The Wiener's Circle

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The Weiner's Circle is a fun and crazy game show that takes place in a world famous Chicago eatery, The Weiner's Circle. The popular hot dog stand is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago. It's famous for several things but most notably their incredibly satisfying Chicago style hot dogs, hamburgers, milk shakes and cheese fries as well as the verbal abuse that goes back and forth between the staff and the customers. The show often employs creative edits to block out the constant stream of curse words that fly around the restaurant.

For The Weiner's Circle game show, some late night customers are invited to win free food by trying their hands at outrageous and totally embarrassing challenges. The show uses the restaurant's actual staff to host the challenges and harass the contestants. Poochie is the lead dog and has been the manager at the Weiner's Circle for seventeen years. She is the queen of the insult. Erika, known as Lady-E, is quick with an insult but also will perform radical dance moves to show up her competition. Johnny is the fry guy and the narrative voice of the shenanigans at the hot dog stand. Yolanda is usually the gentle voice of reason, but don't get her ticked off! Even the owners of The Weiner's Circle, Barry and Larry stop by to enjoy the fun.

Some of the crazy challenges that customers have been put through include eating contests, physical challenges, nose to nose put down contests, races, dance offs and party style games. In one crazy contest contestants had to try to mimic Erica's booty walk dance move. Another episode showed two partiers participate in a contest to see who could strip naked the fastest to win a free hot dog and t-shirt. Poochie will often have a say what challenge, where she invites customers to translate her own self developed language.

At The Wiener's Circle, you don't just get dinner, you get a show.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on truTV
1 Season, 6 Episodes
March 20, 2012
Cast: Shannon Edwards, Barry Vaughnj
The Wiener's Circle

The Wiener's Circle Full Episode Guide

  • Erika receives strange gifts from a secret admirer.

  • The Wiener's Circle is known for its unique brand of customer service - Chicago's drunks can expect a piping hot insult to be served up with the rest of their order, and some customers, for some reason, tip heavily for the consideration. On tonight's episode, when Erika tries to keep a one-hundred dollar tip for herself instead of sharing it with the rest of the crew, Poochie devises a delish plan to teach her a lesson she won't soon forget.

  • The Wiener's Circle team always has energy to spare - they need it to deal with the crazy crowds of drunks, loudmouths, and all around weirdos that they call "customers."

  • The Wiener's Circle comes to life in this new series about the overnight shift at the world's most outrageous hot dog stand. Every night, Poochie the manager and the rest of her crew have some fun with Chicago's drunks by forcing them to play stupid games. Tonight, when a boozed-up customer starts throwing things, Poochie has a complete meltdown, leaving the crew to step in with some anger management techniques. Will Poochie be able to keep her cool?

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