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This sitcom focuses on the lives of a successful salon owner and her TV-host husband. Their lives are complicated by their complex relationships with their friends and business partners. The series comes from prolific producer Tyler Perry and is based on his Why Did I Get Married? films.

8 Seasons, 159 Episodes
November 25, 2011
Comedy Drama Kids & Family
Cast: Cocoa Brown, Kent Faulcon, Brad James, Jason Olive
For Better or Worse
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For Better or Worse Full Episode Guide

  • Benny reveals a secret to Marcus.

  • Angela and Marcus play a dangerous game of tit-for-tat.

  • Angela decides to meet with Benny.

  • Marcus tries to make Angela jealous.

  • The guys attempt to convince Marcus to give Angela a pass.

  • Angela and Marcus' bond is tested.

  • Angela is forced to explain herself, as Marcus questions the strength of Angela's commitment to him.

  • Angela is restless because of her new houseguest.

  • Angela has second thoughts about Benny staying at the house.

  • Benny lets Angela know that he is interested in reigniting the flame they once shared. Angela is confident she can resist, until Marcus makes it more difficult.

  • After the death of a friend, Marcus and the gang try to cope.

  • The men come to the rescue of William, Marcus' old teammate.

  • Marcus' ex-teammate shows up at C-Sports Now. The former athlete is in desperate need of a friend.

  • Jennifer sets out to take Richard's legal problems into her own hands.

  • The women share the results of their second home pregnancy tests.

  • The ladies are very irritable as their husbands attempt to cope.

  • Jennifer needs to be talked into receiving prenatal care.

  • They guys are all at odds with their women. They are able to trace their marital woes back to a stripper named Bodacious.

  • Angela is concerned about her health.

  • Richard is perplexed by Keisha's unusual behavior surrounding a letter from her attorney.

  • Joseph struggles with Leslie's feelings about sex.

  • Joseph experiences an episode of sexual frustration due to Leslie's vow of chastity.

  • Marcus still deals with the loss of one of his former teammates, Jack.

  • The guys at the studio become frantic when they think Richard has put himself in a precarious position.

  • Keisha deceitfully intercepts Richard's gift for his new love.

  • Angela and Leslie try to mend a seemingly broken friendship with Jennifer.