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Tears to Tiara is an adult Anime show that was created in 2009 after the success of the game of the same name. The show tells about an Ancient people, the Goidelic, that live in a medieval fantasy world where a struggle between good and evil is happening. The Goidelic want to sacrifice a priestess, Riannon, which they think will bring back their king. The King is necessary to lead his people against the Empire, in a rebellion and resistance that was started prior to his death. Each episode follows the journey as the priestess and King each make their way to prepare for battle.

Tears to Tiara is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on April 5, 2009.

Where do I stream Tears to Tiara online? Tears to Tiara is available for streaming on Chiba TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tears to Tiara on demand at Hulu, iTunes online.

Sunday 12:30 AM et/pt on Chiba TV
1 Season, 26 Episodes
April 5, 2009
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Nazuka Kaori, Mai Nakahara, Makoto Ishii, Rie Tanaka, Toru Ohkawa
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Tears to Tiara Full Episode Guide

  • Having already destroyed both the Obelisk and Resurrection Cauldron, the group defeats the army of golems and proceeds to the top of the tower.

  • With the Gravitas enchantment hindering their defenses, Arawn and Ogam split off to find the source.

  • Together again at Palladium, Arawn and Arthur lead the others into the tower.

  • Taliesin's sacrifice has stopped the enemy in their tracks, but Arawn knows that they must act swiftly to defeat them. Their only hope is to retrieve the sword Dyrnwyn.

  • Taliesin gets a glimpse of Arawn's past, which reveals the actions he, himself, must take.

  • The 12 Angels in heaven have placed their hopes for the future of humanity in the hands of Merlinus when they give him charge over the new Angel.

  • The Divine Empire is in ruins, and with the High Council dead, it falls into chaos. A new foe, White Spirits, emerge to take advantage of this vulnerability - or so they appear.

  • With the Gael's cornered and their last lines of defense crumbling to Gaius's forces, Arthur and the Brigantes arrive. Arthur calls out to Arawn, who finally awakens and joins the fight, giving his people a new strength and resolve.

  • The siege of Avalon has continued for three days. Riannon has led the Gaels in repelling Gaius's troops. Arawn's wounds have healed, but he has yet to regain consciousness.

  • With her husband injured and her brother gone, Riannon must take command of the tribe and repel the invasion of Avalon by Gaius's forces.

  • As the Imperial forces gather around them, Arthur makes the impulsive decision to lead a preemptive strike. As the group passes through the forest, they cross into an area under the enchantment of the Gravitas.

  • The tribe is running low on supplies and funds. Arawn takes Arthur and a group to his tomb to collect some of the treasure there.

  • The Rubrum learn the location of Avalon Castle, causing some of the Gaels to suspect that Octavia is a spy.

  • Arawn is concerned with how the rest of the tribe will react to Octavia's presence in the castle.

  • Octavia is insubordinate to her superiors and stumbles upon a secret. As punishment, she is sent to the mines, where she is under the orders of an old rival, Lidia.

  • Morgan and Llyr, frustrated with their duties, complain to Limwris about their situations.

  • The Merciless Valley

  • The tribe heads for the elfin city of Avalon, where they meet Limwris and Ermin.

  • The villagers are preparing to leave for Albion, but their ship has been captured by the Imperial Army.

  • To protect her village from the invading army of the Divine Empire, Gaelic Priestess Riannon agrees to be the human sacrifice needed to revive the Demon Lord, Arawn.