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The Strike Witches is an animated television series that was created by Humikane Shimada. Each 30-minute episode follows the adventures of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing. The story begins in 1939, when the mysterious Neuroi appeared and started ravaging towns. As Neuroi attack across the globe, they spread a corrosive miasma which causes large masses of land to disappear into the oceans. No country is safe from the attacks, and the citizens are being forced into unsafe territories just to get away from the devastation.

Countries are not able to combat these alien monsters alone, so all the armed forces from around the world combine together to defeat Neuroi. The most powerful team of elite fighters is the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, also known as the Strike Witches.

This unit is composed of young witches from different countries, and each one has her own unique power. The unit is made up of 11 female witches and is led by Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke. Their power of magic seems to be the only thing that works against the aliens, and with a magical defense field, the Neuroi's miasma is powerless.

Each Strike Witch is equipped with a powerful device that enhances her magical abilities. This unique device is strapped to their legs, which gives them power and strength beyond that of any human being. With their magical powers and super-human strength, the Strike Witches are ready for battle.

In each episode, this outstanding group of young witches takes on new forces and battle monsters that seem to be unstoppable. With their knowledge of magic and devices strapped to their legs, they combat these monsters on land as well as in the air. They are the only hope that humanity has in winning this war and saving the planet.

Strike Witches is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on July 3, 2008.

Where do I stream Strike Witches online? Strike Witches is available for streaming on Chiba TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Strike Witches on demand at iTunes online.

Chiba TV
3 Seasons, 36 Episodes
July 3, 2008
Cast: Misato Fukuen, Shizuka Ito
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Strike Witches Full Episode Guide

  • Yoshika is trapped inside the dome around Berlin, and the rest of the Witches are cut off. Can they get inside to save her in time?

  • With Miyafuji's magic power disabled, humanity is forced to use its backup plan: the powerful Ratte tank. But can they win without their ultimate ace?

  • Operation Southwind begins with a full-scale air assault on Berlin. When Yoshika is ordered to stay behind to conserve her magic, Shizuka steps up to try and fill the hole.

  • Rocket attacks from the Neuroi nest in Berlin are threatening the base in Kiel. Only Mina has what it takes to stop them, but her magic power is fading...

  • A mysterious idol causes all the witches' breasts to grow bigger and bigger, and the girls gradually fall victim one by one...

  • When Erica is shot down in enemy territory, Gertrud will do whatever it takes to get her back.

  • The girls take a detour to Nederland, to help a legendary flower bloom.

  • Yoshika's lost control of her magic... again! It's time for more training and more hard work if she wants to get it back!

  • When a Neuroi strikes at Europe's biggest supply port on the eve of humanity's counterattack, Yoshika must hold it off alone, without any weapons at all!

  • Yoshika leaps back into action to save her friend's father, but her striker unit almost blows up on the tarmac!

  • Major Sakamoto risks her life to save the world, but the Neuroi hive proves nearly impossible to destroy. The witches are all out of magic, but Yoshika refuses to give up the fight!

  • As the Strike Witches prepare for their most dangerous mission yet, Major Sakamoto - the bravest warrior among their ranks - can no longer hide the fact that her magic is rapidly fading!

  • When the girls of the 501st hit the beach for some special training, Lucchini discovers a treasure chest that leads to a treasure map that leads to booby traps!

  • Yoshika is permanently grounded after suddenly losing the ability to fly, but a prototype Striker Unit inspired by her father's letter may hold the key to putting her back in action!

  • A menacing new breed of Neuroi looms high above the clouds, and the Strike Witches must equip themselves with experimental rocket boosters in order to reach the unprecedented altitude required to destroy their enemy!

  • A Strike Witch shopping trip goes up in flames when Lucchini spends the squadron's money on a sightseeing adventure and the town is attacked by Neuroi!

  • Barkhorn runs into big trouble during a test flight of the new jet striker unit, and only an extremely well-endowed comrade has the power to save her from the ultimate crash-landing!

  • Yoshika, Lynne, and Perrine report to a mysterious old woman for some special training, but their broomstick lessons are soon interrupted by a deadly Neuroi attack!

  • When Sakamoto's strike unit malfunctions, Yoshika is forced into a solo dogfight against a rapidly-regenerating Neuroi! The bombastic beauties of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing race to provide backup, but will they arrive in time?

  • Yoshika's plans to become a doctor are put on hold after a mysterious letter from her father leads to a reunion with Sakamoto. Elsewhere, her former Strike Witch comrades take to the air to battle a new breed of Neuroi!