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The U.S. sitcom For Better or Worse is written and produced by American playwright, actor and director Tyler Perry. In the U.S. two seasons, totaling 45 episodes of For Better or Worse have been produced by Tyler Perry Studios for the TBS network. For Better or Worse is based on the lives of the characters of Marcus and Angela Williams who first appeared in the movies Why Did I Get Married? And Why Did I Get Marries Too? The characters are shown in their affluent home provided by their careers as a salon owner and sports commentator; the lives of Marcus and Angela are shown through their interactions with two other couples. Both original actors from the Why Did I Get Married? series, Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White recreate their performances for the television sitcom.

TBS commissioned a first season of For Better or Worse consisting of ten episodes that premiered in 2011; the season premiere of the sitcom was the top rated basic cable show in the U.S. for the month of November 2011. Despite the mixed critical reviews of the first season a second season was commissioned by TBS that was first aired in 2012.

Tyler Perry has produced a number of television shows for the TBS network revolving around family life in the African American culture. TBS premiered Perry's sitcom's House of Payne and Meet the Brown's before commissioning For Better or Worse. Perry's work outside TV and film includes a large number of stage plays and books; he is known for creating the character of Madea, an ageing African-American woman Perry himself plays in drag.

Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on OWN
7 Seasons, 139 Episodes
November 25, 2011
Comedy, Drama, Family
For Better or Worse
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For Better or Worse Full Episode Guide

  • Marcus' behavior causes his friends to question his commitment to change.

  • Angela and Leslie are shocked when Jennifer confesses she has been keeping a secret.

  • Angela and Jennifer are in disagreement regarding Richard's vulnerable state.

  • Richard and Jennifer confide in each other and attempt to keep a secret.

  • Marcus' friends question him about his recent neurotic behavior and think it may be linked to his motivation to change.

  • Leslie and Jospeh make assumptions about the other's job.

  • An employee has been up to no good on the internet.

  • Jennifer keeps Angela and Leslie in the dark when it comes to her dating life.

  • After learning the fate of his former teammate, Marcus drastically changes his behavior.

  • Keisha tries to alter a situation to her advantage.

  • Richard has to deal with his short temper.

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