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  • 2014
  • 1 Season
  • 6.8  (62)

The Safecrackers is an American reality television program that premiered on truTV on July 14, 2013. The show follows the story of Phil Crawford, an expert safe-cracker based in Ohio. Phil, and his team of specialists, break into safes that may have hidden treasures inside them.

Phil Crawford is a modern-day Robin Hood, who uses his skills to retrieve valuables that have been locked away in safes for years. Typically, his clients are elderly and have forgotten the combinations or lost their keys. Others have bought a safe that they thought might contain something valuable, only to find they have no idea how to open it. However, Phil isn't just opening safes for anyone who asks. He's only interested in cracking safes containing high-value items or family heirlooms that his clients have a genuine claim to.

The show begins with Phil getting a call from someone who needs a safe opened. From there, he assembles his team, which includes his son, Banger Crawford, master locksmith Blaze Misener, and safe expert Krystian Bala. The team then sets off to the client's location to examine the safe and determine the best course of action to crack it.

The Safecrackers is unique among reality shows in that its stars are true professionals in their field. Phil is an experienced safe-cracker with many years of experience, and his team members are all experts in various aspects of the job. Viewers get to see them put their skills to the test as they work to break into some of the most challenging safes imaginable.

One of the most exciting aspects of the show is the variety of safes that they encounter. From old bank vaults to antique home safes, Phil has to use different techniques and tools to open each one. Often, the safes contain items that have been locked away for years and hold sentimental value for the owners.

The show also features Phil's interactions with his clients, which are often emotional and heartwarming. For many of them, the items locked away in the safe are not just valuable but also hold a deep emotional connection. In one episode, a man needs Phil's help to open a safe that his grandfather used to store his WWI medals. In another, a woman requires Phil's services to access a safe that holds the ashes of her late husband.

In addition to showcasing Phil and his team's skills, the show also gives viewers a glimpse of the history of safes and the technology behind them. There are segments where Phil talks about different types of safes, how they work, and the challenges that come with opening them. Phil even travels to historic locations to examine important safes in history and their significance.

Overall, The Safecrackers is an exciting and informative show that combines elements of history, technology, and human interest. Phil Crawford is a compelling and skilled host, and his team is equally impressive. The show's mix of client interactions, history, and skilled craftsmanship makes for compelling reality television that is well worth watching.

The Safecrackers
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The Secret Locked Below Hill House
7. The Secret Locked Below Hill House
May 5, 2014
Phil gets a tip about a safe at a construction site, but when he hears about the safe Blaze has that holds some mafia history, his curiosity just might get the best of him.
The Mystery of the Money Truck
6. The Mystery of the Money Truck
April 28, 2014
When a client discovers an abandoned armored money truck in his warehouse, all of Phil's expertise is put to the test to get it open. But will the real challenge be putting up with Blaze's non-stop conspiracy theories on what could be inside?
The Secret of the Alabama River Safe
5. The Secret of the Alabama River Safe
April 21, 2014
The waters of Alabama river conceal a century's worth of clandestine business. So when the safecrackers get a lead about an underwater safe, Phil is thrilled to go diving for treasure.
The Case of the Jewel Runner's Ride
4. The Case of the Jewel Runner's Ride
April 14, 2014
Phil and Blaze have seen a lot, but this one topped it all: A jewel trader's muscle car, tricked out with a safe built right into the trunk. It could be filled with a fortune in stones, but getting in will be the real trick.
Boondoggle at the Abandoned Barn
3. Boondoggle at the Abandoned Barn
April 7, 2014
Phil knows he's in for trouble when Blaze's biker buddy Sasquatch points the boys to an abandoned pay-master's safe. There's a good chance that a load of cash might be inside, but when they discover where it's been hidden, will they have to tear a whole building down to get to it?
The Legend of General Rucker's Gold
2. The Legend of General Rucker's Gold
March 31, 2014
Blaze and the crew head to the countryside hoping to find a safe a Civil War general previously owned. Upon finding it, its contents send them on a larger search.
Mystery of the No-Tell Hotel
1. Mystery of the No-Tell Hotel
March 24, 2014
A safe is uncovered in a burned-out hotel; they get into an old fallout shelter successfully, which at one time belonged to a World War II veteran.
  • Premiere Date
    March 24, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (62)