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  • 2012
  • 1 Season
  • 5.7  (96)

Combat Pawn was a reality television show that aired on truTV for one season in 2012. The show followed the daily operations of a pawn shop called "The Gun Store and Pawn" which is located near the famous Las Vegas Strip. The pawn shop is unique in that it specializes in firearms and military memorabilia.

The three main stars of the show were Martin Mancuso, Bernard Barr, and Ethan Elliot. Mancuso is the owner of the pawn shop and a retired police officer. Barr is the store manager and a retired Marine Corps veteran. Finally, Elliot is the pawn broker and an expert in firearms valuation. The show explores the personalities of these three men and the interactions they have with customers who come into the pawn shop to buy, sell or pawn their unique and rare items.

Throughout the show, viewers are treated to a glimpse of the inner workings of the pawn shop as Mancuso, Barr and Elliot haggle with customers over the price of various items. The shop attracts many interesting characters including collectors, historians, gun enthusiasts, and even law enforcement officials. There is always a sense of excitement in the air as the business offers vintage weapons, memorabilia of war, and other interesting military collectibles.

The show offers a window into the world of pawnbroking and gun-dealing, which may seem murky to some viewers. However, the show presents the day-to-day transactions and customer interactions in an entertaining and engaging way. The pawn shop owners and staff have a deep knowledge and passion for the items they trade in which gives them an edge in the hyper-competitive firearms market.

One of the standout aspects of the show is the wide variety of unique items that are bought, sold or pawned in the shop. From antique guns and Civil War memorabilia to military weapons and armor, the shop is a treasure trove of unique finds. Viewers witness the value of different items being assessed and evaluated based on their rarity, condition, and provenance. The show delves into the background and historical significance of many of the items, adding an educational aspect to the entertainment.

Another feature of the show is the banter between Mancuso, Barr, and Elliot. They are clearly good friends who enjoy working together and have a camaraderie that is both entertaining and sometimes hilarious. The tension between the strict rules and regulations they need to follow as firearms dealers and brokers, and their cheeky, laid-back personalities delivers some genuine moments of levity.

Combat Pawn,is a reality show that airs for around 22 minutes per episode. Each episode typically follows the same format which involves introducing the item and its backstory or historical and cultural relevance, then follows the negotiations between the seller and pawn shop staff. The staff then evaluate the item, providing interesting historical facts along the way. Episodes often end with the item being sold or pawned, and viewers get an insight into the amount of money changing hands and how much room there is for profits in this type of business.

Overall, Combat Pawn is an engaging and educational show that offers an insight into the world of pawnbroking and buying and selling of firearms. The show is well worth a watch for anyone interested in firearms or military memorabilia, or simply to gain an understanding of the pawn shop trade. Although the show only aired for one season, it is an enduring favorite for many viewers who lament its cancellation.

Combat Pawn
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LeMat Revolver
7. LeMat Revolver
August 26, 2012
The store is offered to buy a rare Confederate army revolver; a 150-year-old civil war relic or a brilliantly engineered fake.
Hand Cannon
6. Hand Cannon
August 19, 2012
Chris is irate that Ethan bought a rare Browning machine gun that doesn't work, but gunsmith Josh goes to work on it hoping to score a big profit for the store and pull his coworker out of the wringer.
Wounded Warriors
5. Wounded Warriors
August 12, 2012
The staff join in a big shoot-out with the Wounded Warriors, a group of injured vets, and the day ends with Martin being challenged by the ace Warrior sharpshooter.
Warhorse Knife
4. Warhorse Knife
August 5, 2012
Bernard reconnects with a long-lost treasure but anticipates it will be in someone else's hands in the end; the appearance of a rare palm pistol triggers a bidding war; trash talk at the shop reaches a tipping point.
Engraved Gun
3. Engraved Gun
July 29, 2012
Owner Chris promises a special engraving on a gun for the wife of a soldier; Ethan attempts to score a rare machine gun; and a jilted lover wants to unload a tricked-out Bushmaster rifle.
Shoot House
2. Shoot House
July 22, 2012
A possible security threat has the staff on alert and leads to a run-in between a manager and a salesman; a combat-vet-turned-gunsmith brings in his first handmade rifle; a father wants to purchase his 7-year-old daughter's first firearm.
1. Pilot
July 15, 2012
The series premiere introduces Guns Plus, a pawn shop that deals exclusively with weapons and military items. In this episode a wounded soldier is looking to have his sniper rifle tailored to firing from his wheelchair.
  • Premiere Date
    July 15, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    5.7  (96)