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  • 2017
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.8  (105)

Who Killed Jane Doe? is a crime series that premiered on Investigation Discovery in 2016. The show explores the stories of women whose identities are unknown, and who have been murdered and left as Jane Does. The series features gut-wrenching stories of these women, whose identities have remained unknown for years or sometimes decades, as forensic experts attempt to put the pieces together and uncover the truth about what really happened.

The series follows the efforts of forensic examiners, police detectives, and dedicated family members who refuse to give up on trying to identify the Jane Does and bring those responsible for their murder to justice. The show goes through a step-by-step process of investigating crimes, which helps viewers understand the complex work involved in solving cases. From the initial discovery of the body, to the critical forensic analysis of crime scene materials, and the long process of piecing together evidence and leads, every aspect of solving these crimes is covered.

Hosted by legendary news anchor Kevin Conway, Who Killed Jane Doe? is a powerful and emotional series that is sure to leave audiences moved and impacted. Conway brings his years of news reporting to the show, offering insight and context on each case alongside a team of investigators and forensic experts. The backstory of each victim is thoroughly explored, often beginning with the circumstances surrounding their disappearance and the missing person's report that follows. From there, it is a race against time to discover the truth about who these women were and what drove someone to take their lives.

Along the way, the series provides significant insight into the various forensic techniques used to uncover hidden evidence and identify the victim's killer. This includes detailed accounts of blood splatter analysis, DNA processing, fingerprint identification, and various other forensic techniques. Through the process, a skilled investigative team combs through the evidence, attempting to disentangle what is relevant and what is not.

The show also emphasizes the importance of community involvement, as often it is members of the public who come forward with important information that can crack the case. In some instances, it may be a survivor or a witness who provides key details, allowing investigators to close in on a killer. The families of the victims are also featured prominently, with interviews of the loved ones they left behind. The tragic impact of each case is conveyed, highlighting the heavy emotional weight of these crimes.

With strong writing, expert execution, and excellent production values, Who Killed Jane Doe? is a perfect entry point for true crime fans. The attention to detail and the precision with which investigators work to solve each case is impressive, making it easy to understand why this powerful series has become a hit with audiences. The series' respect for its subjects is also readily apparent, with each episode paying tribute to the lives of these forgotten women.

In short, Who Killed Jane Doe? is a must-watch series for anyone who loves true crime and appreciates the effort it takes to solve complex and difficult cases. The excellent performances by hosts Kevin Conway, Simone Policano, and Chaz Riddle in guiding the investigation, combined with excellent production values, make it a favorite among fans of the genre. The show presents a sobering reminder of the work that remains in uncovering the truth about these Jane Does, while at the same time offering a compelling look into the thrilling inner workings of modern forensic investigation.

Who Killed Jane Doe? is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2017.

Who Killed Jane Doe?
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Daughter, Sister, Diamond, Doe
6. Daughter, Sister, Diamond, Doe
February 27, 2018
The body of an unidentified young woman turns up on the side of an Oklahoma highway. Her name remains a mystery until investigators find a family looking for their missing daughter, who's become entrapped in a suspicious relationship.
The Disappearing Doe
5. The Disappearing Doe
February 20, 2018
A transient discovers the body of an unidentified teenage girl in a culvert beside an Arizona freeway, close to the Mexican border. Earlier, in Washington State, a teenager travels near and far searching for love and attention after a troubled childhood.
The Doe In The Wood
4. The Doe In The Wood
February 13, 2018
Two ATV riders searching for a lost wallet along a wooded trail in Wildwood, Fla., find a woman's scattered bones instead. While family and friends search for their missing loved one, a dogged detective searches for Jane Doe's identity and her killer.
The Doe In The Desert
3. The Doe In The Desert
February 6, 2018
Ranch hands searching a remote pasture for coyotes killing sheep find the victim of a different predator: a woman dead in a roadside ditch. Meanwhile, a young mother goes missing.
A Girl Has No Name
2. A Girl Has No Name
January 30, 2018
Apple Valley in California's Mojave Desert is the perfect place to hide a secret. When the body of an unidentified Jane Doe is discovered there in 1994, it takes almost two decades to bring a twisted tale of love, jealousy, and a horrible crime to light.
The Tent Girl
1. The Tent Girl
January 23, 2018
A woman's body is found in a tent bag in the Kentucky woods. A thousand miles away, a family searches for a missing mother of three. Both cases go unsolved for decades, until a man's obsession and a family's determination converge, uncovering the truth.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (105)