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In recent years, the wedding dress industry has exploded onto television screens. The latest show to focus on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress is "I found the Gown". The show, which is filmed in Vows, a dress outlet in Boston, focuses on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress without the added sticker shock of full retail price.

The store's owners and managers work hard to develop relationships with wedding gown designers and are often sold discontinued stock, sample stock, and trunk show items, to be resold in stores to consumers who simply can't afford to pay upwards of $5,000 on a wedding gown.

The brides-to-be come from across the country to find their perfect wedding gown at a discount price. There is, however, one premise; the brides must purchase the dress on site. Dresses can not be ordered to fit the brides specifically and alterations are not done in the store. Brides traditionally leave with a designer gown that is marked down between 25% and 75% of retail, depending on the designer, the gown and the gown's original starting price.

The consultants work hard to find dresses that work for the bride in question, but as with other bargain shopping experiences, not everyone leaves happy. The show touches on a different type of dress buying experience. There are several shows that share a similar preface; "Say Yes to the Dress", a show that focused on the famed bridal boutique Kleinfelds in Manhattan, is the most well known. "Say Yes to the Dress" focuses on designer gowns and the pampered dress buying experience. "I Found the Gown", however, focuses on a different side of the industry and shows everything from procurement of the dress by the stor, to the process of purchasing a discounted dress.

In a sea of wedding-related shows "I Found the Gown" stands out as a nod to the less opulent and elaborate nature of a budget wedding and promotes a realistic approach to the dress buying experience.

I Found the Gown is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on August 24, 2012.

I Found the Gown is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch I Found the Gown on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, TLC, Google Play, iTunes, Pluto TV online.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
3 Seasons, 44 Episodes
August 24, 2012
Kids & Family
Cast: Leslie Deangelo, Rick Deangelo
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I Found the Gown Full Episode Guide

  • A bride looking for two gowns gives the VOWS staff a run for their money; a woman finds a dress for her vow-renewal ceremony, but can't seem to persuade her entourage to agree with her choice.

  • Ashley wants a dress with bling and that will show off her curves.

  • A bride's vision for her wedding dress includes showing off her tattoos. A new mom feels a little insecure about her body.

  • A woman travels from South Carolina on a mission to find a Hollywood-inspired gown.

  • A bus full of New York brides arrives, in search of the perfect dress.

  • A bride from Canada is determined to find a particular dress.

  • Megan is looking for a black gown; Whitney wants a dress that is too small for her; Julie is concerned her sister won't approve of what she really wants.

  • An opinionated aunt influences a bride's decisions.

  • A Canadian bride has a vision for what type of dress she wants.

  • Natalie and her mother clash in their visions for what she should wear at her wedding.

  • Bride Lisa expects only perfection when it comes to finding her wedding dress. But when the pressure gets too much for the bride to handle, she goes into full meltdown mode. Later, bride Rachel's budget may keep her from buying the dress of her dreams.

  • Bride Jennifer deals with her penny pinching mother while bride Ashley and her mom disagree over a gown that is too revealing. Meanwhile, Jen's little sister thinks she's the only one that knows bridal!

  • Bride Kristina is determined to find a dress she has seen in pictures. Full-figured bride, Nannette is on a mission to find the perfect dress that's also priced just right. Later, one of VOW's very own- consultant Barb gets hitched!

  • Kerri wants a gown that matches her big personality. Young mom Alyssa is worried about being pregnant and walking down the aisle. Fashionista Lexi is ready to try on her drastically altered gown.

  • The annual sale brings in hundreds of brides who are forced to make a quick decision or be without.

  • Ashley searches for a big ball-gown to wear on her big day, 20-year old Lauren wants a mermaid fit dress with lots of detail, and Bride Inez is desperate to find a dress for her wedding that's only three days away!

  • A bride searches for a gown to match her mother's veil, while two others are looking for dresses that show off their figures.

  • A bride searches for a lace gown similar to the dress worn by her deceased mother; a bride hunts for a dress in a specific shade of white.

  • A bride from Los Angeles is on the lookout for a runway gown; a Canadian bride wants a dress to go with her Batman-theme wedding; a bride hopes the dress of her dreams will accentuate her curves.

  • Bargain hunter Jenna is feeling the pressure of frugality from her fiancĂ© and her mom. Bride Jacobi is searching for a bohemian inspired gown for her destination wedding, and Heather is torn between two Lazaro gowns.

  • After purchasing three gowns on an impulse buy, Patricia is determined to find the perfect dress. Sharifa wants a gown that shows off her new figure. Christine searches for two specific designer gowns at the right price.

  • A bride has expensive taste but lacks the funds; a bride relies on a seamstress to save her gown during her fitting; a bride struggles with finding the right silhouette.

  • A woman is celebrating her 50th anniversary and wants to shine in a gold gown; a bride's entourage turns the hunt for a dress into a competition; a bride disagrees with a consultant's selection.

  • A New York bride is on the hunt for two gowns; a Colorado bride hopes to find a good deal; a Boston bride brings her entrouage to help her choose between two very different styles.

  • A bride with a limited budget wants to look look like a million bucks; a bride searches for a dress for her Las Vegas wedding; a bride clashes with her maid of honor over her dress.

  • A woman from Alabama and her entourage arrive to find a gown for her 10-year vow-renewal ceremony; a frugal bride searches for something flashy; a bride worries about alterations during her fitting.

  • A busload of brides and their entourages travel from New York to look for deals on designer dresses, but their time is limited.

  • A bride and her mom disagree; a bride wants a dress that makes an impression but isn't too flashy; a bride hopes a gown will make her feel better.

  • A Virginia bride searches for a classic, but inexpensive, gown; a bride falls in love with a dress outside of her budget; a bride's height presents a challenge for the salon's stylist.

  • A bride refuses to wear a traditional white dress; a bride hopes to incorporate pieces of her mother's 1984 gown; a bride is on a mission for a deal on a certain gown.

  • In the second season premiere, a bride and her aunt disagree on her style of dress; a bride wants a gown with a revealing back; and a bride searches for her ideal designer dress.