Zero No Tsukaima

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The story of Zero No Tsukaima is about a young girl named Louise who isn't too good with magic. Since she isn't too good a magician, she is known by her peers as "Zero Louise," mostly because she is unable to summon any of the four magical elements. Later on, all of the second year students are given an assignment where they will need to perform a unique spell to summon their own familiars. These familiars are meant to protect and serve their partner. Since familiars are usually creatures, Louise accidently summons a young teenager from Japan named Saito Hiraga. Louise is embarrassed by this, but she accepts the boy as her familiar. Instead of treating Saito as a familiar, she decides to make him her slave. She forces him to do her chores and sleep on a hay bed for the rest of his days.

As the show progress, Louise and Saito work together and help their friends, while they go on many adventures that often make them risk their lives for each other. Saito later discovers that he has a mysterious ability that allows him to wield many weapons that are ready at his disposal, while he and Louise find out the truth behind her inability to create magical spells.

Chiba TV
1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 3, 2006
Anime Action & Adventure
Cast: Rie Kugimiya, Satoshi Hino, Nicholas Manelick, Jonathan Meza
Zero No Tsukaima

Zero No Tsukaima Full Episode Guide

  • After discovering that the way Siesta's grandfather arrived in this world was by a zero fighter, Saito plans to try and fly home during the eclipse.

  • Louise briefs Osman of the plans of the reconquista. Siesta gets permission to take a vacation and will return home to her village. After she explains the story of her great-grandfathers origin.

  • Louise accepts the proposal from Wardes to get married before analyzing the motives for such a proposal.

  • Princess Henrietta plans to marry into the Royal Family of Germania to strengthen the country of Tristein. Saito discovers something special about himself.

  • With the Summer holiday started, many of the students and their Familiars have gone home for vacation.

  • After capturing the thief and returning the staff of destruction to the institution, Louise and Saito are given a special mission by Princess Henrietta.

  • After the palace treasure was stolen, Louise, Kirche, and their Familiars are tasked to retrieve it and bring the Staff of Destruction back to the institution.

  • Louise prepares for the annual exhibition by preparing Saito to be presented amongst the familiars.

  • Saito learns that Siesta is now the servant of Mott a Triangle-Class Mage. In order to save her, Mott requests they trade for a Zerbst family heirloom.

  • After defeating the noble Guiche in a battle, Saito finds that the peasants have begun to look up to him. Saito also gains a friend he can wield.

  • Still new at becoming a familiar, Saito struggles to accept that he is Louise's servant.

  • The students are introduced to their teacher and they demonstrate alchemy spell casting and summoning their familiar.

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