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This beautiful manga created by Naoki Hisaya reportedly won an award as the Best Anime Series of 2007. In 13 episodes, the plot concerns the friendship between a teenager named Yorito Morimiya, a photography buff, and a Yaka, an unearthly creature who lives for centuries. One evening as Yorito is preparing to photograph a sunset he encounters a lovely young woman, Matsuri Shihou. He retrieves a beverage from a vending machine for her. However, she disappears. He later learns she is a Yaka on the run from a man who intends to murder her. The story unfolds around this theme.

Chiba TV
1 Season, 14 Episodes
April 7, 2007
Anime, Drama
Cast: Tomoko Kaneda, Ami Koshimizu, Mamiko Noto, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Keiji Fujiwara

Sola Full Episode Guide

  • Matsuri has come to Aono's house and go into a conversation about who Yorito chooses to go with-Aono to a different place, or Matsuri, whom he has asked a favor from. The two Yaka begin a battle in the wrecked construction area while Yorito waits in an old theatre. Just when Matsuri is able to deliver the final blow to Yorito and Aono, the old camera in the theatre comes on and displays the sky. Matsuri has a flashback and from what Takeshi said, drives the sword into her own self, much to the dismay and horror of the siblings.

  • Yorito wakes up one day in school believing that the night's previous events with Matsuri was a dream due to Aono intervening with her powers. Trying to remember what really happened, Yorito collapses in school and is taken home by Mana who is soon after told to leave by Aono. Yorito is kept in his room by Aono as she controls Yorito more with her powers in order to fulfill her desire to be with Yorito together.

  • Yorito and Mana search for Matsuri after she disappears on the night she kissed Yorito. Almost a month passes from Matsuri's disappearance, and Yorito has almost given up hope on her return. On a date out with Aono, Yorito accidentally runs into Matsuri again inside a convenience store and gives chase, leaving Aono alone. Yorito catches up to her to find out she has been living with Mayuko in an abandoned building. Aono is left wandering in the rain alone and is angered by Yorito's desire to be with Matsuri. Back in the abandoned building, Matsuri collapses after being stabbed by a piece of glass by a seemingly mentally vacant/unconscious Yorito who seems to be controlled by Aono.

  • Yorito finally decides to introduce Matsuri to Aono under the guise of her being his new girlfriend, but when they go to visit Aono, the latter feigns sleep. Later on, Aono meets with Matsuri in a tram depot where it is revealed that Aono is also a Yaka and her powers are now returning. Aono comes home with Matsuri and Aono tells Yorito that she has permission from the hospital to stay at home for now. After dinner, Matsuri and Yorito go to Yorito's school. At the roof of his school, Matsuri explains the loneliness of Yaka to Yorito. After that, Matsuri kisses Yorito and disappears.

  • This episode mainly focuses on the friendship between Yorito's sister Aono and Mana's little sister Koyori, both of whom are staying at the hospital. Koyori, who is to be released soon, has trouble conferring this news to Aono. The relationship between Yorito and his sister is also explored, as more information about the dolls he brings her is revealed.

  • It has been a week since Matsuri started living with Yorito and he as become visibly suspicious to Mana who wants to find out what he is hiding. Mana comes over one night and tells him that she wants to make him dinner, though after he leaves to buy some seasonings, Mana tries to search the house. While initially unsuccessful, Mana runs into Matsuri eating in the kitchen and they become acquainted.

  • Yorito Morimiya is a young boy who loves taking pictures of the sky, and one day in the early morning while setting up to take a snapshot of the sunrise, he meets a strange girl. After talking with her for a few minutes, she disappears and is no where to be found. The next day, Yorito is coming back from buying some groceries on a rainy night and runs into the same girl; this time he finds out her name to be Matsuri Shih?. Later on, Yorito figures out Matsuri lives in a church and goes to find her. At the same time, Matsuri is being hunted by a mysterious man.