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Based on the Sci-Fi manga title by Kasahara Tesuro, Rideback follows the life of former ballet star Rin Ogata as she tries to reclaim her life after a career-ending injury. She finds new passion in college when she discovers a somewhat under-the-radar club catered to the maintaining and utilization of the mecha devices "Ridebacks." Using her prowess for body movement and dance she takes up a Rideback of her own and becomes involved in a world of racing, mechanics, and ultimately shady politics. Rideback features a mix of sports, comedy, and intrigue all portrayed by fluid animation and well utilized CGI.

Rideback is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on January 11, 2009.

Where do I stream Rideback online? Rideback is available for streaming on Chiba TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Rideback on demand at iTunes online.

Sundays at 12:00 pm et/pt on Chiba TV
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 11, 2009
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Tia Lynn Ballard, Terri Doty, Stephen Hoff, Bryan Massey
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Rideback Full Episode Guide

  • As allies and adversaries fight to the death, Rin climbs aboard Fuego for the performance of her lifetime, a breathtaking dance of destruction against the forces of the GGP.

  • Kiefer's troops begin their assault on GGP. Meanwhile, as the BMA base is infiltrated by autonomous RideBacks, Rin reflects on recent events - and decides she must take action!

  • Citizens gather to protest the GGP, but mayhem erupts when the White Riders arrive. When the situation spirals out of control, Suzuri pays a grave price when she's mistaken for the mysterious Rideback Girl.

  • Romanov is tightening the screws on the entire nation, confiscating RideBacks and preparing to crush any opposition. Meanwhile, Rin and Tamayo remain in hiding, causing their friends to grow concerned for their safety.

  • Kiefer helps Rin understand the connection she shares with Fuego. Later, after the BMA compound comes under attack by the GGP, Kiefer's intentions become crystal clear to Romanov.

  • Rin is in custody, set to be handed over to the GGP. Overwhelmed by feelings of guilt, she wants no part of the conspiracy in which she is caught - but the BMA soon forces her deeper into the fray.

  • A RideBack gang is on a crime spree, targeting police and civilians alike. When Rin learns that her brother is among the thugs, it's bad enough. When she sees the action taken by the government against the group, it gets even worse.

  • The media and the authorities alike are searching for the mysterious girl who penetrated the GGP blockade. The RideBack Club decides to lay low - but they've already caught the attention of several prying eyes.

  • Shoko is caught in the middle of a terrorist attack, and Rin rushes into the chaos atop Fuego. Her daring rescue attempt appears doomed when she's cornered by armed soldiers - until a mysterious savior appears.

  • The national tournament arrives. Tamayo's set to defend her title, and Rin's racing, too - but with Fuego ineligible, she's forced to mount an unfamiliar RideBack.

  • Rin is challenged to a race by the leader of the RideBack Club, Tamayo. She's tough, she's outspoken, and she's also the nation's top rider. If Rin can hold her own, Tamayo just might take her under her wing.

  • Ex-ballerina Rin's first experience aboard a RideBack turns into a nightmare when the malfunctioning machine races toward a cliff - but instead of suffering a fatal accident, Rin feels alive like never before.