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Chrissy and Mr. Jones, is a television show about finding and keeping love. Both main characters are high profile. Chrissy, is a female fashion designer, and Jim is a well known Rapper. They have chosen love above all else and are trying to live the American dream.

Chrissy and Jim have been dating each other for about eight years now and have recently taken their relationship to the next level, with an engagement. They are in the process of trying to sell one house, while house hunting for a new one.

They are a celebrity couple that deals with everyday situations. Jim is ready to start a family, while Chrissy is a little more reluctant in that department. She wants Jim to be home more, instead of always in the studio. She also feels that their communication is not up to par. Chrissy has been working in fashion for Jim's company, but has now branched out and wants to start up a company with two of her friends. Talia and Emily. Her two friends are great friends with her, but they do not like each other at all. This causes major friction as they are always pulling cheap shots at each other, while in Chrissy's company.

Momma Jones, is Jims mother and she and Chrissy have been working on their relationship and are finally in a good place. Momma Jones is ready to be a grandma and puts pressure on Chrissy to make a decision. Momma Jones is also always on to the next project, whether it be music, fashion, or perfume. She is a hustler, who will not stop.

Chrissy and Jim are trying to build a life together that will withstand anything. They have been through rough times before, and always figured out a way to make things work. Chrissy and Mr. Jones goes deep into their life, and shows what happens, when a couple realizes that money can only make them so happy. This television show captures the real problems they are facing and shows exactly how they deal with them.

Chrissy & Mr. Jones is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on September 24, 2012.

Where do I stream Chrissy & Mr. Jones online? Chrissy & Mr. Jones is available for streaming on VH1, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Chrissy & Mr. Jones on demand at BET+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Apple TV, VH1 online.

Monday 9:30 PM et/pt on VH1
2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
September 24, 2012
Kids & Family
Cast: Chrissy Lampkin, Jim Jones, Nancy Jones, Emily Bustamante
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Chrissy & Mr. Jones Full Episode Guide

  • After a great summer, Pudie must head back to school while Jim and Chrissy are off to Miami for a well-deserved break. Jim plans to surprise Chrissy with a delicious meal, but first he has to learn how to cook. As Pudie and Mama Jones get into some mischief, Jim and Chrissy are surprised to find they miss life with Pudie enough to cut their trip short.

  • Jim gives 10-year-old Pudie a stack of cash, which causes drama.

  • A day of family bonding in the woods doesn't go quite as planned when Jim's fear of nature becomes a factor. Meanwhile, Mama and Sassy delight in a day at the spa.

  • Jim surprises Chrissy with a ladies' night, yet Chrissy isn't happy about the provided transportation. Elsewhere, Mama teams up with Chrissy in a scheme of revenge, using Jim's greatest fear against him.

  • Chrissy works feverishly to prepare the soft launch of her clothing line, but is concerned that Jim isn't taking her endeavor seriously. Meanwhile, Mama and Sassy decide to headline a talk show and try to line up Ice-T as a guest.

  • Chrissy is determined to control the ladies' line of Jim's clothing brand, but her work ethic comes under scrutiny.

  • Chrissy hosts a party for Jim's birthday and presents him with a unique present. Jim takes his first swimming lesson from his son, Pudie.

  • In the second season premiere, Jim surprises Chrissy when he reveals his son will be living with them for the summer. Elsewhere, Mama is suspicious about Freddie.

  • Chrissy must decide if she's going to reconcile with Jim and move back in or move forward and find her own place.

  • Jim is desperate to get Chrissy back in his life, and he starts taking big steps to show her he values her and is willing to change. After the success of the fashion show, the tension between Emily and Talia gets worse instead of better and Chrissy has to try to keep the girls from tearing the company apart before it can make a dime. Mama and Freddie meet to discuss the future of Pumk'√°sh and Freddie's percentage.

  • Chrissy moves into a hotel. She focuses on her work, but must intervene when drama rises between Emily and Talia.

  • Jim and Chrissy seek help to repair their relationship.

  • Chrissy has a heartfelt exchange with Emily after receiving unexpected news. Emily encourages Jim to explain what is ripping up his relationship with Chrissy. Freddie goes to Jim's studio to resolve their differences. Meanwhile, Chrissy gets real with Mr. Jones about the future of their relationship.

  • Chrissy decides to discuss children with Jim. Talia and Emily are stunned by Chrissy's revelation. Paulina discovers that Jim might lose the sale of the house. Meanwhile, Freddie tries to repair his relationship with Mama Jones.

  • Chrissy wants to have her relationship evolve with Jim. Also, Chrissy is pressured by Mama Jones about the couple.