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Storage Wars: NY is a spin-off of the popular show, Storage Wars. Like the original, Storage Wars: NY follows a group of individuals competing with each other to win bids on abandoned storage units. The goal is to invest the least amount of money while making the biggest profit. They win, they lose, they bid each other up--it doesn't matter as long as their competitors don't make more than they do.

The thirty minute show debuted on the A&E network in January 2013. It follows six buyers in the New York City area. They go to different storage unit auctions in the area, even as far as Connecticut, to find hidden treasures to sell. Some of the buyers have actual stores while some sell to individuals.

Like the other shows in the Storage Wars franchise, each buyer has a persona. Joe, "The Legend", has been in the business for over twenty years. He looks for high-end items and isn't afraid to spend the big bucks to find something valuable. Mike, "The Hustler", does what he calls "flipping". He likes to buy a storage locker, rummage through, and sell the items quickly. Candy and Courtney are dubbed "The Flame" and "The Firecracker". They run a vintage clothing store out of their van they have nicknamed the banana van. While they are relatively new to bidding on storage units, they are not afraid to spend a bit of money for a good vintage find. Chris and Tad are "The Loudmouth" and "The Conscience". The two own an antique store in New Jersey. They hunt for unique vintage items that will appeal to their hipster clientele.

After the bidding is over, they sift through their lockers to see what they've won. They quickly appraise their items, sometimes barely breaking even or not even seeing a profit. When a buyer finds that hidden gem, though, their excitement is palpable. They quickly find an appraiser to find out if the find is valuable or worthless. At the end of the show, the narrator gives a recap of how the buyers did and who came out on top. Whether the buyers make money or not, they will head out again--on a treasure hunt to find the next big score.

Storage Wars: NY is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2013.

Where do I stream Storage Wars: NY online? Storage Wars: NY is available for streaming on A&E, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Storage Wars: NY on demand at Amazon, Apple TV online.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
January 1, 2013
Kids & Family, Talk & Interview
Cast: Joe Pauletich, John Luke, Chris Morelli, Tad Eaton
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Storage Wars: NY Full Episode Guide

  • In this episode, the gang hits an auction in Wallabout. Candy and Courtney look for clothing and are off to the races. Mike B knows he needs to move bulk on the hustlers scale. Big Steve attempts to climb his way into the green, while Joe P might finally get exactly what he's looking for!

  • Hoping that Queens Village will treat them right, Chris and Tad are looking for industrial. Joe P knows Queens like the back of his hand having been there 52 years, so he has an idea what's in store for him. Candy and Courtney have a lot of cheddar and are looking to buy, buy, buy! Mike looks to take down Big Steve in a bidding war.

  • The buyers head to a high-end facility in Bushwick. With a new month just around the corner, Mike B needs to stock up on merchandise. Big Steve looks for man-cave type items, while Joe P looks to find his funk and some eclectic 60's and 70's style stuff.

  • The buyers head to Amityville, N.Y.

  • The buyers head to Westchester County where Joe P. has found success in the past. He hopes his luck hasn't run out.

  • While in Bayshore, Long Island, Joe P. comes up with a bright idea, while Chris and Tad are determined to go big. Candy and Courtney have a vision in mind, and Mike B. is all business.

  • While in Newark, New Jersey, Chris and Tad look for old money antiques. Mike B. is on the lookout for commercial gear he can flip quick, while Candy and Courtney need lots of merchandise for an upcoming sale.

  • While in Harlem, Joe P shoots to maintain his successful record in the city. Chris and Tad also look to repeat their past success in Harlem by having a good attitude.

  • While in Edgewater, New Jersey, Joe P takes the other buyers to school, while Mike B opens a retail space for his wife. Chris and Tad decide to follow their intuitions, while Candy and Courtney struggle to get into the game.

  • The buyers head to Flatbush where the girls decide to get serious. Chris and Tad clash, Joe P. enters a buyers zone, while Mike B. is searching for Shabby Chic, per his wife's request.

  • The buyers head to Staten Island where Mike B looks for small items that will fit in his truck, and Joe P intends to keep prices affordable for his buys.

  • The buyers head to Long Island where Joe P scores a picture perfect buy. Mike B finds a Polo Pony that he can actually handle riding. The girls have their first experience with vault lockers, while Chris and Tad suffer a bad day at the auction.

  • The buyers return to Brooklyn. Mike B finally has a breakthrough. New buyer Todd, finds some vintage toys that could be valuable, while Chris and Tad get a little help from man's best friend.

  • The buyers head back to Brooklyn, where Mike continues to be cursed. Joe P scores a nice profit, whereas the girls fail to add things up right.

  • The buyers return to familiar territory in "Da Bronx"! Joe P. brings along a friend to help, and manages to maintain control.

  • The gang return to Brooklyn. Joe P scores with some modern technology. Chris and Tad go wine tasting, and Candy and Courtney implement a new bidding strategy.

  • Mike and a new buyer compete; Joe enjoys continued success.

  • The buyers head to Harlem. Joe P. spends some cash on a furniture unit. Mike B. purchase a woman's locker, and Chris and Tad go back to school, finding some Grade A literature.

  • The buyers come ready to roll extra-large, for a second chance at rooms that rank among New York's finest.

  • A sneaky move causes tension between two rivals; the outer limits of New York promise out of the ordinary items.

  • The buyers head to the Jersey Shore.

  • The gang heads to Connecticut.

  • The gang heads uptown in search of treasures in a revitalized Harlem with historic brownstones and new money.

  • The series kicks off with the competition becoming fierce between the buyers, igniting a turf war in Brooklyn.

Storage Wars: NY Video Clips & Extras

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