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Nanatsuiro Drops is a magical girl anime series that premiered in 2007, based on a Japanese visual novel of the same name. The series was produced by Genco and Studio Barcelona and broadcast on Chiba TV. The story follows the life of a shy girl named Masaharu Tsuwabuki, who enters the seventh grade with a lot of apprehension. He has no friends and is often bullied by his classmates. But one day, while looking for a book in the library, he meets a mysterious girl named Sumomo Akihime. She gives him a drink which suddenly transports him to a magical world called the Seven-Colored Land, where each color has its guardian fairy.

The Seven-Colored Land is being threatened by the Black Curse, which is turning everything black and stealing the colors of the rainbow. Masaharu is given a mission by the Queen of the Seven-Colored Land. He needs to find the seven "drops" that will save the land from destruction. Each drop is guarded by a fairy, and when Masaharu finds them, he gains a magical power based on the color of the fairy.

With the help of Sumomo and his new friends, Masaharu embarks on a magical journey to find the seven drops. Along the way, they meet other characters, including rivals and potential enemies, who challenge them both physically and emotionally.

The central theme of Nanatsuiro Drops is the bond of friendship. Masaharu starts out as a lonely boy who is bullied by his classmates, but he gradually learns to open up and trust others. Through his journey, he discovers the value of true friendship, which gives him the courage to face his fears and overcome obstacles.

Another key element of the show is magic. The seven drops that Masaharu seeks are powerful magical artifacts that have the power to save the Seven-Colored Land. Each drop is guarded by a fairy, who also has her own unique magic. Masaharu and his friends must learn to harness their own powers and work together to defeat the Black Curse.

The animation style of Nanatsuiro Drops is charming and colorful, in line with its magical theme. The characters are designed with a soft, cute aesthetic that adds to the whimsical feel of the show. The landscapes of the Seven-Colored Land are also beautifully rendered, with each color palette reflecting the power of the fairy that guards it.

The music of the show is also noteworthy, with catchy opening and closing themes that capture the magical mood of the show. The voice acting is also well-done, with each character bringing their own unique personality to the story.

Overall, Nanatsuiro Drops is a heartwarming tale of friendship and magic, with charming animation and memorable characters. It is a great show for fans of the magical girl genre, as well as anyone who enjoys a good story about the power of friendship.

Nanatsuiro Drops
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