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Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction is an American series focusing on incredible stories and legends. This show, an anthology, was created by Lynn Lehmann and aired on the Fox network. James Brolin hosted the first season; however, the later seasons were hosted by Jonathan Frakes.

Each episode of Beyond Belief features five stories, many featuring paranormal tales that defy the senses. The host asks viewers to determine if the stories are true or false and then reveal the answer at the end of the show. Some of the tales were researched and found to be true but the fictional tales are often based on popular urban legends.

Many episodes of the show dealt with supernatural forces, including ghosts and psychics. Many were simply coincidences. The entire concept of Beyond Belief is to demonstrate the little variance between fact and fiction.

Beyond Belief is a series that is currently running and has 15 seasons (412 episodes). The series first aired on January 24, 2012.

Where do I stream Beyond Belief online? Beyond Belief is available for streaming on OWN, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Beyond Belief on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on OWN
15 Seasons, 412 Episodes
January 24, 2012
Cast: James Brolin, Jonathan Frakes, Don LaFontaine, Campbell Lane, Grace Park
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Beyond Belief Full Episode Guide

  • What if just by listening to your body you could change your world. This is exactly the premise that Gay Hendricks suggests with his mind-body therapy practice.

  • Nick Pope discusses the waxing congressional interest in the reality of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. What is coming of this interest is a massive shift in the ridicule factor as we are now as close as we have ever been to official disclosure.

  • We are familiar with the five senses we use to navigate through our daily lives. Dr. Cielo shares techniques that you can start using right away to awaken your psychic abilities and deepen your intuitive gifts.

  • Perhaps the last great frontier is to explore the world beyond death. This is the work of Richard Martini who documents hypnosis sessions of people who venture into the spiritual realms.

  • Sonia Barret offers hope for coping with the ordeals that our planet and societies are enduring by showing us how we can awaken our supernatural selves.

  • Originally a skeptic, Dr. Simeon Hein has come to understand that psychic abilities, precognition, and distant healing stem from an ultra-low energy that imbues human beings with special abilities.

  • Randy Cramer returns to discuss details of the Secret Space Program that he has been authorized to reveal. He explains to George Noory why the militiarization of space is needed now more than ever.

  • Science has failed us, at least in astronomy. That is the perspective that astronomer Marc D'Antonio brings as he discusses some of the strange phenomena in our galaxy, including dark matter, dark energy, and the possibility of life.

  • Do you know what to do if your home is haunted? Richard Estep offers his view on three types of hauntings - people, places, and objects, and he gives tips on what you could do during such spiritual encounters.

  • Mark Nelson is a psychic who has the ability to help people connect with their loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. He explains how he discovered is abilities and what it his like when spirits communicate with him.

  • Why do some people want to keep the Ark of the Covenant hidden? Ken Hanson walks us through some of the holy sites in Jerusalem, including the Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock, while discussing how archeology in the Holy Land is affected by current geopolitics. 

  • All things strange and supernatural are the life's work of Joshua Warren. He shares some of the results that have come from the paranormal research he conducts in his laboratory, including sigils made with intention and sound waves which have had a profound effect on people's lives.

  • Psychedelics have played an important part in humanity's conscious awakening and our continued spiritual growth. Tom Hatsis shares the forbidden fruits of his research into the sacred history of psychedelics and spirituality.

  • Could we be headed into the foretold time when implanting of microchips and integration with A.I. becomes mandated? William Henry states that we need to make some important decisions regarding the future of humanity.

  • In this episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory: The Earth is a living breathing organism in need of our healing. This is the perspective that Sarah Adams brings as she shares her multidimensional work for healing Gaia.

  • In this episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory, Judy Wood expounds upon ways that the media has misled us in times of calamity, such as 9/11, and more.

  • In this episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory, Paola Harris highlights some of the key cases that she has investigated over the years, including what she learned from many pivotal figures.

  • In this episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory, Corin Grillo, an angel channeler, comes, just in time, to offer you tools to connect with your angels.

  • In this episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory, Kate Thorvaldsen describes an experience she had with an unearthly creature at age 3.

  • In this episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory, Chris Dunn presents his theory that the great pyramid of Giza was built as a powerplant for advanced technology.

  • In this episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory, Brooks Agnew discusses the next steps humanity will be taking as we build permanent infrastructure on the Moon and expand onto Mars.

  • In this episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory, Kristy Robinett shares with us what she has learned from her years of working with spirits.

  • In this episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory, Mark Stavish discusses the importance of learning lucid dreaming.

  • In this episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory, Ben Stewart discusses what it might be like to live in a 5G world, weighing the potential health risks, privacy concerns, and the hope that 5G can bring to our future.

  • In this episode of Beyond Belief with George Noory, Bruce Damer explains that the building blocks of life are self-assembling and thrive in increasing networks of cooperation.

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