Watch TV Shows on Chiba TV

Chiba Television Broadcasting is a Japanese broadcast company that serves the Chiba Prefecture of Japan with some spillover to neighboring areas. The network name is usually shortened to Chiba TV. They are usually linked to the production and airing of anime films and television shows. To add to this image they often chair the committees producing anime projects with other Japanese production companies.

The company was founded in 1970 and had their first on air broadcast in mid 1971. To change with the modern methods of television broadcasting they changed from an anolog to a digital broadcast format in 2006. They serve as the Chiba Prefecture's source for the BBC World News as well as locally produced news broadcasts.

In addition to the award winning anime that they are famous for, Chiba Television Broadcasting offers a range of other variety and entertainment programs. Many of these variety shows have a karaoke or a star finder theme and are usually musical in nature. They are also the local source of nationally broadcast sporting events such as baseball and soccer.

Chiba Television Broadcasting maintains its own production and filming studios. This is in addition to the very productive anime studios that they are known for. This allows Chiba TV to create shows to their own high standards of quality and production values.