World's Wildest Vacation Videos

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This series takes a look at some of the most interesting things that happened to people on their vacation. The viewer can see footage such as sharks attacking a boat and wild parties that have gotten a little out of control.

Thursday 8:30 PM et/pt on truTV
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
December 10, 2008
World's Wildest Vacation Videos

World's Wildest Vacation Videos Full Episode Guide

  • World's Wildest Vacation Videos are anything but a day at the beach.

  • A hawk makes a victim out of a zookeeper; a romantic getaway is set atop an active volcano; the passengers of a speedboat are tossed overboard; and an adventurer's hair becomes entangled in a zip line.

  • First, chimps playing with vacationers suddenly rob from them. Next, a girl falls from a rope-swing, causing a scalp bleed. And, an eel bites down on a driver's hand and then swallows his thumb.

  • A fisherman is pulled overboard by a hooked shark; a families vacation is ruined by an erupting volcano; and a man passes out while riding along in a military jet.

  • A waterfall pulls in a BASE jumper; an elephant runs wild at a zoo; sweltering conditions hamper a wedding ceremony; and flying fish attack a boater.

  • A biker loses control and crashes into a crowd; a cord breaks for a bungee jumper.

  • Clips caught on film include a seal biting a scuba diver; a bug infestation of a biology student will need an operation; and a senior citizen is forced to hang on for his life during a flight.

  • Clips include a great white shark attacking divers; tourists are endangered by a tidal wave; and a cliff diver looses his swimsuit.

  • Among the mishaps caught on film include a collapsing carnival ride; a cruise ship sinks; a collision while skydiving and a tornado.

  • Clips included are an encounter between a underwater diver and a shark; a teen hanging from a ski lift; and a small plane makes an emergency landing near a sports stadium.

  • Clips caught on video include a skydiver becomes entangled in a fall; a diver approaches a predatory octopus; and a Coast Guard ship is hit by a party boat.

  • Clips include a fishing trip which is interrupted when a plane crashes into Lake Michigan; a tourist is dragged into a polar bear's cave; and vacationers are caught in a mudslide.

  • A pair of men find themselves having a skirmish with a great white shark; a bungee jumper finds himself tangled in his bands; and a hot air balloon is falling towards the ground.

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