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Little People, Big World aired for six seasons on the TLC network. The show followed the adventures of the Roloff Family and focused on the families every day lives. Little People, Big World was different from many other reality shows that came before it because the stars of the show Matt and Amy, along with one of their children, Zach, were little people. In addition to starring Matt, Amy and Zach Little People, Big World also showed the lives of Matt and Amy's average size children Jeremy, Molly and Jacob. One of the main lessons Amy and Matt tried to teach people with their show was that little people can do everything that average size people can do, just in a different way.

Little People, Big World, for the most part, was filmed on the Roloff's 36 acre farm in Oregon. A big focus of the show involving the farm was the number of renovations Matt did to the property during the show's run on TLC. Matt and his family redid the main house to make it more accessible and they also did a number of improvements to the farm grounds. Matt had big plans for his property and added things like a western town, castle and pumpkin patch in order to turn the area in to a family fun destination.

The main subject of Little People, Big World though was always how Matt, Amy and Zach navigated a world that wasn't made for little people. The show looked at everything from how Amy was able to do her grocery shopping unassisted, to how Matt functioned in an averaged sized people work environment. Little People, Big World also showcased how normal Zach's life was. Zach was able to play school sports, just like his twin brother Jeremy, as well as find a job and girlfriend after graduating from high school.

While the main tone of the show was generally upbeat and lighthearted, Little People, Big World also never shied away from more serious issues like a farm accident involving Jacob and the death of the families dear friend Mike.

Tuesday 8:00 PM et/pt on TLC
17 Seasons, 284 Episodes
March 4, 2006
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Little People, Big World Full Episode Guide

  • Matt has big plans for the future of the farm but he'll need to persuade everyone to agree to the plan. Amy gets cozy with Chris after a romantic date, and Zach and Tori deliver unforgettable news to the family.

  • Amy finds herself answering to Zach and Jeremy about her dating life; and looks forward to a birthday boat ride with friends. Meanwhile, Matt has big dreams for the farm; and Jeremy plans a surprise for Audrey on their second anniversary.

  • Amy leaves the kids stunned when she goes out on a date with the new man in her life on a motorcycle! Meanwhile, Amy feels Matt's frivolous spending habits for farm toys are getting out of control, and Zach takes on his biggest home improvement project yet.

  • Amy finally goes after her longtime dream of opening a B&B on the farm. But as it becomes a reality, chaos ensues. Matt's surgery propels him to pursue a dream of his own: writing an inspirational children's book.

  • Amy is enjoying the dating world and plans a pool party with single friends; Matt wants to install surveillance cameras around the farm; the family attempts to come together for a peaceful game night.

  • Matt is home from the hospital, but his relief is short lived as he discovers a problem on the farm that could destroy pumpkin season. Zach & Tori plan a fun wedding anniversary trip and Amy takes a huge step forward when she attends a singles mixer.

  • It's the 10th anniversary celebration of the series. The Roloffs open up like never before and showcase some of their favorite moments and some of their most difficult memories.

  • It's a busy time for the Roloffs despite Matt's upcoming surgery. Matt and Amy finalize their divorce. Molly graduates from college and makes an unexpected announcement. Matt fearfully heads to LA for spinal surgery.

  • As Matt's health continues to decline, he is forced to undergo high-risk surgery on his spine. Zach plans a surprise party for Tori's 25th birthday, but Jeremy accidentally spills the beans...

  • The Roloffs feel the need for speed! But when it's time to take the new mule out for a spin, the weather forecasts a recipe for disaster. Amy is stepping out on the single scene for the first time and gets a new look guaranteed to attract attention!

  • Following the divorce, Amy entertains her wild side and makes a very permanent decision, while Matt copes with the divorce in his own transformative way. Meanwhile, Zach seeks Jeremy's help.

  • Despite the looming divorce, Matt and Amy take the kids on a memorable trip to Hawaii to celebrate family. But in the midst of parasailing and whale watching, tensions mount when the topic of divorce arises... and is Matt thinking about selling the farm?!

  • Amy and Matt have a sit down meeting with their divorce lawyers; Matt suggests that more space might make it more manageable to co-exist on the farm; Zach uses soccer to bring awareness to dwarf athletics.

  • With the upcoming finality of their divorce, Matt and Amy question how much longer they can work and reside on the farm together, and discuss the possibilities. Jeremy and Audrey work on a project close to their hearts: making marriage last forever.

  • Matt feels isolated on the big farm and doubts his success as a father. He decides he wants to spend more time with the boys and Zach proposes a boys camping trip!

  • Amy hosts a charity event on the farm, while Matt keeps a secret project from Amy. The kids make plans for the holidays, forcing Amy and Matt to create new traditions.

  • Matt and Amy learn they won't be having Thanksgiving with their kids for the first time in over two decades!

  • It's the annual Pumpkin Festival and Jeremy, Zach, Audrey and Tori are taking on more responsibility. Even Amy has some tricks up her sleeve...unbeknownst to Matt. The kids fear that tension between their parents could escalate during such a crucial farm event.

  • In the season premiere, Amy's plans for a fancy dinner party concern Matt, who is out of town. Meanwhile, Zach and Tori visit Jeremy and Audrey's new home for the first time.

  • The Roloffs welcome a select group of superfans on the farm for an up-close and personal question and answer session and a day filled with spirited games to test their knowledge!

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