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Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is the anime series which is based on the book series of: Tetsuto Uesu. The anime started airing on television in Japan this year. The anime is produced by Arms. Its director is: Rion Kujou. The primary character of the anime is: Akatsuki Ousawa. Ousawa is a youngish man who is involved in a world of magic and swords. Ousawa while in another world has become known as that of a Hero. He is asked to take care of Miu. Miu is the daughter of a lord. Miu cannot stay on the pathway she is currently on: To do so means she is facing a destiny of ruination.

Akatsuki, during the primary episode of the series is working at smuggling Miu out of the world which he has somehow ended up; and back to the world which he originated. He has Miu concealed within a very large satchel. Akatsuki is subsequently pursued by a tribe of female warriors. The warrior women are costumed as maids. The conflict though is brief; and, afterwards Akatsuki heads for the gate. In doing so he meets up with the Princess Listy before he makes it to the gate. He briefly confronts the princess; however, is still able to return to his original world with Miu.

BABEL, a global training organization takes charge of: Akatsuki and Miu; once Akatsuki returns to his original world with Miu. The group was supposedly formed after it was realized individuals were disappearing into other worlds. Persons who do return to their original world, such as Akatsuki, have acquired remarkable powers while visiting the other worlds which by now they have escaped. The training organization's purpose is to, then, train the persons who have acquired mass powers while visiting or ending up in these other worlds; and upon their subsequent return to the world of origin.

The Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero character begins already in another world and is attempting to leave it behind. This is shown clearly during the airing of the initial episode. The way he plans to leave is established early on; within the primary or introductory episode of the series. This keeps inquiries of how he ends up back in his world not so prevalent: so the approach with regard to the storyline is a bit more detailed than some storylines. Some anime series have the heroine or hero just instantly appearing in the new world as opposed to how it was handled in Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero wherein the hero is trying to attempt to leave the new world to go back to his original world. The viewer's mind rests more on the primary character attempting to leave the world he is not so familiar behind; getting back to the original world. So the viewer is not as likely to wonder how it is Akatsuki ended up in the other world in the first place. The concept or storyline, nevertheless, is interesting; and persons who enjoy the Japanese anime will receive a real treat in watching the Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero film series.

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on July 5, 2012.

Where do I stream Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero online? Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is available for streaming on FUNimation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero on demand at Hulu, Vudu, Apple TV online.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 5, 2012
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Felecia Angelle
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Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero Full Episode Guide

  • Having been outclassed by Akatsuki, Phil uses his trump card and transforms into a giant dragon! Akatsuki's friends and the student council members struggle to buy time until Akatsuki can fully recover from Phil's poison.

  • After the BABEL ranking matches are suddenly thrown into chaos, Phil Burnett arrives from Alayzard to retrieve Miu.

  • As the school-wide ranking battles begin, all eyes are focused on Akatsuki and Miu. Even Kyoya and the student council are eager to show Akatsuki who's boss!

  • While Akatsuki and friends participate in a game of Beach Swimsuit Tag, powerful figures in Alayzard hatch a plan to find and retrieve Miu.

  • Akatsuki attempts to ride the fabled Sleipnir motorcycle. Meanwhile, terrorists strike in the heart of the city, and it's up to the student council to stop them.

  • Miu visits a shopping mall for the very first time to buy some new underwear. But hijinks ensue when Akatsuki gets a little more involved than he should...

  • Akatsuki uses his newfound sword to battle the powered-up Cockatrice. Meanwhile, Miu starts to come to terms with her father's death and powerful COCOON members hold a secret meeting.

  • Because of Akatsuki's antics, the student council has threatened to send Kuzuha back to elementary school unless she spies on him. Meanwhile, Onizuka hatches a plan to get back at Akatsuki.

  • Akatsuki and Miu attend their first day of school at BABEL. While Miu tries to fit in with her new environment, Akatsuki manages to get on everyone's bad side.

  • Having vanquished the Demon Lord Garius, Akatsuki Ousawa bids farewell to the world of Alazyard and returns to his home world. His epic adventure has actually only just begun, though...