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In this competition series, contestants try to find their perfect romantic match among a cast of possibilities. The potential mates have been chosen using an algorithm, but the contestants don't know who is a high-tech match and who isn't. The series debuted on MTV in 2014, when the idea of dating via algorithm was still novel.

The format of the series involves the cast members getting to know each other and pairing up. If each of the paired couples pick someone other than the match picked by the algorithm, they have to try again. If all of the couples pick the same matches as the computer, they all win.

The series debuted on MTV in 2014. Within a few seasons, the idea of computer matching was no longer novel. As singles came to depend on algorithm -based apps like Tinder to find hook ups, getting to know someone in the old-fashioned face-to-face way became a novel concept. The MTV show then looked elsewhere for its entertainment value. The series became one of the first to feature openly LGBTQ singles.

Are You The One? is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (100 episodes). The series first aired on January 21, 2014.

Where do I stream Are You The One? online? Are You The One? is available for streaming on MTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Are You The One? on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Philo, Netflix, Amazon, MTV, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, Google Play, iTunes online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on MTV
8 Seasons, 100 Episodes
January 21, 2014
Cast: Ryan Devlin, Terrence Jenkins
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Are You The One? Full Episode Guide

  • 10 single women and 10 single men are selected who have had no luck in finding lasting love and participate in a thorough assessment by a team of professional matchmakers and psychologists.

  • While the house struggles to determine the final three couples, one person is certain of who their match is. Newly confirmed Perfect Matches get to know each other more intimately.

  • “Are You the One?” will select 10 single women and 10 single men who have had no luck in finding lasting love and will first conduct a thorough assessment, using a team of professional matchmakers, and psychologists.

  • The house is left to pick up the pieces after Kai's player behavior leaves everything in ruins. Remy tries to put his player past behind him to win Paige over.

  • Friends and family put the house on blast. Jenna tries to navigate strategy versus heart. A trip to the boom boom room has explosive consequences.

  • Jonathan tries to make amends with Basit. One couple grows closer while others struggle to overcome toxic dating behaviors.

  • The house picks which power couples are perfect; Kai gets in Jenna's face.

  • A fivesome shakes up the dynamics of the house. Justin's self-destructive tendencies threaten his relationship with Max. Danny makes a connection.

  • After queer prom, the house is a literal and figurative mess. Dramatic make outs spell doom for two couples. Dionne Slay arrives.

  • Justin is caught between someone who wants him and someone who doesn’t know what they want. Basit struggles for acceptance. The house faces some uncomfortable “truths.”

  • There is already trouble in paradise for the strongest couples. One couple struggles with the concept of open relationships. Love triangles are reconfigured.

  • Ten single men and 10 women are staying in a holiday destination to win a million dollars and also find love.

  • 21 cast mates reunite as host, Ryan Devlin, finds out if love lasted outside of Puerto Rico. All of the explosive drama that happened, after the final matchup ceremony lights went down, is revealed.

  • Asia attempts to sabotage Sam's relationship with Daniel. The house gets one final chance to win love and money and an extra day to deal with the fallout.

  • Brett is put on the hot seat when he second guesses his feelings for Nutsa. The house is in crisis mode as they scramble to figure out the perfect matches.

  • Kwasi and Jasmine's connection is put in jeopardy when a familiar foe makes a move on their relationship. Power couples try to make new connections.

  • Professional matchmakers and psychologists match ten single men and ten single women.

  • Featuring ten single women and ten single men who had no luck in finding lasting love while they are assessed by a team of professional matchmakers and psychologists.

  • Nutsa crushes on Brett while Brett's inability to get over Cali has consequences for the entire house. Moe is pushed to start playing the game. Lewis reveals his true feelings to Asia.

  • Tensions erupt between Cam and Kwasi when Kwasi makes moves on Kayla. Asia explodes when she thinks certain people in the house are being shady. Zak has a choice to make.

  • Cam starts to question his relationship with Kayla. Daniel's fun and games pushes Sam away. The house faces their most important Truth Booth yet.

  • Kwasi starts drama when he lets slip what Tevin and Jasmine did the night before. Bria is angered by Morgan and Zak's developing relationship. The house makes some risky choices in picking their matches.

  • Asia is hurt when she learns what her friend and her crush did behind her back. Cali and Brett's budding romance is jeopardized by their own bad dating habits.

  • Zak explores his options while the women fight each other for his attention. Kenya and Jasmine officially become enemies.

  • The whole house gets involved when Bria reacts to Zak's flirtatious ways, and Tevin and Kenya's pasts threatens their future together.

  • Jealousy takes over when couples form quickly; Zak provokes the wrath of Bria and Tevin and Kenya's player ways threaten their budding romance.

  • After weeks of searching for love and playing for money, the Season 7 cast reunites to give insider info on the explosive moments, spill tea on the unseen drama, and reveal what's gone down since leaving the house.

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