her nickname, and it is hinted that it may be up to Phoron to save the world.

  • Coaticarte protects Phoron with fierce loyalty, so when a disrespectful student seeks to humiliate him, Phoron has to stop her from using violence against him. Danger looms over the city.

  • Phoron studies at Commandia Academy, where he hopes to become a Dantist, a person who can summon and control spirits with music. He has little faith in himself until Coaticarte - the spirit with whom he made a pact twelve years earlier - returns.